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USA Biggest Online Pharmacy according to the pharmacy’s own logo is That’s the first thing that I’ve read as soon as I have entered the domain address and it would be a mistake not to write a review about it and so that’s what I am going to do right now. The front page suggests that this online pharmacy is selling oxycodone (as on the front page you can see quite a big list of medication), a controlled substance and this is often a sign of illegal online pharmacy. But, we’re going to check it a bit later. I can say that the site design of this online pharmacy is pretty well made as it is user friendly, everything is understandable and it seems easy to navigate through it. The customers of this online pharmacy are able to register and to sign in to their account on this website. I’ve tried to search for more information about the pharmacy itself and according to contact information, they have shared an exact address which is located in Texas, USA, I guess there is their headquarters. Also on about page I’ve found information suggesting that Remedy Mart it is an independent online pharmacy that is being operated since 2010 and 8 years of experience on the market should be enough in dealing with customer needs. The pharmacy claims to be specialized in offering generic version of the most popular brands.

Selection of medications and prices at

As soon as I have entered the website there is a list of categories, those are the categories of medications according to the health problem so checking the health issues that their medications supposedly can help patients with I can say that they are having a big variety of medications including: anti depressant, asthma, cancer treatment, men’s health, heart and cholesterol and a big number of other categories. Except for searching for needed medications by categories you can also do it by using the search box function which I did searching for Viagra and as promised, I’ve found generic Viagra but no brand. According to their men’s health category, they are also having Cialis but there’s no Levitra. There is kamagra, apcalis and few others – all being generics only meaning that this online pharmacy doesn’t sell any other medications than generics (even though I did have found a page saying: *brands we have*). In terms of prices – Viagra 50 mg costs anywhere between 0.88 USD and 2.10 USD per pill depending on the quantity (300 to 20 pills). These are quite good prices. There is not a single word about prescription and there is not a FAQ page so I am not sure if the pharmacy requires prescriptions.

Shipping and payment methods

Due to the fact that there’s not a FAQ page and you cannot go to checkout page without registering and signing in to your account it is hard to say anything about this here. By searching for information through the website I only found that it takes anywhere between 10 to 15 business days for express mail shipping to arrive and that’s it. They also say that you need to write them if you don’t receive your package in 21 days but they do not offer free reshipment afterwards. On the bottom of the website I have found some seals implying that the payment methods include: echeck and some major credit cards like: VISA, American Express, Master Card, Maestro, VISA and JCB.

Getting in touch with

For getting in touch with this online pharmacy there are a few different methods. The first one is by email that you can find on their page, the second one is by phone number listed on the website, by using the contact form which you would need to fill up on contact page and also via mail as there is an exact address mentioned as I said. The pharmacy also suggest to *follow them on facebook* but by clicking on that nothing happens. One last thing is that there’s a window as if they are having live chat function available, not sure if that’s indeed a live chat function or simply a window to leave a message, whatever the case, currently they are offline so I can’t talk with anyone.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

This online pharmacy does have coupon codes and that’s easily noticed as soon as you enter their main page and that’s because as soon as you enter it you can see: discount coupon *use this code MEDICINE50 and get 10% OFF*. In addition to the coupon codes which can give you some discount as they claim, you’re also able to get free shipping and seemingly if your order is above 100 pills of whatever medicine. Reviews

I did have tried to search for customer reviews about since they would help me have a more exact idea/ image of how good this online pharmacy is. By doing a research online I have found mixed results/ reviews about this online pharmacy on different sources. There are unhappy people like a reviewer named tropicbarb who said that has tried twice to order from them and although the website said that he did placed his order, he didn’t got anything and there’s nobody to answer his phone calls. However there are other people who said that they are happy with their services because they have got the delivery in 5 days and said that has *excellent customer service and fast delivery* – total opposite of the other reviewer. Although there are other people who are very happy with this online pharmacy, there are people who said that they lost money and called scammers.


This online pharmacy seems to be pretty good, it has quite good offers and seemingly there are a lot of people who knows about their services meaning that it does enjoy a little bit of popularity – all of which is very good. But the fact that there are customers who are simply ignored by the pharmacy is not acceptable and I personally wouldn’t purchase here since there’s a chance that I might get answered but I might not as well. I think deserves a rate of 3 out of 5 for reasons mentioned above.

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