/ Planet RX Reviews & Coupons is another online pharmacy that I have found while doing my usual research and so, today this is the online pharmacy that is going to undergo through my review. This online drugstore offers their customers to create an account and to sign in, but I am not very sure if this is going to offer any privileges to their customers or this is something that you must do in order to order from their website. Hopefully we’re going to find out this later. As for now I can say that the first thing you can see by accessing their website is: medical supplies, health concerns, personal care, diet and fitness, vitamins, baby and child and more (which is only Household in more). The front page then is full of different products and as the website claims all those products are -40 % while the supplies last, that’s the *end of the year sale*. The website can be followed on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I’ve tried to find out more about the pharmacy by analyzing their about us page where I found out the following: *PlanetRx is dedicated to helping consumers lead healthier, fuller lives by providing a wide range of competitively priced, high quality over-the-counter health and wellness products. * Other than that there’s nothing important at least in my opinion and what is more depressing is the fact that I couldn’t find any information about when this pharmacy has started to operate and where their headquarters is located. Hopefully scam warning websites would help us with that but as for now…

Selection of medications and prices on

This online drugstore is not selling only drugs and medications as much as I mentioned earlier and that’s because it sells many other things like household stuff, snacks, workout accessories, sport nutrition, oils, deodorants and antiperspirants and many other things in this matter. What was more of my interests was medical supplies where I found stuff like: diabetic care, orthopedics, apparel diagnostics, bathroom aids etc. on health concerns there are: OTC medicine, pain relief, cough cold and flu, allergy and sinus, oral health etc. the problem is that nowhere on the website are erectile dysfunction medications. I even searched through their search box for *Viagra* or *sildenafil* and nothing. As much as I have noticed by analyzing all their medications: this is an online drugstore selling exclusively only OTC medications. simply just to give you an example I can say that Alavert which is a drug for allergy & sinus costs 24.76 USD for 60 tablets. I assume that all their medications found here is OTC and for that reason the pharmacy cannot require any kind of prescriptions. But what’s strange then why it is planet *RX*?!

Shipping and Payment methods on

As much as it seems, at the moment I wrote this review had some technical problems and that’s because I tried to go on their checkout page in order to find out more information about shipping and payment methods (since there is no Frequently Asked Questions on this website) and yet I’ve been shown this message by clicking on checkout: * We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are unable to process orders at this time.* and you can list your email and they are going to notify you when the orders can continue. I tried to find more information on *help desk* and although there’s nothing about payment methods I can say that I found info on shipping which is done only in US territory they have a lot of shipping options for different needs with different payment rates and delivery from 2 to maximum 14 business days. Free standard delivery is offered for orders above 49 USD.

Customer Care on

Getting in touch with their customer care can be done via the social media platforms like facebook and twitter, however you can also contact them via the email that is listed on their contact us page and by filling up the contact form which is pretty much the same as writing them an email. There are no phone numbers or live chat function (if there would have been a chat function I might have asked why it is planet RX where seemingly they do not have any prescription medications) and to be honest, that’s rather strange.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

We couldn’t find any info regarding their legitimacy.

Coupon codes

On their website there’s a page *member discount* which you can see the message: sign up for the PlanetRx Newsletter and receive special deals and coupons, therefore this online drugstore does offer discounts and coupons only by signing up for their newsletter. There’s also rewards program and I you’re going to create an account you will receive your first 200 points instantly. I can assume that you earn points by buying from their website and then you can use points to get discounts. Plus to that, if you order more than 49 USD you are going to get free standard shipping. There doesn’t seem to me any other ways to save you money.

Customer Reviews PlanetRx has 33 reviews on trustpilot and what I noticed is that out of 100%, 61 % rated it with bad and only 24% with poor. According to Better Business Bureau this is not an accredited business and it has one single customer review which is negative. What alarmed me even more is that got its way on with total reviews of 5 and 0 issues solved and average loss is 89 USD. The only site with good customer reviews is trustpilot with some people saying that everything was fine and deliver went smoothly. All the rest customers said that they had negative reviews and recommend other people to stay away from According to, domain age is 19 years and that’s good. but the website is rarely visited and has a trust of 63 % with scam adviser recommended to have caution because of following reasons: a malware report has been detected from this website and bad feedback detected indicating a poor reputation.


The online drugstore doesn’t seem to sell prescription medications and that’s not actually a bad thing because that’s the pharmacy’s orientation. It does have some seemingly good deals and special offers with seasonal discounts plus the domain age is 19 years and it is indeed from Unite States. These are all good things. But the fact that it has a poor reputation with so many negative customer reviews and some of them said that lost money on I can’t rate it with more than 3 out of 5.

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