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There’s an online pharmacy which claims to be a reliable provider of pharmaceutical products that are being approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) which I am going to be reviewing today. The site is and they claim to be selling some well known brands and not only as they have generic products from a lot of variety of drugs. In fact, this website suggests that they are not a pharmacy, however they are working as an intermediary service which is providing the access to customers to the range of the products that are being offered by some licensed pharmacies. Although they claim not to be an online pharmacy, I’m still going to call this site an ‘online pharmacy’ because they are working pretty much the same even though they are only doing an intermediary service. The information about where are they located is undisclosed pretty much as when they have started their business. This is like a ‘warning sign’ for me, however they are being accredited by Better Business Bureau ( website) and this makes me a little bit less concerned. The website itself is easy to use and easy to understand and I do like such sites. The website supports a number of languages and you can choose your preferred currency.

What’s their drug selection?

A big variety of drugs are being categorized by health condition. As usual, on the left of the front page you can find “categories” of health condition and depending on what you need, you can find the drugs of your choice. There are anti anxiety medications, pain relief, men’s sexual health, ED trial packs and others. Checking the list of health conditions their drugs can treat, I doubt that they have some problems with drug selection. Medications come in both generic versions and brand name and same applies for Cialis, Viagra or Levitra. Lots of drugs that we can choose from depending on our needs. Under each medication that you choose to search for, there is information listed as: side effects, precautions, drug interactions, storage, testimonials and even alternatives. I would say that this is amazing people you can find lots of useful information about the chosen drug.

ExclusiveRXDeals Prices compared to other online pharmacies

Brand Viagra is having an extremely low price of only 7.30 USD per pill. Usually brand Viagra by Pfizer 100 mg pill costs twice as much or even more. For generic Viagra 25 mg you would pay the lowest price of 0.88 USD and that’s a really good price either. It is not the lowest price for generic Viagra that I have ever seen, however it is surely in the top best prices. So I really think that the online pharmacy has some good prices that’s worth purchasing from. I am not very sure if prices for all other things are the same, but prices for ED medications are really good because I also checked prices for Levitra and for Cialis and they seem to be really good either: for a Levitra pill the price is 1.57 USD and for a Cialis pills the price is 1.49 USD. From my experience I say that these are very good prices over there.

ExclusiveRXDeals Customer support service

In case you are having some questions then you can go on their contact us page and you can use a form in which you indicate your email (and phone number which is optional) and they promise to contact you as soon as possible. Or in case you don’t like to wait for an answer then you can call them by their toll free number: 1- 415- 6849149 and ask any questions. Unfortunately there is no live chat function but since you are being given a phone number that you can reach them then that’s not a big problem.

Do ExclusiveRXDeals require prescription?

Strange thing is that they do not require a medical prescription regardless of what medications you are deciding to buy and regardless of the quantity. This has some pluses but it has some minuses. The minus is that I am not sure how do they deal with the laws but pluses is that this saves you some money.

ExclusiveRXDeals Payment options

The only payment methods are Visa and Master Card. You cannot choose another payment method other than Credit card so in case you do not like or do not have a credit card then you won’t be able to pay. But since most people prefer to pay via this method (credit card) I guess this is not going to be an enormous problem. I prefer to pay via Bitcoin, however I still have a Visa card because lots of pharmacies does not accept Bitcoin but nearly all of them accept VISA and Master Card.

ExclusiveRXDeals Shipping options

There are 2 shipping options and as usual that includes standard shipping (registered mail INTL which has a delivery time of 14 to 22 business days) and express shipping (EMS INTL which has a delivery time of 7 to 15 business days). The registered mail (standard) is free regardless of your order quantity. delivers any medication in any quantity for free. However for the EMS service you would need to pay additional 25 USD to your total order if you need to get those pharmaceutical products faster. There’s also a shipping insurance option which you can add regardless of your shipping option (EMS or Registered mail) and the fee for this option seem to be 9% of your total order sum.

Do ExclusiveRXDeals offer some coupons or discounts?

As I already said here, they are offering free standard shipping regardless of how big your order is. to be honest, I think that this is amazing. They are also offering discounts on big orders. This means that the bigger the packs (the more pills you purchase) the bigger is the discount. In addition to this, they are offering free bonus pills for higher quantities of pills. They seem to be offering lots of bonuses for ordering in large quantities. Besides all of this, they are also offering ED trial packs which for me is amazing. They are also giving you 10% off on your next order if you sign up to their newsletter plus more 10% off if you are going to have an account. And lastly, right upon checking out you are able to apply a coupon which is going to give you a discount at the free shipping/ bonus free pills and already discounted pills if you purchase in large quantities. The coupons are the most important for me and since they are there – that’s amazing!

ExclusiveRXDeals reviews

Most of the people who wrote something on external sites were saying only good things about and that means a lot. On the website itself you’re also able to find ‘testimonials’ however I usually do not pay attention to those. Instead, I am usually looking for what do other people say about the online pharmacy on other sites and I found very good customer feedback. Like for example a person said that the medications he got from this website worked wonderful. Another one named rediguez39 said that he had a great buying experience and service. Other person said that this website has quick and professional customer service with good generic products. There were some customer feedback saying that they are not happy, but the owner’s reply seemingly made sure to refund the money to those people as soon as possible.


I think that an online pharmacy which has good prices and good customer reviews is worth 5 stars on a scale from 1 to 5. Most of the reviews were suggesting that this is a reliable online pharmacy and those who were sad about it the owner seemed to have replied quickly. This is a very good online pharmacy which you can safely purchase medications from.

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