| Pharm Net Rx Reviews & Coupons is the domain address name of the online pharmacy that I will review now and I will try to find out as much information about it as possible and determine whether they are a good pharmacy or not to get medications. I have entered this website and it seemed really strange. The website is strangely made, I wouldn’t actually call it user friendly although it seems to be easy to navigate through it. it is strangely seen when entering it. I just hope that this strange design of the site won’t pose a problem, but one thing I would recommend to the owner of the pharmacy is to pay a good programmer and web designer to do something about this website. Whatever the case, I was trying to find out more information so that’s what I started to do. Another very bizarre thing is the fact that when I tried to access *contact us* page because usually there can be information about the pharmacy’s location – was redirected to amazon login, something that’s super strange either. There’s not an about us page so I couldn’t find too much information about the pharmacy. what I did found, however, is their claim that PharmNet Rx is a discount pharmacy offering cheap prescription, generic drugs and other healthy living products online. They claim to have a huge selection of both brand and generic drugs. The pharmacy claims to be US licensed and all of their meds are coming from US sources. According to copyright information they claim to be online since 2015 and as we can see, they claim to be from USA, but no exact address shared. Selection of medications and prices for them

Those people who want to search for medications are able to do it by searching through the search function which is available on their website. Also you can search for medications alphabetically by the first letter of the prescription drugs. Lastly the medications are also categorized in: personal care and bath, diabetic supplies, home medical supplies, diet and nutrition, vitamins and supplements, natural products, sexual health and lastly baby and child care. Nobody is able to order prescription medications without showing a valid prescription first. Since the medications were not categorized by health condition I had to use the search function and that’s what I’ve done to search for Viagra. I found it and I wanted to check its prices. it seems they are offering only brand but even so, the prices are extremely high – 5 tablets 167 USD and 60 tablets 1952 USD for 50 mg Viagra. These are some unbelievable high prices for medications. And with such prices, to be honest, I am not even sure if it’s worth ordering here at all. I’ve then searched for Cialis and the prices were the same – unbelievable high! Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy does not ship medications internationally as they claim to ship medications exclusively only in USA but as much as it seems in all states USA including Hawaii and Alaska but they require an additional of one to 2 days to delivery meds compared to other addresses. There are 3 different shipping methods: standard shipping: 1.95 USD; priority shipping: 5.25 USD; and express shipping: 22.95 USD. It is obvious standard is having the longest waiting time of 12 days maximum and express maximum waiting time is 7 days. This online pharmacy seems to accept only credit cards as they accept only VISA, Master Card, American Express and discover card. They even claim to accept most popular prescription insurance plans and pharmacy discount cards either. Customer Support

Many people might have many questions to ask, however all those many people who might have questions will get disappointed when they would search for ways to get in touch with this pharmacy. that’s because I accessed contact us page and there I saw the message: *Need Help? Click here: Contact Us* and regardless how much I clicked, I’m not redirected anywhere. With this being said, there’s no phone number listed, no email listed, no contact form, no online live chat function or anything. Generally I cannot see any methods to talk with them here.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As much as you can see by reading through my post, I got disappointed by multiple things while researching more information about and coupon codes is not an exception. That’s because there are no coupon codes at all. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing I could find in terms of special offers/ discounts or anything offered for free. There are no free pills, no bonuses, discounts, no free shipping and no coupon codes, absolutely nothing at all. Extremely high prices for medications with no coupon codes is definitely not a way to attract customers. Reviews

Although this pharmacy claims to offer only USA FDA approved products and although they claim to be in the business for quite a while now, they have not managed to make any of their customers (if they had one) to write a single comment about them. this might be due to the multitude of reasons: high prices, no coupon codes, no offers, no discounts, no customer support, strange site design etc. whatever the case, no customer reviews is a big problem and makes me stay even further away from trying to purchase anything from this pharmacy. and both does not have trust in this pharmacy either. With all of this information I literally see absolutely no reason why I would purchase from them.


Even if this is a reliable online pharmacy, which is highly unlikely according to scam warning websites and lack of customer reviews, I wouldn’t recommend anyone ordering here due to their high prices and lack of customer reviews. This pharmacy haven’t impressed me at all with absolutely anything. I definitely wouldn’t risk with so much money for getting medications when I could get them elsewhere for cheaper prices. all in all, deserves a rate of 1 out of 5 to my opinion.

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