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Private Label Nutraceuticals is the name of the company I will review and for those interested, you can check the information about this company on their own website: I have entered their website and I saw a very well done site, to my opinion, it is all user friendly, the information seem to be well arranged on the site and it generally seems easy to navigate through the site which is very important to my opinion. I was trying to check more information on the site when, on their front page I found information suggesting that this online pharmacy is actually supplement and vitamin manufacturers with the experience and knowledge to support each step of developing your nutraceutical brand. Or at least that’s according to the information on their website. They claim that Private Label Nutraceuticals is an industry leader among private label manufacturers and they are offering more support services than many other vitamin manufacturers. All of this, so far, sound really good to my opinion. Some claims why this pharmacy claims to be so good are: best fulfillment services (always delivery on time), top rated support (online consultations), monthly updates (new formulas and bottle designs) and lastly: fast turnaround (efficient and reliable production). You can find all of this on their website. Although I was not able to find information suggesting when this *manufacturer* has started its business, I did found information on their website suggesting that they are having the headquarters located in Norcross, GA, USA. People are also able to follow their activity on social media pages as they claim to have pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In the end, they claim to be the very best solution to those people who need to get supplements and vitamins because of their prices, services, products and everything else. Selection of products and prices

What’s very important to mention here is that this online pharmacy/ manufacturer, does not offer prescription medications and not even OTC medications as much as it seems. This online pharmacy is only offering vitamins and supplements that they manufacture on their own. So if you need prescription drugs then you are not searching in the right place. What’s exactly as important to mention here is that on their website there’s information suggesting that these have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products on their site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease so everyone should know this. So, by checking what kind of products they offer, I found out their claim that they have developed a wide variety of private label dietary supplements and currently they are having over 400 stock formulations that are market ready. Their supplements and vitamins are being categorized and there are categories such as: amino acids, multi vitamins, joint support, skincare/ beauty, omega 3, anti oxidants, b vitamins, enzymes and a lot others. Having more than 400 products and so many categories I can assume that indeed selection of products is wide, but remember there are no prescription products and their products are not evaluated by FDA. Obviously no prescription is required since there are no prescription drugs. For whatever the reason, they have not shared the prices for products as you would need, first off, to talk with them. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information I have managed to find on their FAQ page, they suggest that they can ship to nearly any address in the world so without asking for a prescription, everyone can order their products here. however there is no information about delivery timeframes or shipping fees and that’s because, as they claim, it greatly depends on where you want your products shipped and the method of shipping you choose. They claim that they can assist you to select the option most suitable for you. According to the payment information I found, they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, bank wire & ACH transfers, and PayPal. Customer Support Service

As much as we can see, you should contact them before ordering so methods to get in touch with them include: by calling them at either US or international phones, by writing them at the address given, by writing them either on email or at the fax number or lastly, to use their contact form online. They also claim to speak Spanish as well for those who need assist in Spanish language. No live chat seem to be available. Coupon Codes

I could not find any coupon codes being offered by this online pharmacy and generally, I could not find anything that could make people save some money. I couldn’t see Private Label Nutraceuticals to offer their customers any free samples, free shipping or anything. All I found is their claim that if there’s someone interested in purchasing these things in bulk the pharmacy would give discounts. Reviews

It is extremely important to check the reviews as they would give us an image on whether or not is this pharmacy worth purchasing products or not. I did have found a number of reviews but the problem is that they were not positive at all. On BBB (not a BBB accredited business by the way), James A. wrote a negative comment saying they are not professionals whatsoever. They claim that they are not honest and that’s not a trustworthy company. There are lots of other negative comments on and people explained how they got scammed. On ripoffreport there’s also a person who detailed explained how he got scammed by this manufacturer. Although does seem to think that this pharmacy is reliable, the pharmacy failed to make their customers happy and it is even called not trustworthy by many people.


The fact that there are few positive reviews and has a high trust rating by are some good things in regards to this online pharmacy. But the fact that there are many more negative reviews and it doesn’t offer any coupon codes that’s not very good. in the end, I will rate Private Label Nutraceuticals with 3 out of 5 stars.

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