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An online pharmacy that has established back in 2008 and claims to be one of the leading online pharmacies is Pharma Offshore and this is an online pharmacy which offers a wide selection of the most popular drugs. This pharmacy claims that all of their drugs are manufactured by top pharmaceutical companies that that they are a fully licensed pharmacy. They claim that purchasing drugs on this site is very easy and you can do it without any consultation fees. It is not known where the pharmacy is located but on their shipping page I’ve found information suggesting that most of their orders are shipped from India. Therefore this makes me think that they should have multiple locations but their main drugstore, from the information I got on the site, is located in India. I’m going to try to find as much information about this pharmacy and establish either is it reliable or not.

Pharma Offshore Drug selection

You can find the medications on their drugstore by the health condition category, by drug first letter names and they are also having a search box which it seems that it doesn’t work. That’s because, on their front page I’ve seen their offer for ‘viagra’, ‘cialis’, ‘kamagra’ etc. however when I used the search box with the keyword: *Viagra* the message suggested that they don’t have such products: *There is no product that matches the search criteria.*. when I used the search box for *Cialis* they haven’t found me any Cialis products, but they found a product called *aerius* which is an allergy medication (from the information on their website) and that’s while they do seem to have Cialis in their store. So I don’t actually recommend using their search box. An online pharmacy that has technical issue is a big giveaway for me, but let’s go further. I’ve went further and clicked on their ‘Erectile dysfunction’ category of drugs and the only thing I’ve been shown is kamagra oral jelly and then again, no Cialis or Viagra. I’ve been curious whether would the ‘viagra’ or ‘cialis’ be shown on the first letter name of drugs by clicking on letter ‘v’ and ‘c’ and still no information about these 2 drugs. Nevertheless, on their main page I was able to find Viagra and Cialis being recommended to purchase. This is super strange and personally for me, the site is NOT easy to be used.

Pharma Offshore Drug prices

I continued searching I did clicked on the Viagra and on the page I’ve been given a lot of information about Viagra but I’ve still got the same message of: *There is no product that matches the search criteria.* and that’s even though upon clicking on the *Viagra* I’ve been shown the prices of Viagra (the same thing goes for Cialis as well) showing: 2.30 USD which I can guess is the price per pill. The price per pill of Cialis is also 2.30 USD (as the information on their site implies) but you can’t purchase it. then there’s another ED medication called Caverta which usually is much less expensive than Cialis and Viagra (especially brand names) and here the price for Caverta is 3.05 USD which is more expensive than Cialis and Viagra. Kamagra is priced 5.75 USD. The Cialis on their website seem to be generic version while Viagra brand by Pfizer. The prices are illogical and the whole website is super strange and I would rather stay away from such a site, but I still continued to search for information about it.

What’s their customer support service?

Maybe they had some technical issues and that’s why everything is so super strange on this online pharmacy, this is the reason why I have decided to contact their customer support service and find out what’s going on. On their website isn’t a phone number listed, no online live chat function and when I went on their ‘contact us’ page the only way I could contact them is by writing a message. Plus you can’t use whatever email you want. There’s a list of emails that you cannot use by writing to this online pharmacy. They seem to have a big problem with their website and there’s no way in contacting them. without going further I already don’t recommend shopping here, but I will still continue with my review for those curious.

Shipping policy

It is important to know that without registering here and having an account you cannot purchase anything from this website. But I could find info on their shipping page. What’s interesting is that the maximum order amount is $700. That’s once again strange because usually online pharmacies encourage bigger orders while here they seem to have a limit. They have 2 shipping options, registered mail and EMS. Both registered and EMS require a signature and both of them are having a tracking system. There’s no info on delivery times on these 2 but there’s a general info that usually packages are delivered in 10 to 16 days but can sometimes take up to 28 days. The shipping fees, according to the information there is 9 USD + 9 USD. Either that means that is 18 USD in total I don’t know. They don’t seem to ship world wide but they are having a big list of countries where they are shipping to.

Pharma Offshore Payment options

Although this is such a strange online pharmacy, they seem to have good payment options: Visa, Master Card and Bitcoin. They do not accept Pay Pal, Western Union or Bank Transfer. However when there’s Visa, Master Card and bitcoin, for me personally, that’s enough. They are also offering discounts for those who pay via Bitcoin: 20% discounts for all payments done in Bitcoin.

Pharma Offshore Coupon codes, discounts and special offers

The website only assures that all of their products are all safe and of a good quality and it seems that this is enough. They are having absolutely no discounts, no special offers and I guess there’s no need to mention that they do not have coupon codes. Usually I know that online pharmacies (at least those reliable) want to keep the old customers and to have new ones by giving discounts at larger orders, by giving them special offers like free shipping or free pills or etc. etc. and lastly also coupon codes which saves you money by simply writing a coupon. doesn’t have anything. And that’s not a surprise when this is such a strange site.

Is Pharma Offshore safe and legit or is fake and scam?

I would put my vote for the second one: fake and scam. In fact, I’m ready to bet that this is not an reliable online pharmacy that people should put trust in. I came to this conclusion by a number of facts like illogical prices, no way in getting in touch with them, strange site overall and so on and so forth. but there are also customer reviews which has proved me to be right.

Pharma Offshore Customer reviews

There are some customer reviews implying that they have got a pleasant and positive experience with but there were only a few of them and to be honest, I guess those reviews were written by ‘lucky’ people as even a scam online pharmacy should send some medications in order to gain people trust and make more money before closing down and stealing. That’s because later there were added other reviews such as: *malicious domains hitting spamtraps* or other people saying that they paid and a month later nothing. No back responses to all 7 email sent, no delivery and no money back. Another person said the same: placed the order and no delivery and no money. on another site another reviewer said that is a *phishing/ scam site*.


I guess there’s no need to explain why I think that this pharmacy doesn’t deserve more than 1 out of 5. In fact it deserves less. Illogical prices, strangely working website, absolutely no customer support service, horrible reviews and a complete lack of marketing strategy since there are no discounts or bonuses – all of these are factors making me rate it like this.

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