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Searching for an online pharmacy we’re searching for ways of saving money in the time we’re getting reliable quality medications. This means that an online pharmacy must be 100% reliable before ordering from it otherwise it is not the fact that we might not get the medications that we have paid for, but we risk not getting anything after sending the money. Another Canadian pharmacy that I will review is: and as much as we can see from its name, they claim this is reliable pharmacy. The motto of this Reliable Canadian Pharmacy is *pricing that you want, quality that you deserve*. And so as much as I can see, they claim to be reliable selling quality medications at good prices – nearly all that I need. Nevertheless, we still need to analyze the pharmacy closer in order to check if this is all true or not. People can change the site’s language and currency in case there are foreign customers and also you can create your own account here and then login to it. the website is very well done and there are some reasons why the pharmacy claims to be so good: safe shipping experience, lowest prices guaranteed, customer support that is open 24/7 and standard shipping worldwide. According to the information that I could find, they have over 70,000 customers since 2005 and they have shared the exact address and there are 2 of them: one in UK and the other one is Mauritius, but none in Canada and so, why they call themselves *reliable CANADIAN pharmacy*? That’s quite strange. selection of medications and prices for medications

People who are searching for drugs here can do it by using the search function if you know the exact name of the drug that you need. But generally, the drugs at this online pharmacy are being categorized by health conditions and you can click on *all conditions* and get the list of categories. There are a lot of different categories such as meds for: arthritis, headache, dementia, breast cancer, pain reliever, inflammation, migraine and many other types as well. This is why I can assume the selection of drugs is very wide with drugs for everyone. For checking the prices at this pharmacy I have checked the ED medications where I have found a list of 15 different medications. There were medications like ED trial pack pills, kamagra, tadalist, Levitra oral jelly, Cialis, Levitra and Viagra all in generic forms and different dosages. Seemingly they do not have brands for these medications. Whatever the case, just for giving an example of prices I can say that Viagra 50 mg generic is priced anywhere between 2.25 USD for 8 pills to 1.28 USD for 128 pills. To be honest, these are *moderated* priced compared to other online pharmacies as I have seen much better prices than these. This online pharmacy does not send prescription medications before their customers are showing a valid prescription first. shipping details and payment methods

Although this online pharmacy claimed to ship medications world wide, there’s list of countries to which they claim to ship to except for US so I am not sure if they indeed ship world wide or only to those countries. However they do have one single shipping method available which is standard shipping. According to the information available on the site, this method is trackable (but only where available). The delivery time is generally 5 to 21 working days and they deliver to doorstep while the price for this option is 10 USD. There’s a list of countries that supports online tracking. According to the information online, there’s a single payment method and it is credit card, and they are only accepting a single credit card which is VISA, unfortunately. Customer Support Department

By going to their *contact us* page you’re going to see different ways of getting in touch with this pharmacy in case you have questions. There are 2 addresses as I said so you could use them for writing a mail. Except for mailing there’s also 2 emails (one for customer support and other for prescriptions). Plus there’s also phone support and fax support as well, (USA and Canada toll free). Their call centers are open only in business hours. One last thing: contact form on the website.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As much as it seems, this online pharmacy does seem to be offering a coupon code which is #876543 and get a discount of 5% on all orders! One more thing is that this pharmacy is offering cheaper prices per pill if you order more pills at once. Except for these, I couldn’t find anything else like free shipping or something in this matter. The pharmacy just claims that ordering here you can save up to 80%! Reviews

In the end, it is extremely important to check the customer reviews and it is important to check them on independent websites as those, to my opinion, are reliable reviews, while those you can find on their website (testimonials) have a high probability of being fake and not trustworthy. Unfortunately, the customer reviews on other sources other than their own website (testimonials) are none. This is a really big problem to my opinion because without them, it is hard to have trust in this pharmacy and be sure that someone’s ever got any medications here. This is why I have went further checking for what will going to tell me. It is good that according to the site might be online for 6 years and might be from USA. However the website looks like it is hosted on a compromised server, a malware report has been detected from this website and plus to that, it is considered rogue by


In the end I will not recommend to anyone an online pharmacy which is not having any customer reviews on independent websites and has those problems that are listed by The risk of ordering here is very high so I rate with 2 out of 5 and say that it definitely does not seem to be so reliable pharmacy.

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