/ Pharmacy2u Reviews & Coupons is a United Kingdom online pharmacy that has been founded by a pharmacist named Daniel Lee back in 1999 therefore the pharmacy is believed to have 18 years. It seems to be a really popular pharmacy as you can see information about it everywhere on the internet including it has a page on Wikipedia as well showing more information and history about the pharmacy. Besides the fact that this pharmacy dispenses medications, they are also online doctor service provider as well. The pharmacy claims to have a number of accreditations (or at least that’s what I saw analyzing their webpage) and it is easy to navigate through it. They also have applications for both iOS and Google Play devices. You’re able to sign up on their website and then sign it. Since the pharmacy is located in UK, the prices are listed in GBP. The pharmacy claims to help over 100,000 people across the UK with their NHS repeat prescriptions. With all of this said, I went further finding out more information.

Selection of medications and prices on

You can see a different list of products by clicking on their *pharmacy* page where you’re given a list of drugs and pharmaceutical products being categorized. Therefore I can assume that their drugstore is really vast with different products for: slimming, foot care, stop smoking, acne treatment and many others so I can assume that you should find whatever drug you’re searching for here or at least an alternative for it. You can also search the drug that you’re needing by using the search box function and that’s what I’ve done to search for Viagra and I saw they are offering Viagra in both brand and generic forms. As in regards for the prices, Viagra by Pfizer 50 mg per tablet, 4 tablets, would cost you 25 GBP. 8 tablets of generic Viagra 50 mg, sildenafil citrate, would cost you 6.80 GBP which means the price per pill is 0.89 GBP and that’s a fairly good price in my opinion compared to other online pharmacies. This pharmacy is requiring their customers to show a valid prescription or they can ask for an online consultation with their doctors in order to get the prescription.

Getting in touch with

Usually, an online doctor service provider pharmacy isn’t hard to get in touch with so I can assume that talking with their customer support team shouldn’t be a problem. Anyhow, I wanted to find out how you can do it and I saw the usual way of talking with them by filling up the form and waiting for a response in your email. However, I’ve also seen they have a phone number listed where you can talk with them and an email listed too. Unfortunately there is no online live chat function. Besides to that, they also seem to have Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages where I can assume that you can write them and should get a response from the pharmacy.

Shipping and payment details on

There seem to be a lot of shipping methods including: express delivery (tracked), first class, second class, UK mail, RM international and UPS. The shipping fees depend on what is sent (NHS prescriptions, Private Prescriptions and Online doctor orders) and on sum (over 40 GBP or under 40 GBP). Shipping can be free, 3.25 GBP and 6.25 GBP depending on everything I just mentioned. In case the person orders something that requires a prescription and doesn’t show the valid prescription in 15 days after ordering, they are going to be charged 5 GBP! They do no ship outside UK. As in regards to the payment methods it depends on what you order. Over the counter products can be paid with: Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX), Debit Cards and PayPal but online doctor consultations and orders (prescription products) can be paid with: Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) and Debit Cards. PayPal is also accepted for UK customers/orders on desktop and tablets. Or at least that’s the information I found on their website.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have mentioned a little bit earlier that orders over 40 GBP are offered free shipping. In addition to that, the pharmacy claims that is offering discounts if you’re going to order in bunk some specific products (not all of them are offered a discount). Unfortunately that’s all the coupon codes that I have found in regards to this pharmacy as there’s nothing else. It seems that in the pat there were free consultations coupon codes and other things, but the coupon codes expired now. Reviews

As I have mentioned a little bit earlier, the pharmacy seems to be pretty popular online as it has pretty lots of information and customer reviews all over the internet and foreign websites. Like for example, on it has more than 33,000 customer reviews and that’s indeed very much. There are very happy people with the pharmacy’s services and medications, however there were less happy people as well. A lot of people complained on their shipping times and on the fact that they were promised to get the medications due to a time and they didn’t got anything, therefore putting their health at risk. and there were also other people saying that this pharmacy has awful service. There were even comments of people saying that they have paid and never got anything and when contacted the customer support, they replied that they haven’t received the money, therefore his money disappeared forever. Nevertheless, it could easily be seen that most of the reviewers were positive, and yet, lots of negative comments too.


This online pharmacy definitely seems to be much more safer to buy here compared to lots of other online pharmacies that I have reviewed so far, however it still seems that there are problems going around with it. Like for example the prices aren’t the best but somewhere *moderate* and they don’t actually have best deals. The customer reviews are good, but I still found enough negative reviews to make me wary. And lastly, has been granted probationary certification status by and that means that it seems to be alright, but there used to be problems in the past. All in all the pharmacy doesn’t seem to be perfect so I can’t rate it with max rate as there are some problems, however I think it deserves 4 out of 5.

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