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The first thing I’ve seen as soon as I accessed gsmeds.to is that they are using coupons and that made me have hope that I found a good online pharmacy and that’s because I always said that coupons is an easy and good way to save money. Gsmeds.to seem to have special offer now because of the Halloween with a message that you get 5 % off on Holidays by using coupons and “Happy Halloween”. I do think that getting discounts is a way of being happy. So, the website GSMeds.to seem to be very user friendly, the speed of the website is really good and what I’ve noticed is that you can choose the language interface of the website. There is a total of like 20 languages and countries you can choose from. That’s very good as anyone who accesses the site (even those who are non English people) can easily use the website. There’s also a big variety of currencies that you can choose from and it is good too because this way you can easily understand how much you need to pay in your own currency. The online pharmacy claim to be in business for the last 9 years and they claim to deliver safe, generic medications at some good prices. They claim that all the medications they sell are approved by Indian FDA and they are being shipped directly from India and they said that absolutely everything what they are doing is 100% legal! They claim that their main concern is our satisfaction and I really hope that’s true.

Drug selection

It seems to me that the website is mostly focused on ED medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis and since I’m a person that searches specifically for these types of drugs that’s very good for me. Their drugs are being categorized by letters so if you search for something you can find it by the product’s name first letter or by searching the name in their search box. I did have checked a few ‘letters’ and when I clicked on *A* they seemed to have a big variety of drugs. Reading a little bit through their drug list I’ve come to the conclusion that they have drugs that can treat hypertension, ulcerative colitis, muscle relaxers, dizziness, sickness, heart conditions etc. Drug selection seem to be a lot. I’ve more carefully checked for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. By searching term “Viagra” I’ve been given a big list of pills and the most important for me were Viagra by Pfizer and generic Viagra (but they also had female Viagra, Viagra soft, Viagra super active, and even Viagra pack). GSMeds.to also seem to have both generic version and brand name for Levitra and Cialis either. And as for Viagra, by searching in search box for “levitra” and then for “cialis” a big list was given. So drug selection is big and most likely, you can find a lot of medications here (even though I don’t know the total number of drugs you can find here).

Drug prices

I’m not an expert in drugs and especially in drug prices. The only drug prices that I know are prices for ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs such as those that I mentioned earlier and so I cannot comment on drug prices for other products than those treating impotence, but I typically assume that prices for any drugs found in their drugstore are big if prices for ED drugs are big and they are low if the prices for ED drugs are low. So judging the prices for Viagra brand which is 9 USD per pill that’s amazing. If writing in google Viagra by Pfizer you’re going to see that a pill would cost you 22 USD while here is only 9 USD. The price for generic Viagra is as low as 0.69 USD per pill (in case you purchase 25 mg x 360 pills) and this is a very good price either. Even though there is I guess an online pharmacy that has A LITTLE bit lower price, GSMeds.to is having one of the lowest prices to be honest. Cialis is having an amazing price too (exactly as Levitra) because, for example, Cialis by Lilly is 9.67 USD per pill and generic Cialis is 1.30 USD per pill. The same story as with Viagra! So I make my conclusion that prices for any meds on this online pharmacy are good.

Prescription requirement

Yes, this online pharmacy does require a prescription in case the product is requiring a valid prescription. It depends on the laws in your country or territory. In case you’re living in a country that requires a prescription for the certain medication that you’re looking for in their stores then you need to show them a valid prescription by sending it to their fax or by sending a scan copy to their email. The order is cancelled in case you’re not providing a valid prescription within 3 day period.

Customer support

Anyone who has questions is able to call them by their phone number listed on the site. They’re also able to contact them by a toll free number from the US and there’s a third phone number (UK number) for European customers. They also claim that they would respond promptly if you submit a form or if you send them an email because their operators are working 7 days a week, 24 hours, 365 days a year. Even though their site supports 14 languages, they are speaking only English. With an email, a fax number, an inquiry form and 3 phone numbers it should be easy to get in touch with them.

Payment options

They are accepting any bank card and they are also accepting bitcoin! To be honest, for me, it just couldn’t get any better. To be honest, that’s more than enough. Any given bank card is good and plus, they have my favorite payment methods: bitcoin (favorite because it is absolutely secure). You’re able to purchase from GSMeds.to by having any card in case bitcoin is too complicated and so, this offers possibility to everyone to make a payment with this online pharmacy.

What about shipping details?

GSMeds.to is offering 2 shipping methods Standard airmail service which usually doesn’t include tracking (and on the site you can see that it doesn’t have tracking), the delivery time is anywhere between 10 to 21 days and it would cost you 10 USD. But there’s also the second shipping option which is express international mail with an delivery time of 5 to 9 days, it comes with a tracking but it’s a bit more expensive – 30 USD. They are shipping world wide (for the exception of some countries in Asia, the reason why and which countries isn’t shared). All orders that are more than $ 150.00 are having free standard airmail service.

Discounts, coupons or maybe some special offers?

Yes there’s a lot of things. Besides the fact that they offer free shipping for orders that are above 150 USD, they are also offering 5 % discount for your second order and a discount of 7% for third and further orders. In addition to that they are offering free Viagra pills to orders that include a number bigger than 20 of any erectile dysfunction pills. The number of free pills depends on the number of pills ordered. They’re also offering discounts for bigger number of pills ordered. And lastly, as I said in the beginning, they are also offering coupons, and there are other coupons by searching online. That’s amazing and it seems that they are having a lot of special offers, discounts and coupons!

GSMeds.to Reviews

I was having big hope in this online pharmacy and it seems that it was accredited. There are people on external sites writing lots of good things about it. Since I haven’t ordered anything from this online pharmacy myself I put my trust in those people feedback that had real experience with them and judging by the number of positive reviews about this site – I can’t say anything bad myself. There are people saying that medications were working very well, that this online pharmacy is their favorite for a good while now and that it helped them to save money.


To me the most important thing is customer feedback, what experience other real people had with a site is the most important, then there’s the price and then there’s drug selection, coupons and special offers with discounts and lastly payment options and shipping. The people feedback, price and special offer makes me say that this online pharmacy deserves 5 out of 5 rate since it satisfied so many people with its good products and low prices!

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