/ Pharm Store Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which have in their drugstore prescription drugs, non prescription drugs and pet meds or that’s the first thing that I have seen when I accessed this online pharmacy. I also noticed that their website is supporting another language: Spanish and this facilitates the understanding of other foreign customers. According to the copyright information, their pharmacy is run by Coastal Health Group Inc. and they have been opened back in 2001 meaning they are 16 years on the market. I went to their contact us page and there I found an exact address to the headquarters of pharmstore which is located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. They claim to have a number of different accreditations with CIPA being one of them and also top rate of 5 stars given by I went on to find out if that’s true and indeed it seems that is an accredited member of CIPA. So far, everything seems to be really good so I continued my detailed research on their services.

Selection of drugs and prices on

As I said earlier, the pharmacy have 3 categories of drugs: prescription drugs, non prescription drugs and pet meds. On non prescription drugs I’ve been shown a list of 132 different drugs. On prescription drugs a list of 93 different drugs and on pet meds I have been shown a total list of 59 drugs. So they seem to have lots of drugs treating different health conditions. I checked for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. They have had all 3 of these famous ED treating medications and they offered all 3 in both generic and branded name types. Prices were – 90 tablets of vardenafil (generic Levitra) 60 USD. Price for 88 tablets of tadalafil (generic Cialis) was 35 USD and price for sildenafil citrate (generic viagra) 88 tablets was 42 USD. That’s for usual dosage of each medication – vardenafil and tadalafil – 20 mg and sildenafil citrate 50 mg. Honestly, these are really good prices in my opinion. This pharmacy requires prescription for all drugs found in the *prescription drugs* category.

Payment methods and shipping methods on

You cannot go to checkout page without logging in after creating an account, that’s why all the information I’ve got to get from their FAQ page and since there were no mentions about payments, I was not able to find payment methods and details. About shipping, you can find a list of countries where this pharmacy ships to. If you don’t find your country among them, you won’t be able to order from here. But then again, unfortunately, there were no information about shipping methods, shipping fees or delivery times. All I could find about shipping is that it is offered for free on orders to the United States.

Getting in touch with

As I said, going to their contact us page will show you their mailing address, but as soon as you enter the website you can see their toll free phone US number as well as their Fax number. On contact us page they have listed 2 phone numbers (one is toll free and one international) and 2 fax number, the same as phone number, toll free and international. You can also find an email listed there. In addition to all of this, you can find this online pharmacy offering online live chat with one of their consultants. Make sure that you call them or try to get in touch with them in their hours of operation as they do not work 24/7 and it is good to know they can speak Spanish to customers who need it.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

As I said earlier, they seem to offer good prices for medications, or at least for all generic and brand name of ED treating medications so that’s pretty good IMO. Plus to that, they are offering, as I said, free shipping on every order to the US. In addition to this, one of their payment methods, seemingly, is echeck/ money order and if you decide to use this payment method you are getting 5% off your order, but only for prescription medications. The problem is that the online pharmacy doesn’t offer any coupon codes to save you some money. Reviews

This online pharmacy seem to be really popular everywhere online on the internet. That’s the conclusion that I have got after checking all the customer reviews it has on foreign / independent websites where I found a lot of them. suggests the same: lots of visitors, and even so, it still has 0% trust rate. It also doesn’t have trust from which as only 18% trust and said that this is a rogue internet pharmacy. Among lots of those customer reviews on foreign websites I found good and negative reviews. It has 9000+ customer reviews on, 50+ reviews on Facebook, it has reviews on Yahoo Answers, reviews on and many other websites. It is easily noticeable that most of the reviews are positive, however there are people saying that they found prescription medications cheaper in their local pharmacies and other people who said that they didn’t received their medications. Other people said that they ordered more than a month for medications ordered and still nothing. But then again, the positive customer reviews are still more than negative and that’s good, but not perfect.


So, according to scam warning websites it has not trust from none of the websites, it has no coupon codes or really good deals and offers and there are really unhappy people with the services that are being offered by which implies the fact that the pharmacy has some good problems that are waiting to be dealt with. The good side of the pharmacy, are the following reasons: on they suggest that the domain age is more than 13 years. Plus to that, the number of good customer reviews overweights the negative ones, it is popular and has good prices. So, weighing all of this I can’t say that the pharmacy is perfect because it is easily noticed they have some problems they should deal with and that’s why I rate it with 4 out of 5. I don’t recommend and I just say to shop here at your own discreet if you’re ready to shop from an online pharmacy with chances that something would go wrong.

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