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Publix is a super markets chain company in the USA, but due to the fact that they are also having pharmaceutical department chains I decided that it would be a good idea if am going to write a review about Publix company (and more specifically about their pharmaceutical departments) in order to find out if it’s worth purchasing your prescription or maybe non prescription medications from this pharmacy. So, Publix Super Markets, Inc., which is commonly known simply as Publix, it is an employee owned, American supermarket chain which has its headquarters in Lakeland, Florida. They call themselves to be the largest and the fastest growing employee-owner supermarket chain in the USA. They are having a total number of locations all over the US territory: 1167 locations. By going to their official website you’re going to see a user friendly designed website which makes it easier to navigate through it. But due to the fact that I am being more interested in this company’s pharmaceutical department I’ve clicked on their pharmacy and wellness page. While there, the website is helping you to check for: prescription refills, pharmacy services, preventative care, diabetes management, pharmacy locator and lastly health topics. This company offers people to create an account to their website and to login into it. This company is also having mobile application and it obviously can be found on multiple social media pages like facebook, twitter and others.

Overview Publix

Unfortunately I cannot say anything about selection of medications, prices for them shipping methods and payment methods since there’s no information about any of these on their website. However here’s what I can assume: selection of medications should be extremely high with absolutely all medications that you need, but they require prescriptions for them since this is a 100% legal company. Therefore for pharmacy gives you meds that you need only by showing scripts. In terms of prices – since this is a big company, as usual the prices here are high that’s why people search for online pharmacies. No information about shipping but I can assume that they are only shipping into USA and I can assume that delivery times should be fast. Payment methods are not listed either but I can assume that they are accepting lots of them. Going to their store obviously allows you to pay cash.

Customer Support Team at

It is obvious that getting in touch with such a big company should be extremely easy since they are having so many locations and since there are so many people working for this company. There are a lot of phone numbers listed on the website, you can contact them by filling up the contact form, you can use the mailing address, going to one of their stores yourself or also using the social media pages. I assume that if you really want to talk with their customer support team then it is going to be extremely easy to talk with them (get in touch) since there are so many methods. However what worries me more is if their customer support team is actually helpful or not. Oftentimes, unfortunately, customer support team isn’t any supportive and any helpful and that’s regardless of how many ways of getting in touch with them there are.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As soon as you enter their main page you can see that they are having *coupons* page where they are offering coupon categories and next to each category there is the number of coupons. Like for example: baby 12 coupons, bakery 2, baking 1, beverage 4, dairy 7, frozen 4 and so on and so forth. The problem is that since this company is a supermarket oriented they coupon codes are for grocery goods but not for pharmaceutical products. So the coupons aren’t offered for pharmaceutical products. And generally I cannot find anything in regards to the pharmaceutical products to give their customers some discounts or something in this matter.

Publix Pharmacy customer reviews

I’ve tried to search for customer reviews about Publix and as it was expected, I’ve found lots of customer reviews in regards to their grocery and food stores. However I still continued doing my research for Publix pharmacy because this is a big company and I assumed that they must have at least some and they did. I’ve found employee reviews on and about Publix pharmacy with people who either worked or are still working there describing what it is like to work for this company and whether it is worth or not in terms of salaries, management, benefits, job security and so on and so forth. According to glassdoor and indeed it is quite good to work there and since the rate according to all employees were over 4 out of 5 on both sites. So I continued searching for what the actual customers would say about this company. Consumeraffairs, mythreecents and yelp as usual are the websites which help me find customer reviews. According to consumeraffairs there are 50 reviews and an average rate of 4 out of 5 based on those 50 reviews. According to yelp, there are less reviewers, however the average rate of those reviewers is still 4 out of 5. By reading through those reviews I could find both negative and positive reviews, but it is easily noticeable that most customers were happy. As usual, those negative reviewers were complaining on unprofessional pharmacists, rude staff or high prices. Nevertheless, the number of positive reviews outnumber the negative ones.


Publix is a supermarket chain company which also runs pharmacy department. I tried to review pharmacy department more and I have mostly checked the customer reviews instead of everything else because of the reasons I explained earlier: selection of drugs and prices are plus or minus exactly the same as everywhere else compared to local pharmacies. Nevertheless, it still seems that there are less people complaining on high prices about Publix pharmacy. Since the average rate of customer reviews is 4 out of 5 I doubt that I should change it, however I still think that ordering from online pharmacies is better since you can greatly save money!

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