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Pillshouse.com is a sexual health online pharmacy which is selling medications treating erectile dysfunction and they claim that people suffering from sexual diseases can save up money by using this online drugstore. By checking their front page I’ve seen that they are selling Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and lots of their forms and types like Super Active, Soft, Oral Jelly and others. The website of this online pharmacy supports a few different languages other than English which is helping the understanding and navigation through the website for foreign customers. According to the information that I could find on their copyright, the pharmacy claims to have served more than 150,000 customers and they are all satisfied and according to the same information, they’ve been serving customers since 2008 meaning that Pillshouse.com has an experience of 10 years in satisfying customer needs. According to their FAQ page, the name of their company is *365pills* and also there they have shared that they are having both management and support staff based in the USA and Europe but there isn’t an exact location. The online pharmacy looks pretty good and for this reason I decided to do my research further searching what they have to offer.

Selection of medications and prices for them at Pillshouse.com

As I have already mentioned, this online pharmacy is only selling medications treating sexual diseases and they are having only 3 different categories of medications: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and lastly hair loss with only a single medication there – propecia/ proscar. Erectile Dysfunction has a lot of different drugs which, as I have mentioned, are different forms of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra but not only as there are such medications as Kamagra, Tadacip, Silagra and others. The prices for these medications are all listed in Euros and I’ve tried to see if there’s any way you can change currency but I haven’t seen this option so all the prices are only in Euros. If you’re going to purchase generic Viagra 50 mg then the prices are anywhere between 2.55 Euros to 0.65 Euros depending on the quantity you’re buying (from 10 to 360 tablets). To be honest these are pretty high prices, although they are not the highest that I’ve ever seen, they are definitely not the best either. The online pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription for purchasing any medications and while this might be a good thing for some people, this might be a sign of illegal pharmacy.

Shipping and payment methods Pillshouse.com

Their medications are being shipped directly from manufacturer so mostly are coming from India, Singapore or Hong Kong. According to the information on FAQ page, they are shipping to all countries only except for Canada, for unknown reasons. There are 3 shipping methods: express delivery which is trackable and has a delivery time of 5 to 9 business days, but it is not available in all countries and costs 30 USD. The second option is regular standard delivery which has a delivery time of 14 to 21 business days, is also trackable and it costs 20 USD. The last delivery is regular delivery which is exactly the same as regular standard delivery but it is not trackable and it cost less: 10 USD. In terms of payment methods they are accepting major credit cards such as Master Card, VISA and American Express. I am not sure if they are accepting any other payment methods.

Customer Support Pillshouse.com

There is a phone number listed on their website which you can call and talk with them asking whatever you need, except for that phone number there is also a contact form on their website which you can fill up and wait for the response back in your email. Unfortunately, other than the phone number and the contact form there isn’t anything else listed, no mail or email as well as there’s no live chat function either.

Is Pillshouse.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Pillshouse.com Coupon Codes

According to the information that I’ve found on their website, it seems that regardless of what kind of pills or how many pills you’re going to order you’re always going to get: free regular delivery and also 4 bonus pills either. Not sure what kind of bonus pills though. It seems that by ordering bigger quantity of pills you’re also able to get free express delivery either. Unfortunately they do not seem to offer any coupon codes or discounts as free delivery and free 4 pills are the only bonuses and while it is better than nothing, it is still not enough in my opinion.

Pillshouse.com Reviews

It is extremely important to check for customer reviews about an online pharmacy before actually ordering from them because the customer reviews can give us a better image of what the online pharmacy is actually offering and how good/ bad it is to use it. Due to the fact that I haven’t found a single customer review about Pillshouse.com anywhere online on foreign customers it is now extremely difficult for me to make a conclusion about this online pharmacy, nevertheless, in the same time and because of the same reason I can also say that it is also very hard to have trust in this website due to the fact that no customer reviews is a sign that there are no customers and an online pharmacy that doesn’t have customers isn’t very worth using. I’ve tried to search for information on scamadviser.com and I found that the online pharmacy has 0% trust and it may be from Ukraine – a high risk involving country.


Unfortunately Pillshouse.com failed to make me have trust in them and believe that they are reliable, however because of its high risk involving country, because it has no customer reviews and because scamadviser.com gave it a rate of 0% I have reasons NOT to have trust in this online vendor. I personally wouldn’t buy from such an online pharmacy and I would rate it with 2 out of 5 (because there’s nothing to actually confirm it is a scam online pharmacy) and I would recommend everyone else to do the same.

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