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PharmaPassport with the domain address is an online drugstore which claims to have the main focus healthcare and safe, affordable medications. This pharmacy seem to be established in Canada, that’s the conclusion I made by checking their *about us* page where they have a photo of their headquarters with a Canadian flag and they are also claiming that their staff includes Canadian pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physicians as well as medical office assistance. This online pharmacy states that they are having top rate by (5 out of 5 rate), approved member of IPABC as well as they claim to be certified by Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA). The website doesn’t seem to be too hard to understand and pretty easy to use. Here is a list of claims that has to offer: lowest prescription drug prices online, savings up to 70%, prices are all in US Dollars, no hidden fees, guaranteed quality and safety on all prescription drugs as well as free medical consultation on your prescription. Nevertheless, they do not write prescriptions meaning that you will need to go to your local physician to get one. They do not dispense controlled substances and they claim not to be a pharmacy at all but an intermediary between pharmacies and customers.

Pharma Passport Selection of drugs

Unlike most other online pharmacies, you’re not able to check what kind of drugs this pharmacy has in the drugstore as the only way to find the drugs that you’re searching for is to use the search box. There is no drug categories list or anything in this matter. So I am unable to comment on selection of drugs. I am not sure what kind of drugs and whether do they have drugs for all kind of illnesses, however what I’ve done is to search for Viagra, Levitra and Cialis by using their search box function and all I can say is that they do have all 3 types of ED treating medications and each one of them had branded name as well as generic alternatives and each one in different dosages. In regards to other drugs, all that I found is a small window where they show the prices for: Actos, Claritin, Lipitor and Januvia. I am not sure what kind of drugs these are and I am not sure what kind of other drugs do they have.

Pharma Passport Prices for drugs

Well, obviously I can comment only on prices for ED medications and so I can tell you that Viagra by Pfizer, 4 tablets of 50 mg would cost you 37.95 USD and that’s nearly 10 USD per pill. The highest quantity of generic Viagra 50 mg comes in 88 tablets and that would cost you 116.15 USD which means that a tablet is more than 1 USD. Cialis by Lilly, usual dosage of 20 mg 4 tablets would cost you 55.85 USD and that’s more than 10 USD while generic Cialis, usual dosage of 20 mg and highest quantity you can find here of, again, 88 tablets would cost you 74.74 USD which is really strange to see Cialis being less expensive than Viagra because the price per pill is nearly 1 USD. And lately, Levitra brand by Bayer, usual dosage of 10 mg would cost you 39.95 USD for the smallest quantity of 4 tablets and that means exactly 10 USD for one tablet. Highest quantity of generic Levitra is 60 tablets and that would cost you 64.75 USD which means that a tablet is pretty much exactly 1 USD. I would say that these are pretty high prices because I found prices on online pharmacies to be much lower than these.

Prescription requirements on Pharma Passport

All 3 of these medications (both their branded names and generic versions) were clearly saying that there is a prescription requirement in order to purchase such drugs. To be honest, I am not very sure if they have OTC medications and so I searched for ibuprofen just out of curiosity and I found Advil brand where they showed this message: no prescription required and yet, in generic alternative to Advil Ibuprofen they said: prescription required. Anyhow, this just means that they do have OTC medications but those medications that are requiring a prescription the Pharma Passport requires their customers to show a valid one. I’ve went on their FAQ page to find that they require a copy of the original prescription which it can be mailed to their address or  their staff can request your physician to fax a copy directly from your doctor’s office to theirs. Customer Support Service

The usual way of talking with them by contacting via submitting a form is obviously available and they claim that they would respond to your inquiry in the next 24 hours. As I said earlier, they also have the mail address where you can send the prescription or simply writing them an old fashioned way mail instead of email. But there’s also an email listed too: [email protected] or in case none of these are good options for you then there is a toll free phone number and a toll free fax. Their customer care specialists are available only in certain hours in certain days and they can also assist you in Spanish language. There’s no online live chat function available.

Shipping information for

This is an online pharmacy that doesn’t accept any other orders to addresses located outside of the United States. This means that only US customers can purchase something and anything from this website with a valid prescription for those meds that requires one. They don’t have express shipping and generally there’s only one shipping options: standard with a 9.95 USD fee and a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks. Usually doesn’t have tracking.

Payment methods with

This online pharmacy is the first online pharmacy that I have seen in a very long time NOT to accept credit cards. Instead of credit cards they have a number of other payment methods like: personal cheques, E-checks, international money orders, and bank certified cheques. To be honest, that’s strange, but for someone that might be better.

Is PharmaPassport a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes, discounts, bonuses and special offers on

The marketing strategists should be fired in my opinion and that’s because there is absolutely nothing that might make you save money. There are no discounts regardless of your order number or order sum, there are no bonuses like free tablets or anything and there are no special offers like free shipping or at least something. No need to mention that there are no coupon codes either. In short, there are absolutely no deals which customers could benefit from. Seemingly marketing strategist thought that they deserve absolutely every single penny for services and medications they provide (although, as I said, the prices are quite high). Reviews

One of the most important part from my pharmacy reviews are the customer reviews who have had real experience with the pharmacy and although this pharmacy does have *Testimonials* the REAL customer reviews, in my opinion, aren’t there, but they are on independent websites. So I’ve tried to search for what does real customer reviews on independent website say and I haven’t found any. Due to lack of customer reviews I had to search for what scam warning websites say. says that it is unapproved online pharmacy, WOT had a very low trustiness, has a low trustiness either with only 5% trust exactly as which has a trust of only 20 % saying that this site may not be safe to use. In addition to that, suggests that the site is Canada based, however the real location is being hidden which means that in case the pharmacy would ever decide to disappear one day, they can do it without anyone knowing where they are. A reliable online pharmacy, in my opinion, shouldn’t hide their real location. That’s not a good sign at all.


So what we have got in the end? We got an online pharmacy that has pretty high prices compared to other online pharmacies that I have reviewed so far and besides this they do not offer any special promotions or good deals like discounts or bonuses, or coupon codes. Plus to that they are having absolutely no customer reviews on the whole internet which can prove their credibility and an online pharmacy that has no trust from any scam warning websites and in addition to that the website has hidden its real location. I personally wouldn’t want to purchase from an online pharmacy with hidden location, no real customer reviews, no deals and high prices. Besides the fact that I need to pay a higher price for same medications that I can get from a different online pharmacy – I also risk with the money. That’s why I rate with 2 on a scale from 1 out of 5 because of all the reasons I just mentioned.

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