| Pharma Express Reviews & Coupons is the domain address name of the pharmacy that I have managed to find while doing my research and as much as it seems, Pharma Express is having a very good website which is extremely user friendly and good looking, or at least that’s the first impression I had by going on their site. Another thing that I have noticed is that this online pharmacy is offering their customers the option to register and to login to their accounts on the site. I have then tried to find out more information about this pharmacy but it seems that they are trying to somehow hide more details about their pharmacy and I didn’t actually loved this very much. I mean, there is no information being mentioned about this pharmacy like where they are located or for how long they have been operating online, there is also no list of accreditations or some seals suggesting that this pharmacy has any accreditations. In fact, this online pharmacy has nearly no information in this matter on their website. While usually pharmacies share, at least, some reasons why their pharmacy is worth using, there is no such information either. What I have noticed is that this online pharmacy is selling some products that, as much as I know, are not being sold by far not by all pharmacies I know and they include: HGH and especially steroids. With all of this being said, I will need to try my best to find more information about this pharmacy as it seems that they were trying hard to hide such information. As for now, the pharmacy does not seem, to be honest, very trustworthy, but we’re going to check it all later and check more details. Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy seem to offer products that seems many other pharmacies do not, such products as steroids. Except for the steroids, the pharmacy offers many other things. They are having product categories such as: general health, health and beauty, HGH, medical supplies, PCT and Ancillaries, Peptide with Insulin and EPO and these categories are having their own sub categories such as: antibiotics, antidepressants, smoking cessation, dermal fillers, Dopamine agonists, SERMs and AI and many other medications. With this said, I can assume that there are many medications, as much as we can see, in different forms and for different needs. Although it seems to me that there are pharmacies which had many other categories, this pharmacy still seem to have a wide selection of medications. I have checked their sexual and prostate health medications where I found out that 4 tablets of generic Viagra 100 mg (named Vigrande) would cost you 25 USD and to be honest, compared to other online pharmacies, that’s a really high price as it means that a price per a generic pills is more than 6 USD. there is a single mention of prescription being required and that’s when you choose a special shipping option, all the rest seem not to have this option, that’s why I can assume that this pharmacy does not require anyone a valid prescription for ordering here (with some shipping options). Talking about shipping: Shipping and payment details

There is a special *shipping* page where you can read more information about their shipping details. As I earlier mentioned, there is a shipping option 48 h Courier which states that only those that have a prescription can order via this option. They claim that it ensures a 48 h delivery worldwide but this option costs 90 USD. There is also tracked shipping with a fee of 27 USD and EMS with a fee of 45 USD and there’s not a mention about a prescription. Shipping times anywhere between 11 to 18 business days. They are shipping medications all over the world. This pharmacy is accepting just 2 payment methods: via cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or LiteCoin) or via transfers (either MoneyGram or Western Union) but this option is available only to orders over 300 USD. Customer Support Service

As I earlier mentioned, this pharmacy seem to want to keep their identity secret and for this reason they are not offering any other methods to get in touch with them other than 3 different emails to write them (tutanota, protonmail or sales department). Coupon Codes

When I was searching for coupon codes or for any other methods to save some money if I decide to order here I have found out that there’s just a single special offer and it is called on their website *review rewards*. On their site they state that a person writing an anecdotal review gets a 10% off their next order (must be a full review, including detailed description of effects of the products purchased) and a documented review (including additional independent document like blood test) gets a discount of 20 % off their next order. Reviews

It seems that this online pharmacy is trying to make their customers to write customer reviews due to the fact that I have been searching for customer reviews and I couldn’t find any, anywhere online. So this *review rewards* is something new and so far nobody has written anything, or it has been there for quite a while (I’m not sure) but as much as it seems, it is not working as I couldn’t find a single customer review anywhere online. No customer reviews is a big problem to my opinion and that’s why I already can’t call the pharmacy perfect, plus the fact that it seems the pharmacy owners try to hide their identity – that’s very alarming to me. has a trust rate of more than 80%, but to be honest that’s not enough.


I will rate this online pharmacy with 2 out of 5 because there are multiple problems detected about this pharmacy: it has big prices for medications, it doesn’t offer enough deals and has no coupon codes, the pharmacy owners try to hide their identity as much as it seems and on there’s information suggesting that the site is new. I don’t recommend to order from the site.

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