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The online pharmacy I have managed to find today is claiming that they are having *pills for all* or at least that’s what it seems from their domain address name: Pillsforall.com. This online pharmacy is claiming to be offering high quality of medications and low prices for them since 2003 which is very good in case is true since that’s what I’m searching for when I search for online pharmacies: high quality of medications for low prices to get from reliable pharmacies and if they were service customers since 2003 it is easier to have trust in such a pharmacy as they are long lasting on the market. I have accessed their main page and I saw a user friendly designed website and the availability to register on their website and login. According to the information on the site, customers are pharmacy’s no. 1 priority. They claim to understand people’s quest for safe generic medications and that’s why they guarantee the quality of their drugs. Also, according to the information on their site, they are having good bases both at Europe but trying to get any information suggesting where exactly they are located, I failed to do so. The pharmacy is claiming to have social media pages where people can follow the pharmacy’s activity and there’s also other information on the site people can read if they wish to. Some of the most important points to mention here is the fact that they claim they’re constantly ensuring their products are always pure and fresh as they are getting them directly from the manufacturing lab’s and therefore they are highly valued widely. I have also noticed they are offering discounts but I’m going to talk about these a bit later. As of now, there are other things to check for determining if ordering here is a good idea.

PillsForAll.com Selection of medications and prices

In order to determine what kind of products and how much of them this pharmacy has I checked their categories of medications. This is one way to search for the needed medications but there’s also the search function on their website if you know the exact drug’s name. Checking the categories of medications it makes me think that the selection of medications is fairly wide. That’s because they are offering: libido boosters, anti depressants, hair loss, cholesterol lowering, anti anxiety drugs, muscle relaxants, prostate drugs, impotence, and even breast cancer medications as well as other types of drugs either meaning they do offer quite a wide selection of drugs here as much as it seems. In order to determine the prices for these medications I have checked their libido boosters and impotence drugs in both categories I found only one and same drug: arimidex generic anastrozole 1 mg x 60 pills. To be honest, this seems to be pretty strange to me as the pharmacy is having information about Viagra (sildenafil citrate) on their site, but they do not offer such product. Plus to that, the product both found in libido boosters and impotence is currently out of stock. But they claim that for this product, 60 pills, you would pay 179 USD and I’m not sure how good of a price is that, but they claim it used to be 240 USD. After seeing this, I started doubting in their selection of medications being wide.

PillsForAll.com Shipping and payment methods

PillsForAll.com claim that they are providing a fast, reliable and discreet shipping. According to the list of countries on their checkout page and on shipping page, they are offering a single shipping option which is registered airmail. This option costs 29 USD and they claim to offer tracking number for it online. They claim that average shipping time is 10 business days but it is considered lost after 21 business days after departure. According to the list of countries on their checkout page, they seem to offer shipping worldwide. This pharmacy is accepting viable payment method by Bitcoin or by credit cards (no PayPal).

PillsForAll.com Customer Support Service

When there’s not a FAQ page available on the site, people might have twice as much questions to ask and there needs to be a good customer support service to my opinion. However, I got disappointed when I have checked them. That’s because they claim to contact them via email or phone number but there’s no phone number available. There is chat function but they were offline so the only method available is – email.

Is PillsForAll.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is PillsForAll.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

PillsForAll.com Coupon Codes

I’ve been searching for whatever methods available on the website to save some money when using this online pharmacy and as I said it a bit earlier, the pharmacy does offer some specials. Like for example the pharmacy is offering 30% discount to those who are paying with bitcoin instead of credit cards. In addition to that, on the checkout page, people can apply a promotional code or gift card but since I couldn’t find any online I can assume they are offered only to people who previously ordered here. Lastly, as I said earlier, they claim to offer discounts for some drug.

PillsForAll.com Reviews

I did have managed to find customer reviews about this site and the problem is that those were mixed reviews. There were people saying this source is legit, they got the products in timely manner and they were of a high quality. But there are negative reviews with people saying they do not keep their promises like getting medications with big delays, getting fake medications, not getting discounts when they were promised that the pharmacy would offer them and there were even lots of those who said they got scammed, not getting any medications nor a refund of their money. All in all, it seems the pharmacy is having more negative than positive reviews.


In the end, I am not going to recommend this pharmacy when there are multiple reviews suggesting that they got scammed and never received their medications and they lost their money. It seems this pharmacy is selective in deciding to whom to send the medications but searching for reliable online pharmacies doesn’t mean playing Russian Roulette and that’s why PillsForAll.com receives 2 stars.

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