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An UK online pharmacy that I am going to review today is and as much as we all can understand, the reason I said that this is a UK pharmacy is because of their domain address, however I will try to find out more information about the pharmacy and determine whether is this true or not. I have accessed their main page where I have noticed that they are recommending to login in order to enhance your shopping experience, but of course, you have to firstly create an account on their website first. I have also noticed that on the shopping cart, the currency is in GBP (which was expected). I would say that this pharmacy is pretty well done (although to my opinion there were other pharmacies with better interface, although it is still user friendly) as everything seem to be well arranged and it is not chaotically placed through the site. According to the information on the bottom of their website, they claim to be a registered pharmacy (with their register number) by General Pharmaceutical Council and this seems to be confirmed on plus to this, the pharmacy claims to be NHS approved pharmacy and people are also able to follow the pharmacy’s activity on either Facebook or Twitter if they want to. Their website is secured by GeoTrust as much as I found on their site. Plus to that, it is a site secured by Sage Pay. There’s also the pharmacy’s exact address that’s located in Lanarkshire, UK. What I do not like is that their website seem to miss some very important pages such as: FAQ page, Shipping page or such. It is very important that as much as it seems, the pharmacy is registered and seems to be legit, but there are still lots of things to check first. Selection of medications and prices

You can search for the needed medications by brands from A to Z, you can use the search function available on their website or lastly, you can also use the *categories* where medications are being categorized by need. Like for example, there are categories such as: baby pharmacy products, hair care, health, medicines, natural skin care, sexual well being and many others. With this being said, I can assume that they are offering a wide selection of drugs. But by searching a bit more this has been confirmed by the following information that I have managed to find on their website: offering over 3000-4000 high-quality health, pharmacy, beauty and prescription products at an affordable price range. So talking about the prices I was searching for ED medications to check the prices. The problem is that by searching for Viagra, Cialis or Levitra I have found nothing. On sexual well being category there are only pregnancy tests, condoms and such products. With this being said, I am not able to talk about the prices and plus to that, I can’t confirm whether or not they have any prescription drugs here at all. I assume they do have some and I assume they do require a prescription. Shipping and payment methods

There is neither a FAQ page nor a shipping page as I have mentioned earlier. That’s why it is very hard to talk about shipping details. However, on the billing page, I have been able to *select your country* and there is a list of countries to choose. As much as it seems, they do offer international shipping but not world wide. There seem to be most countries in Europe, Russia, Canada, USA, Mexico and few more countries. The problem is that I couldn’t find any other information like what are the shipping options, shipping fees or shipping delivery timeframes. In terms of payment methods they accept: sage pay, maestro card, master card, Solo, Visa and Visa Electron. Customer Support Service

There is not a FAQ page and that’s why, people could have a lot of questions to ask and that’s why the customer support service is so important. For getting in touch with this pharmacy you’re able to use the contact form on their website, use their exact address for mailing them or maybe even for paying them a visit, and there’s also a phone number and a fax number either. I can assume that you could contact them via social media pages as well, but that’s my assumption. Coupon Codes

The coupon codes can make people save money and that’s why those pharmacies offering coupon codes are my favorite. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to be among those pharmacies offering them. What I can mention here is that this pharmacy is offering some certain medications with some certain discounts. The pharmacy claims that those products are having savings of 10 or 20 %. Other than that I couldn’t find anything else being offered by Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy I have concluded that this seem to be quite an popular online pharmacy and that’s because it does seem to have a number of customer reviews. The big problem is the fact that those reviews are mixed which means that while there are some people who said that this online pharmacy is amazing and absolutely worth using, there are others who are saying that they have never got their products and they never got a response from them and even if they did got a response, never got a refund. On it has a rate of 2 out of 5 according to all reviewers and on it has a rate of 4 out of 5. Many people said that the pharmacy is absolutely worth using while others said that it is not. has a trust rate of 60 % which is by far not enough to my opinion.


The negative reviews and the low trust rate given by makes me think that recommending this online pharmacy would be a big mistake. I am not going to try purchasing anything here because of those reviews which indicate a poor reputation of the pharmacy. people could still get their medication from the pharmacy but that’s only a chance and only those brave enough can order here. in the end I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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