/ Pharmacy Best Store Online Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy that I have found while doing my research for a reliable online pharmacy and since it seemed to have good prices for medications and generally good services being promised to be offered by the pharmacy, I decided to review it. This online pharmacy mostly seems to be focused on selling erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra but other medications as well.  This pharmacy claims to be over 7 years on the market and therefore they guarantee 100% delivery and satisfaction. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find where the headquarters of this pharmacy is located as they didn’t share such information on their website. Anyhow, the website seems to be user friendly which makes it easy to understand and navigate through. In addition to that, it features multiple language support and currency and therefore this makes it easier to understand and navigate through for foreign customers as well. Also analyzing their front page they seem to have 24/7 customer support and other things they claim to offer is: highest quality generic medications, fast and free delivery, money back guarantee, free pills with every order and safe and secure payments. This is all very good and I hope that it is true.

Selection of medications and prices

Their drugs are being categorized by health condition that those drugs can treat so therefore you can see a list of categories such as: anti viral, allergies, asthma, diabetes, depression, hair loss and lots of other health condition categories of drugs and so we can conclude the fact that they have lots of drugs treating different conditions. According to the information on erectile dysfunction category, they have lots of medications treating this condition and the lowest prices for these medications go as: 0.35 USD for Viagra per pill, 0.77 USD for Cialis per pill and 1.15 USD for Levitra per pill. These were generics but they also have brands which, obviously, are more expensive. They have such drugs as Tadacip, Viagra professional, Cialis soft, Kamagra, female Viagra and many others. Remember that those are the lowest prices for medications, but they can get higher depending on the dosage and quantity of pills purchased. The pharmacy doesn’t require prescriptions for any kind of medications.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy accepts 2 payment methods: via Bitcoin and via credit cards (VISA, Master Card and American Express). Multiple payment methods are always good and it would be even better if there would be more. As in regards to shipping options: there are 2 of them. Standard which has a shipping fee of 15 USD, ships world wide, doesn’t have tracking and delivery time is anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks. The other shipping method is Express, it is not available in all countries and costs 25 USD, however it has a tracking system and delivery time is maximum up to 2 weeks. The standard airmail is free for order more than 200 USD and traceable delivery is for free for orders more than 300 USD. Delivery insurance is 7 USD more. They offer refund, reship and they have return policy as well.

For getting in touch with

You can do it by calling by either one of the 2 phone numbers listed on the website, one of which is EU and the other one is US for US customers and as I said earlier, they customer support claims to be available 24/7. You can also contact them by filling up the contact form which you will need to wait then later for their response back in your email. Unfortunately there is no other method to contact them as there is no live chat function, no email or anything. So you can call them or fill up the form.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

Unfortunately this online pharmacy doesn’t offer coupon codes to make you save some money, however they are offering discount code instead which you’re being offered after you had the first order from this website. That code will make you save you money on your next orders. Besides that, as I said it earlier, you’re able to get free pills for every order and free delivery, standard at more than 200 USD and traceable at more than 300 USD. And lastly, the more you buy – the more the discounts. Although there were no coupon codes, that’s still good because they offer at least something that can make you save at least some money. Reviews

This online pharmacy has their testimonials page but those people who follow my reviews know that I don’t believe that type of customer reviews since they can be easily manipulated. Like for example the administrators of the website can easily remove the negative customer reviews or they can even write them themselves into making people believe that there are people ordering from them. That’s why I am not paying attention to testimonials but I am rather searching for customer reviews on independent / foreign websites where administrators of the pharmacy can’t control them. Unfortunately I haven’t found any, and I mean, absolutely 0 customer reviews. This makes me hardly believe in the authenticity of the website since I have an impression that there weren’t anyone to order from this online pharmacy. Due to lack of customer reviews I wanted to check what would scam analyzing websites would tell me and I started off with which suggested the following: popularity: very few visitors, trust rate: 0%, domain age: 200 days, and owner country: hidden. Well, that was enough for me.


The website is new, it doesn’t have any customer reviews, it has absolutely not trust from scam warning websites and the owner has hidden their location. In addition to that, suggests that this website has a high number of suspicious websites on this server. There is simply nothing that can make me believe that if I am actually going to order – I am actually going to get my medicines, however there are a number of things that makes me believe that ordering here might be dangerous/ unsafe. That is why, I rate with 1 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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