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It is such a great relief knowing that you can safely purchase medications from a reliable pharmacy that would send you high quality medications and in the same time – you’re saving a lot of money when comparing the prices for the same medications in your local pharmacy. This great relief can be achieved only with the help of online pharmacy and not with any online pharmacy but, very importantly, with a reliable online pharmacy. For trying to find such a pharmacy I’m doing my research for pharmacies daily and I’m trying to find the perfect pharmacy by all means. is the online pharmacy that I never reviewed so far and today I’m going to fix this. is an online pharmacy which claims to have happy customers since 2005 and with this being said, I can assume they have started their business in 2005 and what’s more important – their customers are all happy. That’s something we would check later. Also according to the information there, Pharmacy 2 Home is supplying people with FDA approved pharmaceutical medicines. They are being focused on Finpecia – Generic Propecia, selling it at low prices as they mention, nevertheless, they are still offering many other medications. The website is user friendly and it supports another site language: Spanish. People can create an account here and login to them. Plus, the site claims to be verified and secured by GODADDY. Another thing to mention about this pharmacy is the fact that they have shared their exact address which, claimable, is located in Seychelles so I can assume that people are able to visit their office if they wish to. Selection of medications and prices

Even though this online pharmacy has shared that they are mostly focused in selling Finpecia – Generic Propecia, they have still shared that you can purchase here more than 500 products. Their medications are being categorized so there you can find medications for: hair loss, anti viral, anti acidity, men’s health, cholesterol, blood pressure, eye care, arthritis, blood pressure and many many others. With more than 500 different drugs and so many categories of medications I can easily say that selection of meds is really wide here. I have checked ED mediations and I found a lot of different medications, medications for ED that I am not even familiar with, there are a lot of them. Although there is Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, none of them come in brand form – all are generics. Simply to give example of prices I can say that generic Viagra 50 mg 80 pills would cost 0.86 USD per pill and that’s a really good price to be honest, even if comparing to other online pharmacies. Prices for all other medications are also pretty good. According to the information on the website, the pharmacy is not selling medications without showing a valid prescription first so if you don’t have one, you cannot order drugs here. shipping and payment methods

According to the information on the website, this pharmacy does not offer world wide shipping, however they do offer shipping to a good number of countries. They claim to offer shipping only to addresses in countries listed on their delivery information so for checking if your country is among them you need to go there and check it. the flat shipping rate is 16 USD, it doesn’t have tracking and a delivery of 14 to 22 business days. However there’s the second shipping method which does have tracking, it costs 28 USD and a delivery timeframe of 7 to 14 days. Although they are not accepting direct payment (credit cards) they are working on this and there’s the virtual voucher. Plus they are accepting e check and bitcoin. Customer Support Service

I have noticed that this online pharmacy is having online live chat support and I have tried to access it however I was given the following message: *Support is offline at the moment please leave us a message bellow:* so I can’t get in touch with them with this method. Other methods include: calling them by either US or UK phone number, mailing address or fax number (but I can assume the fax is for prescriptions). No email or contact form which is strange.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

According to the checkout page, there is a space left for *coupon code* which you can enter and get the discount. Not sure where to get the coupon code as there’s nowhere listed on the website, but I can assume you would receive it after the first successful order. Another thing to mention here is that payments done with echeck get you a discount of 5% and payments with bitcoin a discount of 20 %. Last thing to mention here – purchasing in bulk is going to save you money as well. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews online I have found different forum discussions about this pharmacy, I have found a few reviews and I also found it being discussed on quora and even on yahoo answers. The website seem to be a bit popular. Although there are quite a few different reviews, I couldn’t get an exact answer to questions: is this pharmacy reliable? That’s because it seems I got mixed results with some people saying that it is fully legal and reliable while others said that this is a scam pharmacy. it is pretty hard to make a conclusion when I have got such answers. I checked it on scam warning websites. said that this is a rogue internet pharmacy while that the site might be unsafe: 41 % only of trust and it seems to operate from a high risk country: Russia, plus a malware report has been detected for this website as well.


The pharmacy seems to have a wide selection of drugs, it offers good prices, coupon codes and some offers as well. Plus to this, the pharmacy has positive reviews, it is popular among customers and has been around for 13 years. These are all very good things but I still cannot rate it with more than 3 out of 5 because of negative customer reviews, no trust from scam warning websites and it is also involved in high risk country. The pharmacy might be unsafe to use.

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