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I often use the terms *pharmacy online* and that’s obvious since I am searching for pharmacies online and today I found an pharmacy with the domain address name: I have analyzed the front page of this online pharmacy and it seems to have a user friendly interface and a good overall design of the site as much as I could see. I have noticed that the pharmacy is offering their customers to register here and to login to their accounts, later I am going to find out whether is this mandatory to do for ordering medications here or no. they claim to offer access to global medication pricing directory and information and this is allowing everyone the ability to purchase only the highest quality prescription drugs and over the counter medications. This pharmacy claims to be a Canadian pharmacy where they have shared their exact address that’s located in Calgary, AB, Canada. They claim to provide their customers with the highest quality brand and generic medications at the best possible prices. In addition to that, I have been able to find information on their website suggesting that the pharmacy has been founded back in 2001 meaning this is an online pharmacy with 17 years of experience in product knowledge, prescription choice, quality and safety. Or at least, these are all the pharmacy claims. They claim to have a big selection of Canadian and International prescription drugs available online either with prices everyone can afford. All of this sounds very good, but there are still a lot of details that we would need to check firstly, before ordering. I have not found any accreditation claims so I am not sure if this means that the pharmacy doesn’t have any accreditations. Selection of medications and prices for them

I was not able to see any categories of medications and I was not able to find the pharmacy sharing an exact number of how many drugs are found on this online pharmacy. with this being said I cannot say for sure if the selection of medications is wide or not. I just have to believe and have trust in their words saying that they are having *biggest selection* of drugs available online. If that’s true, then I can assume that there are a lot of drugs which I hope it’s true because if that’s so, many people can find whatever drugs they need at a single place. But it is exactly important or maybe even more important – the prices for those medications. You can search for meds by using search function and that’s what I’ve done for searching Cialis, Viagra and Levitra and I found all of them. however I got disappointed by their prices. lowest price per pill for brand Viagra is 12.83 USD per pill (25 mg) and lowest price per pill for generic Viagra also 25 mg is 8.54 USD. Compared to other online pharmacies, that’s an extremely high price where you can get 50 mg Viagra generic with less than 1 USD. This pharmacy does require a valid prescription for ordering here. Shipping and payment details

As said earlier, this online pharmacy claims to accept international orders, not sure if this means that they are shipping medications world wide to everyone around the globe but I can assume they do send to biggest countries. As much as it seems, they are offering refund or reship if the product doesn’t arrive in 28 day time frame which means that this is the maximum time to wait for your package. They seem to offer express shipment either, but no details are offered since you need to contact customer support to check more details about it (availability, costs and delivery times). People can purchase by American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. You may also send an international money order as well as a wire transfer if the order is $1000 or more. Customer Support Service

The pharmacy claims to offer a 24/7 customer support service and the methods available for you to get in touch with them include: toll free phone, international phone as well as email. But you can also use the fax number or use their exact address for mailing them. they also seem to have live chat function available as well.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Upon clicking on *checkout* the pharmacy asks *have a coupon code?* and if you do, you can add it and I can assume that with the help of that coupon you can get a discount. But since I do not see a coupon anywhere I can assume that only people who previously ordered can receive a coupon code. Plus to this, the pharmacy claims that if you buy more – the more savings you would get. Except for purchasing in bulk and coupon codes I couldn’t find anything else other. You can’t go on checkout without be signed in on their website. Reviews

Regardless of how much I was searching online, I simply couldn’t find any customer reviews about There does not seem to be any customer reviews and that’s a problem when there’s nobody to confirm the website’s authenticity. Since I failed to find any customer reviews, I have decided to go on finding for information and there I found something that shocked me – the pharmacy has been around for 17 years and yet – no customer reviews. This makes me think that there’s something wrong about it (or maybe due to high prices). whatever the case, although the site is 17 years old, it has a low trust rate of 50% which is low and has very few visitors. Alarming notes include: a malware report has been detected for this site and the website may be related to a number of high risk sites, plus, it is unapproved by


I am not able to recommend this online pharmacy to anyone since it has no customer reviews anywhere online. It is online for 17 years and yet it failed to gain any customer reviews. I can assume that this is due to the high prices for medications. Plus to high prices, it has some alarming notes on all in all, the pharmacy receives a rate of 3 out of 5 from me.

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