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The online pharmacy that I have found and will review is named Pharma Turca and from its name we can understand that this is a Turkish pharmacy, or at least that’s what it seems to be from its name. I have accessed their main page and I have noticed a well done website, user friendly interface and pretty well done in general where information can be reached with ease and that’s very important. They claim to offer drugs without border, one of the very first things that I noticed is that they claim to be a valid member of They also claim to offer world wide shipping, they claim that all of their customers are always valuable, they offer drugs without border and other claims. according to the information on the site, Pharma Turca is an independent international pharmaceutical wholesaler which is registered and is being regulated by the Ministry of Health of Turkey and they claim that they have been registered in 2004. They claim to work in more than 15 countries although they are based in Istanbul and therefore they are offering a wide selection of medications and they deliver medications fast. The pharmacy has also shared some points of *why to choose their company?* and they include: customer driven, success based on integrity and client relations, prompt response to emails and general enquiries, competitive prices, reliable offer and on time deliver, smooth and reliable transaction process, complete product and process documentation offered and also, after-sales service. according to the information on their website, headquarters is being located in Istanbul and there’s an exact address given. They claim to offer the top medications from the top pharmaceutical manufacturers all around the world at the best prices and this sounds great. But there are other things to check first. Selection of medications and prices

I have found information on their website suggesting that this pharmaceutical company is offering an extremely wide selection of medications and that’s because PharmaTurca claims to be specialized on supplying branded pharmaceuticals that has access to over 5,000 branded and 4,000 generic pharmaceutical products. They are claiming to offer a lot of prescription and a lot of OTC medications which means that they can help a lot of people having different health conditions getting their medications from this pharmacy. you can search for the medications by categories (they are categorized alphabetically), or by manufacturer. They are not being categorized by health condition. So the most reliable form is to use the search by keyword. I have used this search for ED medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Problem is that none of these drugs had any generic forms – all only generics and another problem is that none of their drugs are having a price list. According to the information on their website, they do not offer a price list since they can fluctuate so you need to contact the pharmacy to get a price list. I have not found any information about the prescription requirements so I am not sure if they require any. Shipping and payment methods

A big problem posed the fact that you can’t normally purchase medications as you would do in most other online pharmacies where you add an item to your cart and then go on checkout page, fill up the billing page and that’s it. it seems that ordering from this pharmacy you would need to order through the contact form or at least, I don’t see any other methods. And since there is no payment or shipping informational page and also no FAQ page – there’s nothing that I could comment on. No information about shipping or payment details which means that for finding out any information about these you would need, again, to use the contact form. They just claim to offer world wide shiping. Customer Support Service

Well, it seems that nearly anything that you can do or find information about on this pharmacy, you would need to contact their customer support service which is why I think that they should have a very good service. to get in touch with them you can do it by their email at [email protected] or by calling them at the phone numbers listed. As I said earlier, you can also get in touch with them via mailing address or even paying them a visit. Unfortunately, there’s no live chat function, but I would think that there should be one. Coupon Codes is an online pharmacy which is not offering a price list on the site and I guess this is the reason why they do not share any coupon codes on their website. Problem is, this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to offer anything at all – there’s no coupon codes, no discounts, free shipping or anything in this matter. Reviews

Without customer reviews anywhere online I start thinking that the online pharmacy has no customers at all and when there’s nobody who wants to order then it is a clear sign that there’s something wrong, and plus – I definitely do not want to be the first one ordering here. and indeed doesn’t have any customer reviews and that’s alarming. I checked the information on where I found out that the owner is trying to hide their identity with the help of a service and that’s not a good sign at all. It has a trust rate of 79 % and while that’s not so bad, the scam engine still recommends to use caution. No other scam warning engines seem to have trust in this pharmacy and that’s not very good, to be honest.


Only brave enough people can order medications here but I personally would recommend against doing so as there’s quite a good chance that you would get scammed. I don’t want to risk with my money and health ordering from a pharmacy that has no customer reviews and from a pharmacy whose owner tries to hide their identity. Plus, there are no special offers or coupon codes. That’s why I rate with 2 out of 5.

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