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I was searching for the *perfect online pharmacy*which is reliable and has good prices for quality medications and by doing my research I have come along the online pharmacy named and now I will be writing my review about it. This is a Canadian online pharmacy as much as it seems by checking it out and from the name I can conclude that the prices here are really good, which I hope it is true. As soon as I have entered this online pharmacy I’ve seen a very user friendly design and interface of the site which is very important. I’ve also noticed the fact that you can create an account here and sign in to it and later I would find out if this is mandatory to do in order to buy medications here or not. Also, by browsing through the site a few minutes there was a window which popped up and said: *Welcome to Price Pro Pharmacy, we are available to help if you need assistance?* so it seems that they are offering all their customers the live chat function assistance which is very good. Although I could not find out for how long they have been online, there’s an exact address of the pharmacy which is located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. This online pharmacy does not offer controlled medications or narcotics. They claim to be top rated by, having up to 80% discounts, it is a pharmacy trusted by Americans and have 100% money back guarantee policy. Or at least all of this is some information I found on their website.

Selection of medications and prices for them

Unlike many other online pharmacies out there which are having their drugs categorized by health condition and by clicking on a category you can browse through the medications right on their front page, this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to be offering such an option there, however they have a special page *medications* which you can click and there you’re going to be given an extremely big list of health conditions which you can click on and get the products capable of treating it. Or you could also search for medications by their names or health condition you need to treat by using the search function. It seems this online pharmacy is having an extremely wide selection of medications for a lot of different conditions. I have then checked the prices for Cialis, Levitra and Viagra all of which come in brand and generic form and all of which are around the same price range which is fairly good. Although not the best, the prices are still among the best. Like for example, generic Viagra 50 mg 88 tablets would be 99 USD and that’s 1.13 USD per dose which is very good. When choosing the product the pharmacy made it very clear, as they wrote it with some very big letters so everyone could see it: PRESCRIPTION IS REQUIRED. The pharmacy won’t send prescription drugs without sending them a prescription for it firstly.

Shipping and payment methods at

This online pharmacy claims to be offering shipping to everyone so regardless of where you live, you can order medications at this pharmacy. There is standard shipping option for everyone but there’s also overnight shipping for Canadian people only, for the rest of the world the second option is EMS (and that’s for a limited number of countries only) which has a tracking option as the standard shipping option doesn’t have tracking online. Via standard shipping option Canadian people would receive medications within 5 business days while US patients anywhere between 8 to 18 business days. Standard shipping costs 10 USD while Overnight (for Canadian people) or EMS (for the rest of the world) would cost 25 USD. Refrigerated or overweight packages may have additional fees. In terms of payment options, Canadian people can use their insurance to pay here, but only Canadian people can use the insurance. Rest of the world can pay with VISA, Master card, American Express, Discover, Personal check and money order.

Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this pharmacy can be done via phone call, via email address, via fax phone, via mail address at either Canadian or USA address as well as the contact form (which is the same as email address). Plus to that, as I said, there’s live chat function available as well and they seem to contact you first! This is all very good!

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

It is very nice knowing that you can save money by using online pharmacies and when an online pharmacy is having some special offers making you save even more money that’s amazing. This seems to have the coupon code which you can apply right before checkout page which saves you money. Plus to that, the more pills you’re ordering the more the discounts you’re getting. Other than these there doesn’t seem to be anything else. Reviews

This online pharmacy seems to be pretty popular online as there seem to be a lot of pharmacies having information about this pharmacy but the problem is that although there are so many sites with information about this pharmacy, there is nowhere a single customer review about this pharmacy. The only reviews I seemed to have found is on their own website. I have then checked scam warning websites but it seems that these sites have trust in this pharmacy. This site is indeed on with 5 stars and everything else implies that this pharmacy is reliable, nevertheless, there are no customer reviews and that’s a problem, and, as much as it seems, this is the only problem, but that’s quite a major problem to my opinion.


Everything seems fine about this online pharmacy: customer support, coupon codes, selection of medications, prices and even scam warning websites have trust in this pharmacy. It seems to be popular online and all is good, but nevertheless, I couldn’t find customer reviews and that’s a problem for me. Ordering here I won’t recommend but I also won’t recommend against doing so. Order at your own risk so gets a rate of 4 out of 5!

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