/ Planet Drugs Direct Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to have 400,000 customers who trust them and for this reason *so can you.* The website really seems to be very well made, it is user friendly and has a lot of features and good design. Everything is clear and it seems to be very easy to navigate. What’s more important is that you can find the medications by using the search box and right next to it there’s a claim: *save up to 80%* and I personally definitely wouldn’t mind saving up to 80% on my medications. You can create an account and sign in to this online pharmacy’s website.  I’ve tried to find more information about the pharmacy and I saw their claim that they are approved member with 5 stars and CIPA member (which make me think that they are Canadian pharmacy). I went only and I searched for this pharmacy and indeed it seems to be a pharmacy having 5 stars given by however they seemed to have lied about the CIPA accreditation as on they haven’t found any being on their database so that’s not very good. The pharmacy seems to be run by Coastal Health Group Inc. and it has been opened back in 2001. selection of drugs and prices for those drugs

As soon as you enter the website you can see the following: prescription drugs, non prescription drugs and pet meds. Therefore we can assume that all their medications found on prescription drugs require a prescription to order them. by clicking on either one of those categories you can see the number of products found there except for prescription drugs and that’s because, I can assume, they have too much of them. So they seem to have a lot of products in their drugstore. I searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and I found all 3 of them in generic and brand names. Lowest price for generic, for example, Cialis, usual dose of 20 mg would cost you 205 USD for 88 tablets. For purchasing fewer tablets you would be charged more per pill. These are really high prices, prices for all others like Viagra, Levitra and their brands are exactly as high. So I don’t actually like their prices to be honest, especially compared to other online pharmacies.

Payment and shipping options on

For going into their checkout page, you need to login. For this reason all the information here is only based on what I could find in their FAQ page. They are accepting orders in only some countries so they do not ship world wide. Delivery times takes anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks, and shipping is free to the continental United States and its territories, while all the other destinations have a shipping fee of 20 USD however I couldn’t find whether or not they have multiple shipping options. As in regards to the payment methods, their FAQ page hasn’t listed any information at all except for the fact that they accept credit cards.

Customer Support

For getting in contact with them, I went on their contact us page and there I found the following methods to talk with them: mail address which is located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, phone number (toll free and international numbers) and they mentioned that they are speaking Spanish, there are also 2 fax numbers, there’s an email listed where you can write them your inquiry or, my favorite one, there’s also live chat function you can use.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy offers coupon codes to people who sign up to their newsletter or who give them a like on Facebook page. One coupon code given for free is to write CALDER when you checkout and you get 5% off your first order. However, except for coupon codes (and maybe for free shipping within US territory), there are no other ways to save money. Reviews

This online pharmacy seems to be really popular online with a lot of customer reviews on a lot of different foreign websites. Plus to that, suggests that it has lots of visitors as well. So a popular online pharmacy that’s very good. It has 23,000+ customer reviews on with many of them being positive but there are also lots of them being negative. Like for example a person named Krasni said that he has ordered from Spain and his 200 euros are gone and refuses to do anything about it. Except for this, another person named Renonv said that customer care department is extremely rude and on top of that, he said that his medications were kept 5 weeks without telling him anything while he was already waiting for them. Many other people were complaining on the fact that their customer department is very rude. Nevertheless, it is still easily noticeable that most customer reviews on most foreign websites are positive, many of them said that they are very happy with their purchases here and they recommend this pharmacy to other people saying they had excellent service and got excellent products. Too sad that not all people share same visions. On the top of that, has no trust in this online pharmacy and even said that a malware was detected for this website. has a higher trust rate of 40% but that’s still not enough with saying that this is a rogue internet pharmacy website that shouldn’t be trusted.


The website is really popular and used by a lot of people and most of them seemed that they have had their medications received and that’s extremely good. An online pharmacy with a lot of customer reviews majority of which are positive is one of the most important things ALONGSIDE with the prices for medications on an online pharmacy which here, aren’t actually by far the best prices. Plus to that, the pharmacy lied about their accreditation by CIPA and no trust from scam warning websites. The fact that they lied, have no trust from scam warning websites and big prices lowers its rate and I can’t call it perfect. I rate it with 3 out of 5 and I still can’t recommend it for reasons I mentioned earlier.

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