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From the first few seconds of looking at the Pharmacy Online 365 it seemed to me that this is going to be a really good online pharmacy that seems to deserve a high rate. And so I started searching for more information about the actual pharmacy and then I changed my mind. The reason is that I couldn’t find absolutely any information about by the owner of, where is their headquarters, with what manufacturers do they work or anything in this matter. I could only find that this site has been operating since 2012, however regarding where it operates from and many others, it just doesn’t share anything at all. a little bit of more research and I saw that lots of their pages are saying: Comming soon… meaning that the information simply isn’t available. Then I went on their disclaimer page and here’s what I found: * is not a ecommerce / online pharmacy and therefore does not sell any drugs or medications whatsoever.* then it is not clear for me how do they sell medications then? and what about their name? There are also other points but this one has been the most interesting one.

Pharmacy Online 365 drug selection

It seemed to me that this site has quite a few medications. they have medications based on health problems and here are the categories listed by them: ADHD, Sleeping Aid, Erectile Dysfunction, Stop Smoking, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Anti Anxiety as well as Muscle Relaxants. Each category has 2-3 medications meaning that there are around 20 medications in total in their drugstore. Usually I’m just checking for Erectile Dysfunction drugs and they have there Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), Cialis (Tadalafil), as well as Levitra (Vardenafil). All of their medications (at least for Erectile dysfunction, not sure how about  the rest medications but I assume it applies to all meds in their drugstore) are generics and that’s why they assume that they have low prices.

So what are the prices then?

One of the highest prices that I have seen in a very long time. as usually I didn’t checked what do other medications costs since I have little to no knowledge about medications of other types than Erectile Dysfunction. However, their Viagra, for example, is extremely expensive. They sell only generic Viagra as I have mentioned and it comes only in 100 mg. they sell in 30 pills, 60, 90, 120 and 180 pills with prices per pill accordingly: 3.96; 3.81; 3.65; 3.49; and 3.43 USD. This means that the lowest price per pill by purchasing 180 pills for generic Viagra it is 3.43 USD. That’s an EXTREMELY high price as there are online pharmacies which offer generic Viagra 100 mg (if purchasing 180 pills) at a price lower than 1 USD! When I checked the prices for Cialis they were even higher! The prices on this online pharmacy website are extremely high and I would avoid it.

Do Pharmacy Online 365 require a prescription?

From experience I know that such sites with such drug selections usually do require prescriptions. This one doesn’t. I got a little bit shocked to see that they are selling phentermine, benzodiazepines, Adderall, soma, tramadol and other things that are having a very big dependency liability without a prescription. Of course this might be a good thing for some customers but the drugs here are prone to abuse. Since they do not require prescriptions I am not very sure if FDA has approved their activity. In fact, this made me think about their legibility at all.

Pharmacy Online 365 Payment methods:

There are 3 payment options: credit card (they accept only VISA and MasterCard), Bitcoin and Western Union. The information on their site implies: 20 % Discount with Bitcoin or Western Union payment. Which is good. I don’t see any problems with their payment options – enough, good and easy.

Shipping details with Pharmacy Online 365

I’ve tried to search for information and on their shipping information page they have stated that they have express shipping options in most locations but when I checked for express shipping option for USA I couldn’t find one. This made me doubt that they have an express shipping anywhere else. 7 – 14 business days for express shipping as their information says, for a shipping option that doesn’t exist. And there’s 14 – 21 business days for standard shipping which charges you 29 USD more. They seem to ship world wide (by air as mentioned). The express shipping either is about to appear or they removed this option for whatever the reason.

Pharmacy Online 365 Customer support

They claim to work 24/7 on responding on the phone calls and emails. The ways of reaching them is by submitting a form or by directly writing them in email (which is basically the same I guess) on the following email: [email protected] , but they also have 2 phone calls which, again, regardless of the time, they should be answering: US: 1 888 474 8078; UK: 0161 884 0495. Unfortunately no live chat which is so convenient for me. I personally haven’t contacted them but if you have questions you might call. Also, for those situations in which it happens that there’s non-delivery, damaged orders, or maybe missing orders, then the pharmacy is promising to reship or refund the payments.

Pharmacy Online 365 Coupons and discounts seem to want to attract their customers by offering them discounts by the coupons. They suggest you to use the OCT10 at the checkout and therefore you’re going to get 10% off your order. in addition to that, they are offering, as I said earlier, a 20 % Discount with Bitcoin or Western Union payment. No other sales or discounts. But that’s fine, even though it could be better.

Pharmacy Online 365 Reviews

I already wasn’t very happy about this site as of general, but I got even more unhappy with this site when I saw the reviews other people wrote about this. there were people claiming that they have got their medications in very poor conditions because of the very poorly packaged pills. And despite the fact that the pharmacy promised to refund or reship damaged containing, the person said that they didn’t. another person said that he ordered 30 pills of Modafinil and he waited for them one full month (in which case the pharmacy already should have re ship, which they didn’t) and as if that’s not enough that the delivery time wasn’t as promised and no reship or refund – he has only got 15 pills instead of 30. There were a few positive reviews about it but as much as I have seen, most of them are negative and that says a lot. I’ve checked the site’s reputation on other sites such as scamadviser and trustworthiness was 0. Lots of people complained on too many things and seemingly this online pharmacy didn’t really wanted to keep their promises.

Is Pharmacy Online 365 legit or scam site?

I would call it a scam site in disguise. The reason? At first impression you might think that it is legit. The reason is that they have customer support with phone numbers where you can call them. They have a good looking site. Discounts etc. They are even actually sending you the medications. However, ultimately, they don’t seem to actually care about their customers. An online pharmacy which doesn’t care about their customers, for me, is a scam site.


My rate for is 2 out of 5 and that’s a high rate for this site! The fact that there are so high prices, so many people complaining about it, 0 trust from other sites and the pharmacy in general doesn’t seem to keep their promises – that’s maximum rate I can give it!

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