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Powdercity.com is the online pharmacy that I have found while doing my research so it is the today’s pharmacy that will undergo my pharmacy review. I have accessed the pharmacy’s front page and I would say that they are having a user friendly interface of the website, every information seem to be well arranged and seem to be clear. Nevertheless, it seems that there’s something wrong with their website, a lot of information lacks and generally, it seems that there’s something wrong. Later I should find out what exactly. As for now, their pharmacy suggests that Powder City is a supplements pharmacy and I am not sure if they are offering some prescription drugs. I have seen their claim that they are offering 100% satisfaction guaranteed, they claim to always have low prices and lastly, they claim to always offering professional 100% support. All of this, so far, is very good. but as I said, this pharmacy seem to lack a lot of information, like for example, I couldn’t find anything else other than that and I couldn’t find information suggesting for how long this online pharmacy has been operating and where they are located. Although that’s not a very good sign but still not a big problem, usually, reliable online pharmacies share such data. Whatever the case, usually, scam warning sites are helping us with such things. According to some more information I found on their site, people can buy nootropics and bulk supplements on this online pharmacy. you can also see their blog on the website and read information as there are different articles to read. According to the information there, a disclaimer made by the pharmacy, statements found within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With this being said, those supplement products that you can find online are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease and this means they do not offer prescription drugs.

PowderCity.com Selection of products and prices

As I earlier mentioned, this pharmacy’s disclaimer states that they are not having any products or medications that are intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease so if you’re searching for such kind of drugs, or any other prescription drugs, then powdercity.com is not the right website for you. They are only having supplements, vitamins, minerals and other of such products and it seems that they are having a really wide selection of such products as they are all categorized and there are many categories, each category with a number attached suggesting how many drugs are in each category. So there are: bulk powder 162, mood support 58, longevity 156, energy 64 and so on and so forth. There are lots of products. Not being an expert I cannot talk about their prices, but at least I can give an example. So, in the nootropics I found a product named Adrafinil which costs 33 USD. Either is that a good price or not I am not sure. this pharmacy doesn’t seem to sell any prescription drugs so they can’t ask for a prescription.

PowderCity.com Shipping and payment methods

As I earlier mentioned, there is a lot of information which, to my opinion, simply lacks on their website. Shipping and payment methods are among these things that lacks on their website. There is not a Frequently Asked Questions on their website and therefore I cannot comment on these. I have tried to go on the checkout page to see the shipping and payment methods but as I said, strangely, enough, I am being redirected to another website. What’s even more strange to my opinion is the fact that each product redirects on different websites. So, I am not sure if this online pharmacy is still operating or they have stopped working.

PowderCity.com Customer Support Service

It is obvious that when I’m having questions such as whether the pharmacy is still working or not I would want to talk with a consultant and find out. I have therefore went on their contact page but there I found only this message: *For press and marketing only, please use [email protected]*. And that’s it. there are no other ways to get in touch with them. There’s also *please login* but there’s nowhere a method to register. This only keeps on making me thinking that this pharmacy stopped working, but not sure.

PowderCity.com Coupon Codes

There are a lot of methods to make customer return back for more to order or to make new customers being interested in the pharmacy and this includes: coupon codes, free shipping, free bonus pills, discounts or anything in this matter. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy does not offer any of these, I couldn’t find any coupon codes, any discounts or any of the above mentioned.

PowderCity.com Reviews

By searching for customer reviews I have found some of them on facebook and some of them on trustpilot.com. It seems that this pharmacy has some positive reviews and this means that it is a reliable pharmacy. one problem is the fact that the last reviews were written a year ago and I doubt that in the time those reviews were written the pharmacy’s site looked the way it does right now. whatever the case, there are positive reviews, but there are also negative reviews suggesting that there are still some flaws this pharmacy would need to work on.


PowderCity.com is rather a strange website which is having quite a good popularity online which is strange to me. Scamadviser.com found that the administrators uses a service to hide their identity and that’s a big problem to my opinion but yet, it has a good trust rate. Because of the good trust rate and positive review I think there’s a chance the pharmacy is reliable, but due to its strange looks, no ways to get in touch, lack of information etc. I rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5.

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