| Pharmacy Rx One Reviews & Coupons is the domain address name of the pharmacy that I will write a review today trying to determine whether or not purchasing medications here can be a good idea. I will try to determine this by analyzing different things about this pharmacy. like for example, it is important for me when an online pharmacy has a good and user friendly interface, when the pharmacy is not having a cheaply made website, this pharmacy does seem to be having a good interface, everything is well arranged so you can easily find the information you need on their website. Among those things that I try to find out about the pharmacy is where this pharmacy has been located and for how long the pharmacy has been operating. I found information on the bottom of their website *copyright 2009* so I can assume this means that the pharmacy has started serving customers since 2009. However, I could not find information suggesting where this pharmacy is located and that’s a bit disappointed. What I can mention here, something very useful for foreign customers, is the fact that the website of this pharmacy supports different languages that you can change. I also noticed on their pharmacy information suggesting that they are offering the following: lowest price guarantee; free Viagra samples; 4 free pills for order with an amount higher than 40 USD. I also found the claim this pharmacy offers 24 hours customer support. All of this is really good but there are still lots of things to check before actually ordering here so I am going to check it later. What I noticed is that this pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling ED medications and for me, since I search specifically for such medications, that’s a very good thing. Selection of medications and prices

Although this pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling ED medications (such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra) since these are the medications thy mostly advertise, the pharmacy still seem to be offering different types of other drugs as well. this is what I could determine by checking their product categories and for example, there are medications treating: diabetes, depression, anxiety, stop smoking, pain relief, women’s health, bone issues and many others. Simply because they are offering such a big variety of different medications I can assume that selection of medications is quite wide here which is very good. even better would be if they are offering cheap prices for medications so by checking ED drugs I can say that the prices here are very good. that’s because the price for example, for Viagra 50 mg is anywhere between 1.74 USD per pill to 0.64 USD per pill depending how many pills you’re ordering. I checked the prices for all other ED drugs and they are good either so I can assume that all prices here are so good. According to the information on their website, this pharmacy does not demand any prescription from you but they strongly recommend to talk with your doctor upon taking a drug. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their FAQ page, this online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping and this means that everyone is able to order medications that they need on this website. They are shipping orders by Airmail and EMS (Express Mail Service). EMS has a maximum delivery time of 10 days while airmail is anywhere between 10 to 21 days for delivery if you have tracking and 21 to 28 days for those that do not have tracking. Tracking is not available in all countries. The airmail service has a fee of 15 USD while EMS would cost you 30 USD. According to payment methods on the checkout page, you can pay via credit cards: JCB, Master Card, Visa, and Diners and also via ACH. Customer Support Service

As soon as you are accessing their website, you can see that there is a phone number offered so people can use it to have a live assist of their needs/ getting answers to questions. Except for calling this pharmacy is offering contact form to their customers which can be found on the contact page.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As much as it seems, this pharmacy is offering coupon codes or, upon checking out I was said: congratulations! You have won a 5% discount, I had to enter the coupon number 98212 and click apply coupon discount so I would get the discount. Re ordering from this online pharmacy gives you a discount of 15 %! Plus to that, as I said, by ordering more pills you’re getting more discounts! The last thing to mention here, as I earlier mentioned as well, this pharmacy is offering free bonus pills as well for those ordering more than 40 USD worth. Reviews

Good prices for medications as well as discounts/ coupon codes are extremely important when choose your online pharmacy but regardless of how good the prices might be – it is not worth purchasing from the pharmacy if they turn out to be scammers. Customer reviews are a great way to determine this and that’s why I started searching for them. But when the pharmacy has no customer reviews that’s a big problem as it is hard having trust in it since there’s nobody to confirm that this website is indeed reliable. With no customer reviews it is hard to make a conclusion but luckily there are scam warning engines such as which can help. But the information I found there is not encouraging to purchase anything here. and that’s because has a low trust rate since the site is considered rogue by legit script, a malware report has been detected for this website and this website operates from a high risk country: Lithuania.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy with good prices for medications, a wide selection of medications and good offers/ deals. Even so, I still won’t risk with my money purchasing here because this pharmacy failed to get any customer reviews online and scam warning engines like and does not have trust in the pharmacy. my rate for the pharmacy is 2 out of 5.

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