/ Rely Pharm Reviews & Coupons is another online pharmacy that I have found while researching for a reliable online pharmacy with good prices and so, this is the pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing now and I hope this is going to help other people understand whether or not is worth to order anything from here. The first thing I noticed by entering this online pharmacy is that it claims that the website is VeriSign Secured, it sells exclusively only FDA approved medications and it is approved by PGEU/ GPUE which is an European association. Or at least, there are all the signs I have noticed on the website. I have also noticed the website is mostly focused in selling erectile dysfunction medications and I guess that’s because the demand for these types of medications is high and getting higher as of late. I can also mention the fact that the website supports other languages than English and other currencies than USD. Tried to find more information about the pharmacy and I found that this online pharmacy claims to be opened back in 2001 and that it is run by Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. which means this is a Canadian pharmacy, but I failed to find an exact address of their headquarters. They claim to ship best generic medications at best prices all over the world.

Selection of medications on and prices

Except for the fact that the pharmacy is, obviously, selling erectile dysfunction meds, they also sell a lot of other types of medications as well. Some of which are: depression meds, diabetes meds, heart disease meds, quit smoking products and so on and so forth. There are all sorts and types of medications and the same goes for erectile dysfunction where I found lots of different medications. The online pharmacy is oriented in selling generic medications but also brands medications too. As in regards for the prices, just to give you an example: An usual dose of Cialis generic (20 mg) would cost you 135 USD for 90 pills and that’s 1.50 USD per pill. The pharmacy claims that you would save this way 183.40 USD. To be honest there are really good prices. The prices can get even lower if you buy a higher quantity and/ or lower dose per pill, but they can get higher if you purchase less of a quantity. The pharmacy won’t require anyone to show any type of prescription for purchasing any type of medications.

Shipping and payment methods on

There are 2 shipping, usual shipping methods. The first, as usual, is standard, with usual details: 2 to 4 weeks delivery time, it does not have tracking system and it can be used all over the globe with a fee of 10 USD. The second option, as usual, is EMS (express). It has a delivery time of up to 10 days and it has tracking system, however it twice as standard shipping: 20 USD and not all countries have this shipping option. In regards to the payments details: the pharmacy is accepting the major credit cards only VISA and Master Card and that’s it. Except for VISA and Master Card credit cards they don’t accept any other payment method. Customer Support

You should get in touch with this online pharmacy by their contact us page where you fill up the contact form indicating your email and they claim to respond you back as soon as possible. Except for this you can call them by either US phone number of EU phone number. But sadly there is no online live chat function which is my favorite way to talk with them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy, upon checking out, has *coupon code* which you can apply it a get discount. Nevertheless, there are nowhere online coupon codes. Either the coupon codes are only seasonal (and still, we’re in December and usually there are already discounts everywhere) either the coupon codes are given to returning customers, I am not very sure. Something else that the pharmacy is offering is free standard airmail for orders above 200 USD. Another thing they offer is 2 pills of ED medications like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Except for 2 free pills, free standard delivery and the coupon code which I couldn’t find anywhere online – the pharmacy won’t offer anything else, except maybe for the savings they claim you to have if you order bigger quantity of pills. Reviews

Regardless of how hard and how much I was trying to search for customer reviews about I couldn’t find any anywhere online except for the testimonials on their own website. But due to the fact that I don’t actually believe the testimonials being written by actual people or they might be addressed to other pharmacies and simply copy/ pasted there, I don’t believe them. I believe in customer reviews on other foreign websites but sadly I didn’t found any, so with this being said it is hard to have trust in the pharmacy. I have went on which said to have a trust of 68% and everything seems to be alright only except for the fact that the domain age is 30 days. Unfortunately lots of newly opening online pharmacies are opening as scams/ fakes.


I personally think that ordering here is simply too risky because the pharmacy is too new. The domain age is 30 days and as I said, a big number of newly opening online pharmacies are fake and scams. However, there’s nothing that actually implies the fact that they are actual scammers and fake online pharmacy and yet, ordering is too risky. I wouldn’t risk with my money and I rate it with 2 out of 5 only due to the fact that there’s nothing that suggests it is legit and authentic online pharmacy, but there’s also nothing that suggests it is fake and scam!

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