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Progressive RX is a popular online pharmacy and the reason why I said that it is popular is that the quick research on google shows that it enjoys quite a big popularity on social media as well as other external links.  According to the information I found, this site has been founded back in 2004 which means that they are having a 13 years of experience in selling drugs online. They claim that they are selling cheap drugs both OTC and prescription and this is one of the few (from my experience) online drugstore which are also selling medications for pets. They claim that they are selling only those medications that are approved by FDA and by WHO GMP. They are saying that drugs found in their stores are manufactured by companies that are licensed by both US FDA and WHO GMP. According to all the reviews I found online, this enjoys more positive reviews than negative ones, that’s why many customers might get attracted to this pharmacy and that’s the reason of writing this review. They are running the business from Canada, Singapore and India and as much as it seems, the headquarter are in Canada.

Progressive RX Drug selection seem to have a very big variety of drugs. They are selling all types and sorts of medications, both generic and branded and as said earlier, both for pets and humans. cannot share an exact number of drugs that they have in stores since I didn’t found such information, but seemingly there’s a lot of them. From that very big variety of drugs that I found on their list, I assume that you can find drugs for nearly all health diseases out there. The thing that I didn’t liked is that they do not have brand Viagra in their store, being someone who searches for ED drugs the most – that’s a problem.

Progressive RX Drug prices

I got shocked to see some drug prices in terms of how low they are. But I was mostly looking at erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra (sildenafil Citrate) and when I checked the Generic Viagra price, the lowest price per pill I saw was 1.31 USD. That’s a good price, but there are much lower prices because you can find it as low as 0.70 USD per price, meaning that has a double price per pill compared to other sites. But there are other products which I couldn’t find anywhere else a lower price. in short, drug prices are good (their products definitely are not overpriced compared to other online pharmacies out there) but they are not as good as they could be.

Does Progressive RX require a prescription?

Yep, they do require one, here’s what I found on their site: *Prescription products must have a valid prescription emailed or faxed to ProgressiveRx. More info…* meaning that those drugs that are controlled won’t be sent to you without a valid prescription. OTC medications should be fine to purchase.

Shipping details when buying with Progressive RX

They are delivering world wide, or at least that’s according to the information found on their site. Big doubts that this is a lie. They have 2 delivery options: first is standard shipping which costs 7 USD and it has a worldwide shipping location with average delivery time of 21 days and it requires a signature on delivery, it doesn’t have tracking. The second option is Expedited Shipping. It costs you a bit more – 18 USD and it has a worldwide shipping location with an average delivery time of 7 – 14 days, it also requires a signature on delivery and it does have a tracking system. They seem to have ‘free shipping’ option on those orders that are above 99 USD (I assume standard shipping).

Progressive RX Customer Service

Strangely but have only 2 contact methods: you can call them at 800 – 400 – 0707 or you can use contact form on their site. They also have a listed email address: [email protected] but that’s barely a contact method IMO. I say that it is strange because they do not have live chat (online) and to me that’s a big problem I would say. Customer Support might be good, but as long as there’s no live chat – that’s just not enough.

Progressive RX Coupons, discounts, special promotions and etc.

They do have coupons codes and that’s very good because with their help you can get discounts up to 80% (according to the information I read) depending on what drug exactly you’re intending to purchase. Like for example there are drugs such as Propecia and Valtrex which have big discounts if you purchase them with coupons. As mentioned earlier, they are also having free shipping on those orders that are above 99 USD and that’s good. The third and the last special promotion is Refer site to a Fried for 25 USD. I personally haven’t referred the site to anybody so I am not sure if this actually works. but they claim that you’re going to get 25 USD in your account for each referral when the person is placing his/ her first order.

Progressive RX Reviews

As said, seem to enjoy a big popularity on social media and other external sites. I’ve been checking those people’s words and closely inspected their reviews. Like about 90% or so were absolutely happy with this online pharmacy. Few of those who said that are ‘not actually 100% happy’ was because of delivery times which they said it is 3 -4 weeks, others were complaining that the medications they purchased here (generics) aren’t working as they are used to with their brands and stuff like this. I’ve never seen anybody saying that it is a scam site though, that’s very good. so now;

Is Progressive RX a Rogue Pharmacy?

According to Progressive RX is a rogue pharmacy:

Is Progressive RX legit then?

Yeah the site seem to be legit. it doesn’t seem to be a scam site which would send you chalk or wouldn’t send you anything at all after charging your card. So even though it might have a few minuses, it still doesn’t seem to be a scam which is very good.


This site seem to be fine. it has a big variety of drugs (not all drugs under the sun of course, but that’s fine) even for your pets. The prices aren’t the best but at least they are not exaggerated. The shipping times also doesn’t sound to be the best, but they are fine too. That’s why I am sure that the perfect rate for this online pharmacy would be 4 out of 5 which is good, with few minuses.

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