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PillPack.com is the online pharmacy that I am going to review right now since it does looks like a good online pharmacy that has chances of being reliable and I truly hope this to be so. The first thing that I could read by entering the main page of this pharmacy is their claim that PillPack is a full service pharmacy that sorts your medicine by the dose and delivers to your door. Except for this, the pharmacy claims to have *automatic refills* if needed when they are monitoring and are managing your refills directly with your doctors. As much as it seems, this online pharmacy has seals on their website suggesting the fact that they are URAC accredited and VIPPS accredited online pharmacy. So according to the information on this website, they claim to be a 100% reliable pharmacy that helps their people to save time by not going to the pharmacy and waiting in line and by saving their headaches because the pharmacy makes sure to get you refilled every time you need it and send your medications to your doorstep. Plus to that, being a URAC accredited and VIPPS accredited pharmacy, they must be al reliable. People need to create an account here and login to their accounts. The website is very well done, with user friendly interface and everything seems to be easily accessible. The site has good features and options. You can also find this online pharmacy at some social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and others if you wish to follow them and read news about the pharmacy.

PillPack.com selection of medications and prices for them

Unfortunately, there’s no way that I could say whether this online pharmacy has an wide selection of drugs or not since there is not a categories list or a medications list on their website. With this being said, I am also not able to comment on the fact whether do they have cheap or expensive prices for medications, unfortunately. I can guess that drugs’ availability and prices information can be found if you would get in touch with this online pharmacy. Nevertheless, I can guess that selection of medications should be really wide here since they claim to be a full service pharmacy. This online pharmacy are going to send prescription medications only if you firstly send them a valid prescription. Your doctor can also send them a prescription for making you get the certain medication. But without a prescription you cannot get Rx meds here.

PillPack.com shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims that they are licensed to ship to 49 states in the USA. They claim not to be licensed to ship medications to Hawaii and to Puerto Rico. They do not ship medications outside the USA either. This online pharmacy claims that no shipping fee is required so everyone gets their shipping for free. They are claiming that they are shipping medications either via UPS or FedEx. Regardless of the method of shipping, all customers are getting a tracking number with the help of which you can track your parcel online. Unfortunately, I was not able to find what delivery timeframes they are having. This online pharmacy claims to accept most of the insurances so people can use them as a way to pay. But they claim that your FSA, HAS, credit card or bank account will be charged monthly to cover your copays, OTC’s and other pharmacy items. So these seems to be the only payment methods available here.

PillPack.com Customer Support Service

It is obvious that people might still have a lot of questions to ask and in case they do have some of them then they can address it at the customer support service. I have went to their contact page to find out for ways to get in touch with this pharmacy so I found out there are different ways such as: phone, email, messaging them using the PillPack iOS app, or writing an mail to their address which they shared that’s in Manchester, NH. There are also different phone numbers and fax numbers for prescriptions and different numbers for different other needs. As much as we can see, there are a lot of ways to talk with them, just hopefully they have helpful customer support.

Is PillPack.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is PillPack.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

PillPack.com coupon codes

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any coupon codes being offered by this online pharmacy. In fact, I couldn’t find anything being offered by this online pharmacy except for free shipping to everyone. People just need to pay for the medications but no need to pay for the shipping. Last thing to mention here is *refer a friend*. By referring your friend, you and your friend will get 25 USD credit which cannot be cashed out but can be used for getting medications on the website. Other than these, there doesn’t seem to be anything else.

PillPack.com Reviews

According to the customer reviews that I have managed to find on independent websites, the pharmacy has been gladly recommended by some people but it has been called the worst pharmacy ever by others. In the time some people found it helpful, there are other (many other) people saying that this online pharmacy fails to keep their promises. They promise to accept your insurance and after switching to them they told people to pay out of pocket. They forget to send your pills and do not even warn about this and people pay money for this. People shared a lot of many other problems including awful customer service. In short, there are people recommending this pharmacy, but more people recommend against it.


In the end, PillPack.com seems to be a reliable pharmacy indeed and that’s good. Nevertheless, they seem to have prices much higher compared to other online pharmacies and in addition to that, they have managed to make a lot of people extremely dissatisfied with their services and there seems to be a lot of problems around it. that’s why I will rate Pill Pack with 3 out of 5.

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