/ Pharm Dir Reviews & Coupons is the domain address of a claimable Canadian pharmacy and they claim to be a world famous pharmacy. The website has a user friendly interface and it also offers their customers to change the website language and the currency, both of which are good options for foreign customers making it easier to understand and navigate through it. Because of the user friendly design it makes it quite easily to navigate through it and that’s another plus. I’ve been checking the main page and I can say that this website seems to be focused in selling Erectile dysfunction medications (I guess because of these types of medication’s customers demand).On the website there are seals suggesting that they are selling FDA approved medications, they are PGEU/ GPUE approved pharmacy and the website if VeriSign Secured. On the bottom of the website there is copyright information suggesting that the website has been around since 2001 and a long term pharmacy is a very good thing. The pharmacy claims to sell quality medications at very good prices all over the world. Although this pharmacy claims to be Canadian, there is not an exact address given.

Selection of medications and prices for them

I have already mentioned that this online pharmacy is focused in selling a type of medications: erectile dysfunction meds, nevertheless, they are still offering a lot of other types of medications capable of treating other health conditions such as: arthritis, asthma, blood pressure, depression, weight loss and many other types. This all means that the selection of medications on this website is quite high with many different drugs and these medications comes in both brand and generic versions. At least that’s what I could conclude by checking the erectile dysfunction types of medications. After seeing that the selection of drugs is really big I went further checking for the prices for those medications and for giving example: generic Levitra 20 mg 90 pills is priced 168 USD which means 1.87 USD per pill. Honestly, that’s an extremely good price in my opinion among the best prices I’ve ever seen online. The same thing goes for all other ED meds I checked. This pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription for ordering such meds.

Shipping and payment methods

Shipping at this online pharmacy can be done through 2 methods at the customer discreet: standard airmail and express shipping. However express shipping isn’t available to all countries world wide, unlike standard airmail which is done world wide. Express delivery is having a delivery time up to 14 business days, it does have a tracking system online and it costs 20 USD. The standard delivery airmail has a delivery time of 2 to 3 business weeks, doesn’t have an online tracking system and it costs less: 10 USD. The delivery insurance has an extra fee. Payment method include only credit card unfortunately: Visa and Master Card. There are no other payment methods, sadly.

Customer Care Department

You’re able to get in touch with this pharmacy only by using 2 different methods, unfortunately. You can contact them by calling at one of the 2 phone numbers listed on the website or by going to their contact page and fill up the contact form, there are, unfortunately, no other methods like live chat function or anything in this matter. Coupon Codes

Only those online pharmacies which really care about their customers are worth using in my opinion and if the online pharmacy doesn’t offer any coupon codes or discounts or some special offers the pharmacy doesn’t actually care about them in my opinion. Fortunately, this is not the case about this pharmacy since they do offer coupon codes, they do have special offers, they are offering discounts for ordering in bulk, they have free bonus pills (ed pills) with every order and also free shipping for ordering more than 200 USD. To my opinion, that’s all very good. Reviews

Usually, scam pharmacies are offering extremely good prices for medications and in addition to that, they are also offering lots of different offers, discounts and so on and so forth. All of this is done just to attract the person into making him/her pay and to scam him/her out. In addition to that, the scam pharmacy has fake reviews just to make people believe that they are actually a good pharmacy. So far, all of this is about and although I do not want to say that they are scammers, I checked the customer reviews (on independent, third websites) where the administrators of this website have no power upon and yet – I haven’t found anything anywhere online. The single customer reviews that you can read are on their own website and to be honest, that’s not a good sign at all. Those reviews have a high chance probability that they are fakes so I don’t trust them, I only trust reviews on independent websites but I couldn’t find any. This is alarming when an online pharmacy doesn’t have customer reviews and so I checked what does says about this pharmacy. The thing that alarmed me most is that this website has been created less than 2 months ago and then here’s the question: how it could have reviews on its own website? plus to that, why did they put information suggesting they have been around since 2001? That’s a lie, and I don’t like lies! There are other things like this website may be related to a number of high risk sites, but that’s nothing compared to the pharmacy’s lies.


This online pharmacy has been create just a while ago and that’s already a problem since I don’t want to have trust in new pharmacies, but what’s an even bigger problem is that this is a lying online pharmacy writing fake reviews and I definitely don’t want to have trust in lying pharmacies. because of these reasons I am going to rate with 1 out of 5!

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