Another online pharmacy which claims to be one of the leading Internet drugstores you can find with the domain address and this is one of the ‘newest’ online pharmacy that I am reviewing as it is claiming that the pharmacy has been in this business for over 3 years. The goal, as the pharmacy suggest, it is to sell safe generic drugs at the best prices and whether is they claiming that they are *providing highest quality generic medications at the best prices* true I’m going to try to find out. They say that the orders are being shipped directly from India and each of their products are being approved by the Indian FDA (India doesn’t have FDA, but they have Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India, The Pharmacy Act, The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, The Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Act, The Drugs Order and some others laws and regulations) and the pharmacy claims that they are adhering all these regulations. In the end, they claim that their ultimate goal is to make each of their customer satisfied and they claim to be working very hard in achieving this.

What’s drug selection?

Even though this is an online pharmacy that seem to be primarily focused in selling ED medications such as Viagra and others of this type – their drug selection is vast as they are having lots of drugs that are being categorized by health condition. From A to Z they are having medication starting from Allergy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to Urinary tract, Weight Loss and Women’s health. The drug categories are a lot and vast. But then again, they are focused on ED medications because Viagra, Cialis and such drugs are being displayed on their front page plus, they have special price for men’s power packs and also bonus erectile pills with every order as their banners suggest. So I went further checking the prices for those medications as they don’t seem to have a problem with drug selection.

Drug prices

Drugs for other condition than ED are not of my interest and therefore I cannot comment on drug prices other than ED drugs unless I would do a vast research on google about a particular drug for a particular health condition and then compare the prices with those that are displayed here. Or I can compare the drug prices for ED with the prices that I see here as I already know the prices for them and that’s what I am going to do. Searching for Viagra I’ve seen that the lowest price for generic Viagra is $ 0.84 per pill while the lowest price for brand Viagra by Pfizer is $ 9.37. To be honest these are some really really good prices because usually, the prices for brand Viagra by Pfizer is above $ 10 and often above $ 15 and even $ 20 per pill. For generic they also seem to have pretty good prices. But you get $ 0.84 per pill price for generic Viagra if you purchase 360 tablets x 25 mg. if you go for 10 tablets you’re going to get a pill for $ 2.00, usually online pharmacies can charge even bigger prices if you go for only 10 tablets. But they also have special price for men’s power pack which is as low as $ 0.62 per pill.

GreenMeds Prescription requirements

Not all products require a prescription, but on this online pharmacy you can find some that do require one and the pharmacy requires you to send them a valid prescription via email or fax if you want to purchase those specific medical products that require a valid medical prescription. It depends on the product and your country laws.

How you can get in touch with this GreenMeds?

That’s easy because even though they do not have my preferred way of getting in touch with their customer support service: live chat function, you can still give them a phone number at the US number +1 (866) 503 48 18 or at their UK number + 44 (870) 490 06 18 and you can do this at any given time you like because they claim to work 24/7 waiting for your call in case you have questions. In addition to that, in case you’re not a talkative person like me then you can write them and email or send a request to write you back by email. They claim to respond back as soon as possible! By sharing 2 phone numbers my trust in this pharmacy rises a little bit.

GreenMeds Payment option

They have the usual payment options: Visa and Master Card. However, what I don’t like is that these are the only payment methods available. So in case you don’t have Visa or Master Card then you won’t be able to purchase with this pharmacy. But that’s not a big problem though because most people still prefer to purchase via these payment options. By the way, what I did loved is that upon checking out you can switch from US $ to Euro € currency or to British pound £ currency. This is very good because this way you know how much you need to pay in the currency that is of your interest.

So what about the shipping?

As usual there are 2 shipping options standard airmail service which doesn’t have a tracking system and as they claim, the delivery period is between 14 and 21 days. You’re going to need to pay $ 9.95 for this service. But there’s a faster service which also comes with tracking system, it is claimed that the delivery time is between 5 and 9 days, however you’re going to need to pay $ 29.95 for such a service. From the information on the website we see that they are shipping in most countries worldwide. Which are those countries to which they don’t ship is not known. They offer free standard airmail shipping for orders that are above $ 200.

GreenMeds Discounts, special offers and coupons

The online pharmacy really seem to want to attract their customers as they are having a lot of bonuses and discounts and special offers etc. The first thing you can see is the Special Price for Men’s Powerpacks. Plus to that they are having special offers -10% from any other online pharmacy price and that’s super convenient if that’s true because this way you truly get the lowest price on the internet. You’re also getting bonus erectile pills for every order that you place. They are also having discounts for those who are ordering many pills, the more pills you order the bigger is the discount. They are also having free standard delivery for every order that is above $ 200 as I said earlier. And as if this is not enough, they are also having coupon codes which help you to save some extra money. in short, I think that their discounts, coupon codes and special offers doesn’t lack anything as they have a lot of them.

GreenMeds Reviews

Since this is an online pharmacy that is on the business for the last 3 years, it would be a shock for me to see that it has a lot of reviews as there are some online pharmacies claiming to be on the market for 15+ years and they have no customer reviews. However, does have some reviews and even though they are not a lot of them, they are all positive. This pharmacy seem to be good because from the little reviews written by their customers, I came to the conclusion that it is indeed a good online pharmacy. Like for example a person said that he would recommend this pharmacy to anyone and there’s another one who said that they have *excellent service and drugs that were delivered within 10 days*. So that’s very good.

Then, the conclusion about

A lot of special offers, bonuses, discounts and coupon codes all along with really good prices make this online pharmacy be very good. But there’s no point in all of this as long as the pharmacy is not reliable and that’s why customer reviews are so important. But since the customer reviews suggests that this is a trustworthy online pharmacy too I say that deserves 5 out of 5 stars. There’s nothing better than knowing that you purchase from a reliable online pharmacy and pay low prices for medications of your need.

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