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Ralphs.com / Ralphs Pharmacy Reviews & CouponsAnother US retail supermarket company which I am going to review today is Ralphs company and as usual, the reason why it got its way to my pharmacy reviews is the fact that Ralphs company is also owning a pharmacy department. Searching for information about this company I found that Ralphs is an American major supermarket chain in the Southern California are and it is the largest subsidiary of Cincinnati based company named Kroger and since the Kroger company owns Ralphs, I can assume that lot of things and services are similar to those at Kroger. This is the oldest such chain west of the Mississippi River and by 2015, there were already 200 locations, the information it is from Wikipedia page. This company is located in Compton, CA and it has been founded back in 1973, founded in Los Angeles, CA. I have went on official page of this company Ralphs and I have noticed that the website design is user friendly and has good features but what’s more important is that it is very similar to the Kroger’s website. The customers of this company are able to create an account here and to login into it, not sure if this offers any privileges though. Since this is such a big company it is obvious that it also has different social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, pinterest, Instagram and others where people can follow them on and read news etc. The website has different options such as digital coupons, weekly ad, gift cards and there are also different things such as savings, their brands and departments, something in which I got interested since pharmacy department could be found there and that’s what I accessed. The pharmacy services on the website are the following: affordable care act, my prescription, easyfill, find a pharmacy, medicare information, employer services, vaccinations/flu, diabetes needs and other services either, all of which can be found on the website. People are recommended to also download their application which they have available for iOS and Android devices.

Shipping and payment options along with selection of medications and their prices at Ralphs.com

Usually when people are searching for pharmacies they are mostly interested in these points that I mentioned earlier in the paragraph’s name, or at least I am one of those people who are very interested in searching for as much information about these points. The problem here is that I couldn’t find any information about any of them, unfortunately. The website doesn’t offer a list of medications or categories of medications and there are no prices listed on the website either. All I can assume is: since this is a Kroger owned company (and Kroger is a huge company) they should have nearly all medications in their drugstore (all meds that are approved by FDA) but also, we all know that Kroger company doesn’t offer by far the best prices (when comparing to the prices for medications at online pharmacies). As in regards to the payment and shipping option there’s also no information I can only assume that they accept credit and debit cards as well as cash if you go to their stores and they might accept credit cards online either. In terms of shipping I can only assume that they do not offer overseas shipping. Finding more information, in my opinion, can be done if you would contact the customer care department.

Customer Care Department Ralphs.com

Since this is such a big company I can assume that it would be a really hard task for them to hide from their customers. So getting in touch, assumingly, should be very easy. You can do it by using different phone numbers listed nearly anywhere online (but make sure you call the right number as different numbers are for different needs), you can use their email, you can use their social media pages and you can also go to their stores in person as well. There’s no live chat on the website.

Is Ralphs Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Ralphs Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Ralphs Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Those who heard about Kroger most likely have heard about the fact that they are offering Coupon Codes and since Ralphs is owned by Kroger it is obviously that they also have coupon codes. Now the problem is that those coupon codes are offered for food and other products in this matter but not for pharmaceutical products and generally, I cannot find anything that might make you save some money by using Ralphs Pharmacy, unfortunately. Maybe using customer support department to confirm this might be a good idea either.

Ralphs Pharmacy Reviews

It is important to read the customer reviews since this way I could get a better and clear idea of what Ralphs Pharmacy are offering but then again, since it is owned by Kroger I expect that many things would be similar to that company and that’s including the reviews either. As usually, I did have found employee reviews but I wasn’t actually very interested in them and that’s why I went straightforward to customer reviews which I did have found a lot (it was expectable, since this is such a big company). The usual websites which help me find as much customer reviews are consumeraffairs.com and yelp.com and this time I also found reviews there. However they were not very encouraging. According to consumeraffairs reviews the average rate is just 1.5 out of 5 with a lot of people complaining on a lot of different things. On yelp.com it has slightly better rate of 3 out of 5 and yet, lots of customers complaining. There are good reviews but it can be easily noticed that people were mostly complaining and they did it on a lot of different things such as unprofessional staff, high prices, big delays, ignorant pharmacists etc.


I doubt that this company looks for scamming people around, however with their high prices that’s already a scam move in my opinion and so, because of their high prices and because of the high number of negative customer reviews, I am going to rate Ralphs company’ pharmacy department with 3 out of 5 and can say that there are much better options where to get your drugs.

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