| Price Chopper Reviews & Coupons | Price Chopper Reviews & CouponsPrice Chopper Supermarkets is the full name of the company that I am going to review today and as usual, the reason why I am going to write a review about an American Supermarket company is because they are also having the pharmacy department so I am going to try finding out whether is it worth or not purchasing medications here or better search for another place. So, Price Chopper is important to mention that it is owned by Golub Corporation which is another American supermarket operator. It has its headquarters in Schenectady, New York, United States and it is owning the chains Market 32 as well as Price Chopper Supermarkets. This is the information which I could find on wikipedia page and also there I found that their number of locations is 134 so as we can see, this company has a lot of different places all across the US territory. is the official website of this company and that’s the website which I have accessed and will try finding out as much information as possible. While on the website you can use different things and do different stuff. Like for example you can search for nearest location, you can see their products and services, you can read more about recipes or read their blog, you could also see the health and wellness department. The website is offering different things either such as Coupons, Flyers and others. Price Chopper being a big company in the USA, it obviously has social media pages as well where you can follow their news and read more about them on: facebook, twitter, youtube and others. Plus to this, the company recommends to download their mobile application, they have it available on Android and iOS devices. With all of this being said, I checked their pharmacy page to find more information specifically about Price Chopper pharmacy department. When analyzing their pharmacy page, Price Chopper claims: their pharmacies are complete health and wellness destinations where caring health professionals are ready to answer your health and medication related questions and provide personalized immunization recommendations. What’s important is that this pharmacy claims to help you to save money on both prescription and over the counter meds (including foods too) and this is very important. While on the website you can create an account and login to it so there you can manage prescriptions, search for pharmacy locations, download app for: prescription on the Go and others. You can see pharmacy specialty, immunizations and some medications as well.

Selection of medications and prices for them

Although this company hasn’t shared all the medications they are having in their drugstore, unlike many other USA supermarket company’s website, you can still find some medications here. Truth is that this pharmacy have only shared those medications that are considered to be at very good prices and for example, there’s a list of generic medications that are available at a cost of 10 USD for 100 pills and they include some medications for: asthma, topical preparations, vitamins, anti anxiety, cholesterol, antidepressants and some others. And plus to that there are some medications as this pharmacy claims: at special prices and as an example I can say that Loratadine 100 Ct is priced with 15 USD, Amoxicillin 500 mg # 30 is priced with 4 USD. And there are other medications as well. However, they do not offer any erectile dysfunction medications at discounted prices, unfortunately.

Shipping and payment methods

A really big problem here is the fact that I wasn’t able to find any information about these 2 (as with most other supermarket companies) and that’s why I am not able to say anything about shipping and payment methods. All I can say is my assumption they do not ship overseas and the fact that they accept cash if you go to their stores yourself.

Customer Care Department Price Chopper

Except for the fact that you can talk with their customer care department via phone number, you’re also available to contact them via contact form on their contact page where you need to write your enquiry. You can also find the exact address of their headquarters and write them a mail. But except for these methods I cannot see any other ways to get in touch with their customer support department.

Is Price Chopper Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Price Chopper Pharmacy a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Price Chopper Coupon Codes

As most other American supermarket companies that have a pharmacy department, they do offer coupon codes, but the problem is that those coupon codes are not going to give you any discounts for pharmaceutical products. These coupon codes can save you some money on food products and all pharmacy products they are offering coupon codes for as OTC drugs. It seems that the medications I mentioned earlier are already with a special price, as I mentioned.

Price Chopper Pharmacy Reviews

Unlike other American supermarket companies that are having lots and lots of reviews everywhere online, Price Chopper doesn’t have as many customer reviews online, however this company still has enough of them. Like for example there are 25 reviews on consumeraffairs and the average rate is 2.5 out of 5. The exact same rate it had on yelp based on 21 reviews so it seems people, as of general, do agree that from maximum satisfaction, they are only having half of it. Since overall satisfaction on both sites was half of maximum, it was expected to see mixed results and that was exactly what I’ve seen. Many people said they are very happy with this company while exactly as much people said that this is the worst company.


Exactly half of all people who wrote reviews about this company were happy and the other exact half were not and with this being said, you are playing Russian roulette by going to their stores as there’s about a 50 / 50 chance that you are going to be happy. Honestly talking, that’s not a very good thing and the fact that the prices here are higher compared to online pharmacies I am going to rate it with 3 out of 5!

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