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Quite a strange online pharmacy that I am going to review is and the reason of me calling it strange is after I checked its website for a few seconds. It seems to be completely unlike any other online pharmacies that I have ever reviewed and that’s due to its strange website design. I wouldn’t actually call it user friendly, to be honest, but at least that’s very good that the information on their website is very well arranged so you can easily navigate through it. as much as we can understand from its name of Pregnancy Miracle – this pharmacy is being oriented in selling products for those women who want to get pregnant and are infertile. According to the motto on the website, women using this pharmacy are able to *reverse infertility holistically* which I hope is true as we all know that there are lots of women suffering from this. also according to the information on the site, they are using *holistic and ancient Chinese system for getting pregnant and having healthy children*. That sounds really good but getting to numbers, this pharmacy claims that over 137,358 women in 154 countries worldwide have already used Lisa Olson’s Pregnancy Miracle system to naturally get pregnant in their 30s and late 40s!. in case that’s true – that’s amazing. Another thing that we can notice is that there is the name of the owner – Lisa Olson which we can find more information if we want to. According to the information on the site they are promising; get pregnant naturally in 60 days, give birth to healthy babies, reverse both female and infertility issues, improve the quality of your life dramatically! This all sounds very good. it seems the site is owned by that person and there is no headquarters and generally, it seems they do not offer any products, but only books but anyway, she claimed to be offering all of this for the last 14 years. Selection of products and prices

Unlike my assumption that when I saw this *pharmacy’s* name that they are only going to sell pregnancy pills and products – all that you can find there are some books which people can read and *change their lives*. According to the information on the site, this person claims that there is no magic pills or fix it all products to Infertility. However she claims that changing your diet and taking certain supplements may increase your chances of getting pregnant. What, in fact, is being sold here is a book with a method of how to get pregnant and according to the information on site, the book used to cost 97 USD but it currently has a limited time offer of only 47 USD. So, as much as it seems you don’t have anything else on what to spend money on than this book which costs 47 USD where you could find that *method* of how to get pregnant. Shipping and payment method

By adding that book on your card you’re being redirected to the billing page where you can see the details about how to can ship that book to your door and what are the methods to pay for it. according to that billing page (, you can change the currency and you can change (choose) the country where to ship. There seem to be a very big list of different countries so I can assume that they ship world wide (maybe with exception for few countries). Problem is that there are no different shipping methods as much as it seems and no information about shipping fees or shipping delivery timeframes. According to the information on that page you can pay for the book via PayPal or via credit cards such as: JCB, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Master Card or VISA. Ways to get in touch with them

I was searching for what ways of getting in touch are available with the customer service team and since there’s a *contact us* page I obviously clicked on it. there’s a lot of information but what really matters in the end is that there’s a single customer support service method to talk which is via email: [email protected] There does not seem to be any other way to talk with them. Coupon Codes

It is obvious that any infertile women would want to get pregnant without spending way too much money and coupon codes can greatly help them save the money. although there are no coupon codes, there is a limited time offer – instead of it being sold for 97 USD, it is sold for 47 USD only. Plus to that, they claim that soon, the price would be 197 and lastly – they claim that by purchasing by midnight today you would receive 6 bonuses worth at least 350 USD. I can assume that *ordering by midnight today* is every day. Reviews

This all sounds very strange and I obviously had to check the reviews in order to make a conclusion. On their website there seem to be a lot of reviews from different women all claiming how good this method and book is and how they got pregnant with the help of this method. Nevertheless the information that I found about this book and about this person while searching for customer reviews online seem to be contradictory. That’s because although there are some people who said that they loved this book, there are a lot of people and sources stating that this is all a scam. In fact, there are some people suggesting that this person writing the book *Lisa Olson* is not a real person at all.


It is very hard making a conclusion here since I’m reviewing a website which only sells a book and when there are a lot of different mixed reviews from people, someone suggesting that this is a scam, others saying that it is not. In the end I would say that some people might find it helpful, other might not, that’s why I rate it with average of 3 stars!

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