NICORETTE GUM (nicotine gum) Coupons, Discounts & Cost is an online pharmacy that claims to be established back in 2005 and that means that this is a pharmacy with 12 years of experience in how to deal with customer needs and requests. They are claiming that their medications are all brand genuine drugs which the pharmacy is sourcing exclusively from FDA approved manufacturers and companies. This means that their customers can be calm about the product effectiveness and safeness. They promise that their goals is to provide their customers with authentic brand medicines that everyone is able to purchase locally, but with a big difference – the prices, claimable, are much lower. Brand RX is being located in Istanbul Turkey, and the reason of that, as they implied, is because this is a logistic center of 3 continents which means that they are able to provide an efficient and most importantly fast shipments to different countries and states in: USA, Middle east, Africa, Europe and Asia. The fact they shared their location is already a good sign. The website itself seem to be fast in speed and easy to understand and use. You can register and have an account and you can also choose from 4 languages that you want the website to be displayed in: English, Spanish, German and French. Drug selection seem to have a lot of medications in their drugstore and as the name implies: brandRX this online pharmacy is mostly focused on the branded medications, however they are also having generic pharmaceutical products. According to the information listed on their website they have over 5000 of branded and 4000 of generic medications or pharmaceutical products. All these products are being categorized mostly by health condition or your need. Like for example there are meds for Cancer, Aids and HIV, Asthma, Allergy, Dental/ Oral needs, Natural therapies, pregnancy, breastfeeding and many others. With such a big number of medications and big list of categories for these medications, I doubt that doesn’t have the medication that you need, or at least a medication that can be used as an alternative for the medication that you were searching for. Since I was searching for ED medications that’s what I’ve looked for: Cialis, Levitra and Viagra. I’ve found 1 type of Cialis (20 mg/ tab) by Lilly manufacturer. 3 types of Levitra (all branded only by Bayer) – depending on the dosage and 4 types of Viagra (3 branded types depending on the dosage but all manufactured by Pfizer and one generic by deva). As it was promised, they mostly have branded medications and only a few of generics. I assume the same applies to all medications in their stores. Drug prices

Unfortunately, there isn’t a price listed for the only generic version of Viagra by deva so I can’t compare the prices with the generics. I’m not sure why there isn’t a price for the single generic type of Viagra – either because you have to write them for getting or either because it is out of stock I am not sure. However there is a price for all the rest and so, for 4 tablets of Viagra by Pfizer (brand) 25 mg – 40 USD and that means 10 USD per pill. That’s a good price. for 4 tablets of Viagra by Pfizer (brand) 100 mg – 120 USD and that means 30 USD per pill. The prices are good and the same applies for the rest because for example, for 4 tablets of Cialis by Lilly (brand) 20 mg – also 120 USD. Checking the prices for all other medications I can’t since I can’t compare them with the prices on other online pharmacies. Customer support service

To be honest, this compartment of theirs lack a little bit of more details and information and that’s because they don’t have a phone number listed and they don’t have a live chat online function. The only way you can contact them is to write a message on their ‘contact us’ page. So if you have some questions the only way you can do it is to write your name, your email and the message and then wait for a response in your email (make sure to write it correctly!). good thing that there’s at least this way of contacting them. Not sure though if there are more ways in getting in touch with them if you create an account on their website (because I didn’t). Prescription requirements

They do not require a prescription regardless of what medications you’re about to purchase from their drugstore. There is not a single word on their entire website about a prescription requirement. The only thing in regards to prescriptions I found is that they are recommending taking only drugs that are prescribed by your doctor, however they don’t require you to show a valid prescription for getting those medications. and they also don’t offer medical advice. Payment options

They have 3 payment options and that’s strange that none of them are via a credit card. with you won’t be able to use your visa or mastercard or any other card with exception of western union and money gram. instead you can pay via bitcoin, or as I said via money gram or via western union (both by credit card or directly at their agencies). You can choose to pay via one of these 3 payment options. Shipping details

As it was mentioned earlier, they are located in Turkey and as they said, that’s because they can faster and more efficiently can ship all over the world. From the list of countries on their checkout page I’ve seen a really big list of countries which means that they, most likely, ship all over the world, maybe with the exception for a few countries. On the checkout and upon checking out I couldn’t see a shipping option. There is also no shipping information on their page. The only thing I can say about their shipping is that it costs 25 USD as my cart was 120 USD and on the TOTAL there was 145 USD meaning that they have only one shipping option which costs 25 USD. No information about tracking or delivery times though. Coupons, bonuses and discounts

They claim to have on sale many items and I guess they are listed on each medication that’s on a sale. They are also having free shipping for all orders that are above 150 USD. So they do have discounts on some items that are on sale, they do have bonuses – free shipping and lastly they also do have coupon codes. Upon checking out I have been able to apply a coupon code which would reduce the amount of money I would need to pay. Coupons with free shipping is an amazing combination because you don’t pay for shipping while you pay a discounted price for the items ordered. Reviews

I found a number of customer reviews and all of them implied that is a reliable online pharmacy. I wasn’t sure about this until I read the reviews and since I am not able to judge a pharmacy without having personal experience with it – I let people reviews to talk. And here’s  what they talk, a person with nickname gru200 said that has lower prices than his health insurance RX benefits. he said that this pharmacy ‘saved his life’. Another person named Dave wrote in his 7 month’s old review that this is a reputable IOP and that he found brand medications at affordable prices (he purchased brand Accutane and it worked well). He said that got the medication in 12 days in USA with tracking. There are also other reviewers but all I see is good words and that’s why I believe this pharmacy to be good too.


The fact that is an reputable online pharmacy that has very good prices for branded medications are the words written by people who had real experience with it and that’s why I do think that this pharmacy deserves 5 out of 5 rate. That’s why, if you need branded medications, nearly regardless of where you live – might greatly help you out.

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