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There’s an online pharmacy which seem to be mostly focused on men’s health medications (ED drugs) such as Viagra and Cialis and since those are the medications of my interests I just couldn’t pass by without writing a review about this website. The domain address that you can find the site is and based on the information that you can find on their ‘about us’ page you can see that they claim to be based in Switzerland and they are being focused in helping their customers to get the best medications while saving money and also to help them to get health information as well. claimable they are focused on customer satisfaction, which I personally think that every online pharmacy should be focused on. But either is that true or not we’re going to check it. The pharmacy claims to work with very popular companies such as Ranbaxy, Cipla, Cadila, SunPharma, Ajanta and others. They online pharmacy doesn’t seem to have brand products and therefore no brand manufacturers like Lilly, Pfizer etc. These are licensed pharmaceutical companies based in India, exactly as the website where it is based in India.

What’s the drug selection?

There’s no ‘search box’ on this site and that’s because you can go on ‘our products’ page on the website and you’re going to be given the catalogue with full drug list found in their drugstore. You can find drug in the following categories: men’s health (ED medications), women’s health, muscle relaxant, pain relief, branded products (but clicking on branded products doesn’t show anything so I assumed that they don’t have anything), antibiotics, allergy, hair loss, weight loss and quit smoking. An assumption of mine is that they do not have more than 50 meds in their drugstore. Biggest variety of meds is in *men’s health* category with around 10-20 meds while the rest categories having 2-3 medications. That’s how we can easily understand that this is an ED drugs focused online pharmacy. They

What are the prices for these drugs?

Not having experience with other drugs than ED medications I am not going to comment on them. however I can comment on the prices for men’s health with the lowest price I’ve seen is 0.99 per pill of sildenafil citrate 100 mg kamagra and you have to be a returning customer for getting it at such price and to purchase 500 pills at once. For a new customer and purchasing 8 pills only, you would need to pay 5.50 USD per same product. To be honest there are good prices, however they are still a little bit too high for an online pharmacy that’s focused on selling ED drugs. So in the end I say that prices are quite good, but they, IMO, should be better.

Do PharmaExpressRX require prescription?

No they do not require any of their customers to purchase ED medications that you can find in their drugstore. However there are few certain drugs that require a legitimate prescription and the pharmacy requires their customers to send them a valid prescription via email or via fax.

PharmaExpressRX Customer service or customer support

Those people who are having questions are able to reach their support personnel via email, via their toll free numbers (they have an American, an Australian and an UK number), also by submitting a form and seemingly you can chat with them, unfortunately this is the message I got when I wanted to discuss with someone * There are no agents available right now to take your call. Please leave a message and we will get back to you soon.* So I can guess that you need to ‘find’ them online if you want to talk with these people.

PharmaExpressRX Shipping options and details

Unfortunately this is an online pharmacy that doesn’t provide a world wide shipping which means that if you are anywhere outside of the following countries into which they are able to ship your products, then you’re going to need to find another online pharmacy than Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Switzerland. They have 2 shipping options: EMS and Standard. Standard charges you 18 USD and delivery time is anywhere between 12 to 21 working days, with tracking information that is available upon request. The EMS charges you 25 USD with a delivery time between 8 to 15 working days and the tracking status is available immediately.  The free shipping (regular) applies to all orders that are above 100 USD and those that order more than 250 USD they get a free Express shipping.

PharmaExpressRX Payment options:

They have only 2 payment options which in my opinion isn’t enough, but that’s fine. they offer you to pay via your VISA card (no mastercard) and via echeck. They are offering 10 % off for those who pay via echeck.

Reviews of PharmaExpressRX

To be honest I thought that I was going to read better reviews than those I did. I found people calling them thieves who said that they have paid as soon as they ordered and they never received their pills. The person said that they information on tracking system showed that the package was sent in Georgia while the person lives in Ohio. Another person said that their credit card ‘locked out’ pharma express rx and this happens when the credit card company knows of some fraudulent activity of this online pharmacy. In fact, there were a lot of negative reviews that a lot of people wrote on a lot of different sites. Other scam software also suggested that having too much trust in Pharma Express RX can end up bad. There were some positive feedback either with people saying that they got their medications and everything went smoothly. But on an average, more reviews were negative than positive and that means a lot for me. usually, when I see an online pharmacy with mostly positive reviews and few negative then I already try to be very aware because there might be something that can go wrong. However, what should I comment on a site that has mostly negative reviews? To me that means that the chances are that something is going to be bad if I order with this online pharmacy.

Is PharmaExpressRX legit?

I doubt. I mean, pharma express rx does have some positive reviews meaning that they do have happy customers which therefore means that they do send the medications to their customers, but as much as I can see, not to everyone and that’s a big problem. In fact, I don’t know whether is this a reliable site or not, but there are too much various opinions saying that it is reliable and too much of others saying that it is not.

So what’s the conclusion?

2 out of 5 rate. They don’t ship to everyone, they do not have a big drug variety with prices a bit too much than I expected and too many people complained that something was wrong – either didn’t got the medications, either the medications were not working, either their customer support didn’t work and many others. 2 out of 5 rate means that you have chances that everything is going to be fine, but there’s only few chances that everything’s going to go smoothly without a problem. Buying from poses a risk!

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