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I was searching for reliable online pharmacies when I have found a, seemingly, Australian online pharmacy with the internet domain address name Qoctor.com.au and as much as you can understand, I have thought this is an Australian pharmacy due to its ending .au which usually stands to Australian sources. I have accessed their website and I was trying to find out if that’s true by seeing if they shared the headquarters’ exact address and it seems like they did, people can check it themselves as they shared it in Melbourne. According to the information on the website, the pharmacy is also offering doctor consultations online and that’s their logo: your quick, online doctor. People without a prescription can request an online doctor consultation and if you’re being prescribed – you will get your medications. According to the information on their website, this company is the winner of 2017 of best tech innovation. They are the award winning new format for healthcare in Australia, offering safe online assessment and treatment, including prescription medication straight to your home. Convenient, through and cost-effective. Something very important to mention here is that this pharmacy claims that there are 19,000+ hours saved by their patients, there is 600,000 money saved from medicare and there are 13,000+ certificates issued. According to the information on the website, they have explained how it works: firstly you selected the service you want then you complete the online assessment, you won’t have to speak to a doctor if you don’t need to, sometimes you may need a video consultation with a doctor and lastly they claim that if it’s safe they are going to send you what you need. They have a well done website and people can follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages as well. on their website, people can: get their medical certificate online, find their condition/ treatment, find their medications and lastly: read health library and news!

Qoctor.com.au Selection of medications and prices

As much as it seems according to the information I got, you would need to pay 20 USD for an online consultation and that’s because, as they claim if your assessment results in a paper prescription the cost will be 20 USD. I have been trying to search for what kind of medications they are offering on this online pharmacy and when I was searching for *conditions and treatments* because *finding your medication* will only offer you to use the search box function – I have found out that they are offering a lot of different drugs for different conditions including: ED, Hay fever, cold sores, delaying a period, Migraine, PE, Acid Reflux, Asthma and many others. That’s the reason why I would think the selection of medications here is very wide. I have then checked the prices and I used the search box function to search for viagra where I found out that price range is 20 USD to 50 USD. If that’s for a single pill that’s an extremely high price but even if that’s for the 4 pills selected that’s still an extremely high price compared to other online pharmacies. And by the way, I can assume that their $20 means 20 AUD instead of USD. Obviously the pharmacy doesn’t send prescription drugs without a prescription.

Qoctor.com.au Shipping and payment methods

Although there is a FAQ page, they do not have anything in regards to the shipping or to the payment details. Plus to that, you’re not able to go on checkout page without filling all the details first. With this being said there is absolutely no way that I could get any information about their shipping and payment methods since there’s nothing that I was able to find on their website. There is just one thing that I can assume and it is that they are not shipping medications outside Australia but I am not sure. I assume that for getting more details you would need to contact customer support service

Qoctor.com.au Customer Support Service

Since I started to talk about customer support service I decided to find out what are the methods to get in touch with the pharmacy and I tried to talk with them myself in order to get the answers to those questions. I tried to do so via their live chat function available on the site, problem is that they claimed their agents are not available now so I only could leave them a message. People can get in touch with them via their social media pages, via their phone number of via their mailing address as well. Getting in touch with an online pharmacy which offers online doctor consultations, to my opinion, shouldn’t be too hard.

Qoctor.com.au Coupon Codes

Bad news here is the fact that regardless of how much I was searching for information about coupon codes, any discounts or anything for free (like free shipping or free pills) – I couldn’t get anything. Seemingly, the pharmacy doesn’t offer anything to their customers at the moment.

Qoctor.com.au Reviews

It is essential to search for customer reviews before putting your trust in a pharmacy and so that’s what I’ve done. Luckily, it seems I got a lot of customer reviews on trust pilot, on facebook and on a few different websites. Although there are some negative reviews detected with some people complaining on some things and others even calling this pharmacy a scam – definitely most reviews online are positive with people saying that this pharmacy is indeed a time saver. It has a rate of 4.3 out of 5 on facebook and 9 out of 10 on trustpilot which is very good. all other scam warning websites indicates this pharmacy is indeed reliable and legitimate which is amazing!


This pharmacy is offering online doctor consultations and they are offering a wide selection of medications which is very good. They are all legitimate and reliable and these are some of the most important points. Nevertheless, one big point has been omitted – the prices for medications seem to be much higher compared to other online pharmacies and it has no coupon codes policy. In the end, qoctor.com.au gets a rate of 4 out of 5!

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