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Finding reliable online pharmacies is much harder than I thought it would be and that’s why I keep on researching for more pharmacies to review and find out either are they reliable or not. is the online pharmacy that I have found today and it is the pharmacy that I will review now. As soon as I have entered the website I’ve seen a user friendly interface of the website which is good and very convenient for me since I can easily find the information that I need on the site. Also, one of the very first things that I noticed as soon as I entered the website is their *News Feed* where I found such information as: February report: 100% shipping success rate to US. There were other news articles as well for those who are interested. Another interesting thing that I have noticed is: new domain address – and as much as it seems, this domain address that I found is their new one as it seemed they had other domain addresses. The pharmacy asks that if someone finds that one of their pages is down to heck their support page Their website supports multiple currencies and people are able to create an account here and to login to them. According to the information that I found on their website, Pharmacom Labs has been around since 2008 which means they are in business for 10 years now, but on their *about us* page there’s info suggesting they have started their very first activity in 2006. This pharmacy is mostly selling products for bodybuilders and so they claim to always follow the latest trends in the world of bodybuilding, I will check later if they sell only such medications or other types as well. Unfortunately, I have not found where the pharmacy is headquartered. Selection of medications and prices

You can find for the needed medications and products by using the search box function available on the website, except for this method you can also search for the products by categories or you could also search for products by their active substances. Like for example there are categories of: hormones, amps line, oral, injectable, sexual wellness etc. or by active substance: sildenafil, stanozolol, trenbolone, avanafil, tadalafil, vardenafil and others. With this being said, this online pharmacy does seem to be mostly focused in selling medications for athletes and bodybuilders, but not only as you can find ED (and I guess other types as well) medications. To check the prices I have checked ED medications prices and after checking them I can say that the prices are fairly good. Lowest price for generic Viagra as much as I could find is a product: sildigra 50 mg 10 pills would be 8 USD. There are more expensive products and there is brand Viagra as well which is very high priced: 38-50 USD per pill. This online pharmacy does not require a valid prescription for ordering medications here, or at least I couldn’t find such information being mentioned anywhere on their website. Shipping and payment methods

I was not able to find any information suggesting either this online pharmacy is offering medications outside USA or not so I am not very sure if these people offer international shipping. What I did found is that they are only offering a single shipping option and that’s standard, they do not recommend to use express shipping (so they don’t provide this option) since these packages are often controlled and seized. The shipping rate is 30 USD and they claim that 95% of the orders will get there in 5-6 days. Everyone ordering here will get a tracking number after about 5 days after the products were shipped. This pharmacy doesn’t accept credit cards. You can pay by money gram, by western union or by bitcoin. Customer Support Service

I was searching for some ways to get in touch with this online pharmacy and unfortunately I couldn’t find any except for the contact form which is available on their website. Sadly, I would say that this is not enough to be honest. There is no live chat function or phone numbers available on the website.

Is Pharmacom store a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Pharmacom store a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

While I was searching for some methods to be able to save money while purchasing medications at this online pharmacy I have found out that this pharmacy is offering 10% discount for people who are paying for their products in bitcoin. Plus to that, before going to the check out page the pharmacy asks *have a coupon?* so you can apply it and I can assume that this way you get a discount. However, there’s not a coupon anywhere online so I can assume that only people who previously ordered with them can get coupon codes. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews online about this pharmacy and to be honest, I got pretty shocked to see how many review I found. I found this pharmacy being discussed on a lot of forum sites, a lot of customer reviews and generally, it seems to be an extremely popular pharmacy. That’s very good because I doubt that popular pharmacy can be fake. A lot of people on a lot of different websites including forum discussions wrote reviews about this pharmacy and it seems that most people are having trust in this pharmacy. Nevertheless, although like 80% of reviews are positive, the rest 20% are negative with people saying that they have got fake products. I couldn’t find someone saying that they have paid and never received anything, but I did found people saying that they have got some other (obviously cheaper/ fake) products than those they paid for.


In the end, this pharmacy doesn’t seem to be a scam pharmacy as most people are happy with the products they’ve got from this pharmacy and generally with their services. But I was able to find a good number of negative reviews as well (although much less than positive reviews) and that’s why I will rate the pharmacy with 4 out of 5 as there’s still a chance you won’t get what you paid for.

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