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From the research done on the Pharmacy Mall I’ve seen them claiming to be one of the longest running online stores and that’s because they have firstly started the business back in 1997 and with their site firstly being opened back in 2001. These are the reasons why they are claiming to be the longest on the market because this makes them to have a total experience of 20 years in pharmacy business and an experience of 16 years in online pharmacy business. They claim that they are adhering all FDA regulations because they are having only top quality medications from top manufacturers that are also adhering FDA regulations. This store claims to have a lot of generic as well as brand medications. Also their information on site implies that they have their store and headquarters in Canada, the country where this pharmacy has started its business.

Pharmacy Mall drug selection

I’ve noticed that they are having a lot of drugs in their store depending on what health issue their customers actually need. They have different drugs for different health issues such as allergies, anti fungal, pain relief, weight loss and many others as there’s a long list which I don’t want to write it all here. However, it is hard not to mention that they are primarily focused on ED drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and lots of other medications that helps with male impotence or inability to get or maintain an erection. You shouldn’t do a big and vast research to understand that this online pharmacy doesn’t actually lack any medications. They might not have, of course, all medications and drugs under the sun, but their drug selection is vast and in my opinion, is enough.

Pharmacy Mall drug prices

The site claims to have affordable pricing policy and although they have a lot of medical categories, as I mentioned earlier, it is hard not to mention that they are focused on ED medications and so, the research done online seems that they are best known for these medications and also for its, seemingly, low prices for these types of medication. Indeed to my opinion they are having quite a low prices for Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Levitra, be it generic or brand. I didn’t checked the prices for other medications as I am not an expert but pharmacy promises the best prices you can find. The quality of all these products is another story, but Pharmacy Malls claims to have only FDA approved items which are having very high product quality. Getting to number, the lowest price for Viagra (generic) for a pill is 0.27 USD, that’s in case you are getting Viagra 25 mg and 360 pills. The highest price for these pills are Viagra 100 mg and if you get only 10 pills then you would need to pay 3.61 USD per pill. To my opinion, these are fair prices.

Do Pharmacy Mall require prescription for getting these items?

I can guess that another reason why this pharmacy is pretty popular is that they do NOT require a prescription for them to send your items. I think that this plays a very important role in their ‘popularity’ because by not requiring them, it saves their customers the doctors visits that is a ‘must’ in order to get those prescriptions. However it is important to mention here, the pharmacy does not have professional doctors or pharmacists so they are not offering any medical recommendations, that’s why, all their patients should make sure to know very well what they are doing.

What about Pharmacy Mall shipping? doesn’t have big charges for shipping because they have regular prices for regular shipping – 10 USD for Airmail regular shipping. Usually this doesn’t include the tracking system and you need to wait for the package to arrive in like 2 – 4 weeks depending on where are you located and on customs as they claim. They have world wide shipping meaning that regardless where you order – you will get your orders, or at least that’s what they claim. There’s also EMS (not sure if this applies to all countries in the world) option for you. Even though the customer has to pay twice as much: 20 USD for this option, usually this does include a tracking system and you are going to get your package faster: 3- 9 days as claimed (unlike 2- 3 weeks for regular airmail).

Payments with Pharmacy Mall

They are accepting the use of credit card and as typical for online pharmacies: they are accepting both VISA and Master Card. However, usually, other online pharmacies does have other payment options, such as Bitcoin, or ECheck, or American Express or whatever. doesn’t. You either pay with VISA or Master Card or you don’t purchase anything at all.

Pharmacy Mall Customer Support

Even though this seems to be such a popular online pharmacy, it is strange for me to see that they do not have support for live chat. For me that’s an very easy and convenient way of getting in touch with them but this pharmacy doesn’t have this function, that’s why the only way to talk with them is either fill the request which they say that would answer back by email as soon as possible either you call them by 2 phone numbers you can see on their main page: +1 – 718- 487- 9792 and +4420- 323- 9- 7092. They said the only language you can speak with them is English. Not sure how good they are at answering phone calls and emails. They claim that the customers is either getting a refund or reshipment in case the items inside the package are damaged, or in case the delivery doesn’t come in time or you aren’t getting it at all.

Pharmacy Mall Coupons

They claim to have free shipping on all orders that are above 200 USD, but I assume the shipping is free for standard and not EMS which you will still need to pay. They also claim to have free pills with every order. However I couldn’t find any available coupons or some promotional vouchers on the store. All they seem to ‘promote’ is to purchase bigger packs. As said earlier, they offer cheaper price per pill if you purchase more pills at once. Unfortunately there are no other promotions.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

There were happy people with it who said that they use this pharmacy for some years without any problems. Some people said that they don’t have any issues with the quality of medications, delivery times or whatever. However there are other people who complain on both: quality of medications and delivery times as well as many others. In fact, I’ve seen some people claiming that they have got ‘fakes’ while they paid for genuine and so calling them thieves. On sites that help people understand whether is a site scam or not, gets a very poor score and that’s something we should be thinking about. Even though there seem to be people who say that they are loyal customers of this online pharmacy – it seems that there is still quite a risk that something might go wrong.

So what’s the conclusion?

The prices are good, drug selection is good, customer service isn’t the best but still fine, shipping fees and times are also fine, although not much promotions and discounts – the prices are good so that’s good. I would say that this pharmacy could be worth more because of all these things I just listed. But there’s so sites saying that it has a very low trust, plus there are people reviews calling them ‘thieves’ so I guess that’s for good reason. That’s why 3 out of 5 which is fair, but ordering here is quite risky.

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