| Reliable Rx Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which is auto proclaiming to be reliable from as much as we can see from its domain address name. By entering this online pharmacy I have seen a very well done website, with user friendly interface, very good design where everything is clear, easy to access and navigate through the website. I do love good looking websites because it gives a sense of reliability, but good looking website isn’t all that we should take in consideration and with this being said, I went further checking for more information. On about us page I was not able, unfortunately, to find information suggesting for how long this online pharmacy has been online or where they are located. Nevertheless, I found information suggesting that they are professionally managed generic drugs distributor, supplying generic drugs and formulations to patients around the world. With this being said I can assume that they are only selling generics and they ship world wide. There are only security seals on their website suggesting the site is comodo secure, mcafee secure and protected by DMCA. Since there are no accreditation seals I can assume that this pharmacy is not an accredited pharmacy. I have also noticed that people can register here on the site and login to their accounts. Not sure if this is mandatory to do for ordering here but we’re going to find this out.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

On *all categories* you can see that their medications are being categorized by health conditions and according to the number of categories there, they should have a lot of different products for different needs. Like for example, the pharmacy claims to have drugs capable of treating the following conditions: allergy, acne, diabetes, HCG, hair loss, antifungal, Alzheimer’s, quit smoking, antiamoebic and many other categories. Assuming that there are at least 5-10 drugs in each category I can easily say that the selection of drugs here is really wide. And as it was promised, they are offering only generis as much as it seems. Or at least I couldn’t find any products with *Viagra, Levitra or Cialis* but I did found products with keywords *sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil* – the active ingredient of those drugs. To give example of prices I can say that caverta 100 mg 4 tablets would cost you 13.20 USD or 240 USD for 80 tablets. To be honest, this is a big price for sildenafil compared to other online pharmacies. This pharmacy is also requiring their customers to show a valid prescription by sending it via email or fax before ordering prescription medications.

Shipping and payment methods at

Before going on the checkout page you need to login to your account and as I said, you are required to have an account here for ordering medications. But before checking out I have seen their claim of the shipping and handling (flat rate – fixed) of being 15 USD. There doesn’t seem to be any other shipping options and this option takes up to 2 weeks for delivery. From the information I found earlier, it seems the pharmacy offers world wide shipping to all countries. No information suggesting whether are they offering online tracking or not. As in terms of payment methods, according to the FAQ page, people can pay with the credit cards only. Although I cannot say for sure if they can pay using other methods, it does seem that they only accept credit cards.

Customer Support Service at

There are 2 phone numbers available to customers who want to get in touch with customer support service. one of the number is for USA toll free number and the other one is for international customers. There is also the fax number available too. Before calling, make sure that you call within their workable hours. Except for calling them, this online pharmacy is also offering their customers to contact them via social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Except for social media pages, phone numbers and fax number they also seem to offer live chat function to their customers, which is really good to my opinion.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As sad as it sounds but I couldn’t find any coupon codes at all. To my opinion, it sounds really sad because the reason I started searching for online pharmacies is because I want to save money while getting the needed medications. And, when an online pharmacy has coupon codes (or at least anything which can make me save money like free shipping or free pills or anything) that’s very good. unfortunately, not with because as much as it seems, they do not offer anything. The only thing I could find is their *offers zone* and by clicking it you’re given a list of medications, claimable, with *special* prices. reviews

When searching for customer reviews on independent websites I got a surprisingly big number of customer reviews and surprisingly most of them were all positive. I found a few forum discussions about this pharmacy and there it seems people also said good things about this pharmacy. There are also negative reviews with people saying that they have never got the product they have ordered and they have never got their money back. Nevertheless, there is a limited number of such reviews and there are DEFINITELY a lot much more positive reviews. I got disappointed, however, seeing that the pharmacy is considered rogue by and has no trust from


In the end it seems that there are a lot of people having trust in this online pharmacy, it has a good customer support service, they ship world wide and have a wide selection of medications. Nevertheless my rate is still 4 out of 5 due to some negative customer reviews, due to the *quite higher prices* for medications compared to other online pharmacies and due to no trust from scam warning websites like and With all of this being said I can say that you might order here, but there’s still a risk and you never know when it might go bad.

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