| Pharmacy Network Reviews & Coupons is the internet address of the pharmacy I will review and will give reasons as to why this online pharmacy is worth purchasing medications from and having trust in, or it would be better to stay away from it. As most of the pharmacies that I am reviewing daily, by accessing their main page, the pharmacy tries to make you have trust in their pharmacy by claiming different amazingly looking offers. Like for example, they are claiming that people are able to save up to 80 % with generic medications and but they can also save on brand medications either up to 40% compared to other pharmacies and that surely sounds great. The pharmacy claims that they have established more than 10 years ago which is very good if true because long lasting pharmacies are way easier to have trust in compared to other new pharmacies. They claim to have an enviable reputation for quality and customer service. The pharmacy is supplying prescription drugs, medicines and pharmaceutical products to thousands regular patients worldwide. As earlier mentioned, all of this surely sounds great! The pharmacy’s site looks good, user friendly, and people can sign up an account and sign in to their accounts. They claim to be the internet’s leading online pharmacy and therefore, Pharmacy Network is offering a safe, secure, confidential and convenient way to service online prescription drugs. There’s information on their website suggesting that the pharmacy is a Canadian pharmacy, however I could not find an exact address being shared on their website so we can’t be sure about this. At least, the fact that they offer a good looking site, claim to have 128 bit encryption meaning that purchasing on site is safe, they claim to have high quality and lowest prices that’s all good. However, there are other things to check firstly. Selection of medications and prices

People can have a product search via the search function using the keyword in case they know the exact drug’s name. But except for using this option, people are able to use the categories of medications and as much as I can see on the website, this pharmacy is offering a really really wide selection of medications. Or at least that’s what it seems by checking those categories where I found a lot of them. They claim to have drugs for: diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, allergy, lung disease, erectile dysfunction, anti fungal and even for cancer. There are many other medications as well for other needs and heath conditions. As the pharmacy claimed, they are offering both branded and generic medications. I checked for the prices for ED meds as I’m familiar with those prices and I noticed that sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) 50 mg, for a pack size of 10 tabs you would need to pay 2.10 USD. To be honest, I am not very sure if that’s for all 10 tablets because this sounds too good to be true. If that’s a price for 1 pill then the price are pretty high, if that’s the price for 10 pills and is real, that’s an amazingly good/ cheap price. There’s information on the site that you need to have a valid prescription before ordering drugs here. Shipping and payment methods

As I earlier said, this pharmacy is claiming that they are supplying with medicines people all around the globe meaning that they do have world wide shipping which is very good as everyone can order here but they claim that there are few territories to which they do not ship (you can check it on FAQ page). There is EMS shipping option and Registered airmail shipping option. EMS does have tracking but registered does not. Shipping rates depend on number of tablets ordered and how many tablets/ inhalers you’re buying. Registered can be offered for free up to 38 USD and EMS can be anywhere between 38 to 43 USD. Shipping times for registered is up to 28 business days and usually, EMS is 7 to 10 business days. They accept payment by Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Wire or Money Transfer. Customer Support Service

The pharmacy seem to be strange as I went on *contact page* where I noticed *current shipping status and there was: July 2016*?! They are shipping medications since 2016? Whatever the case, they do not seem to review the info there. To get in touch with them you can use the toll free number or the contact form only.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I earlier said, the shipping is getting cheaper the more you buy or they offer it for free if you buy more than 250 USD. The problem is that except for this offer they do not seem to offer anything else, except for their really low price in case that’s the price I’ve seen for 10 pills. no coupon codes, free pills or anything else in this matter. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews I didn’t found a lot of them, but at least I did found some and that’s helpful. Problem is that by searching for those customer reviews I found mixed results both from people who said that they got pleasant experience and from those who had a negative experience with this pharmacy. but even bigger problem is that it seems there are more negative reviews than positive where people said that this is a scam, fraud, they are unsure, they’ve got bad deals and so on and so forth. That’s really alarming to be honest. is the site which can help us more where I found that site has 0% trust rate and is considered rogue internet pharmacy by


Even if this pharmacy has indeed amazing prices for medications I still won’t recommend it to anyone. That’s because, as much as it seems, there are people who *fell in their trap* of low prices, ordered and got scammed. There are customer reviews suggesting this is a scam/ fraud pharmacy and this is confirmed by both and Such an online epharmacy receives a rate of 1 star.

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