1stPharm claims to be in the online pharmacy business for the last 9 years which means that it has a good experience in pleasing their customers and it is one of the leading pharmacies on the Internet. They are delivering safe, generic medications that anyone can get at some good prices. They are shipping directly from India and they ship only medications that are Indian FDA approved and all those products, claimable, are internationally certified.  They claim that everything they are doing at this online pharmacy it is 100% legal meaning they shouldn’t have any problems with the laws. They are shipping world wide medications to people and they claim that their goal is to satisfy absolutely everybody with their medications.

How you can contact 1stPharm? customer support

For situations in which somebody might have some questions you are able to give them a phone call by their UK phone +1 (646) 205 2937 or their US toll free number +1 (866) 417 5821. Their customer support is working 24/7/365 so it shouldn’t be hard to ask any questions in case someone has some. you can also contact them by writing an form by e-mail but the best thing about this is that they do have live support where you can chat with their customer support. This is my favorite way of talking with them and that’s the best thing IMO – hassle free. You’re also able to send a complaint at their email in case you’re not happy with their customer support service.

What’s 1stPharm drug selection?

They seem to have a big variety of drugs in their drugstores and what made me think this way is the big list of health conditions that their drugs can be reached by. You can also search for a drug by keyword in their search box. For each health condition they seem to have lots of drugs too. A list of at least 10 drugs is listed for each health condition. Total number of drugs that you can find in their drugstore is undisclosed, however there seem to be a lot. I’ve used their search box by keywords Viagra, Cialis and lastly Levitra. They had each one of them in lots of forms: generic, brand, super active, soft, professional and so on and so forth. Drug selection is really big so whatever drugs you are searching for, 1stpharm.net seem to have it for you, or at least some alternatives.

1stPharm Drug prices compared to other online drugstores

Lowest price for generic Levitra is 1.72 USD and lowest price for brand Levitra by Bayer co. is 11 USD. The lowest price for generic Cialis is 1.28 USD and the lowest price for brand Cialis by Lilly co. is 10 USD. And then lastly the lowest price for generic Viagra is 0.79 USD and the lowest price for brand Viagra by Pfizer co. is 9 USD. All these prices are the lowest prices for a single pill that you can get from 1stpharm.net and that’s if you purchase in larger quantities (180 - 360 pills for generics and 60 – 90 pills for branded drugs). These are very good prices and they are among the lowest prices you can see at online pharmacies. Not the lowest but among the best and that’s really good because I found both generic and branded Viagra for a lower price like around 0.50 USD per pill of generic Viagra and 7 USD per pill for brand Viagra. However there are other pharmacies which charge around 2-3 USD per pill of generic Viagra (at their lowest price) and around 30 USD (yeah, 30 USD or maybe even more) for a single branded Viagra pill at their lower price. So prices are very good.

Payment details with 1stPharm

There are 2 payment options and they are the best payment options, or at least for me personally. The reason why I say that they are the best is that they are accepting ANY given bank cards plus they accept bitcoin as payment option. Online pharmacies which accept bitcoin, for me, doesn’t lack payment options at all since I like to do my purchases via bitcoin. However, in case you still don’t like or don’t know how to operate with bitcoins, any given card is good (not only VISA or Master Card). So payment methods should be super easy and you can use any card or bitcoin.

1stPharm Shipping details

There’s nothing new or extraordinary in regards to their shipping options and to me, that’s the best when nothing is too complicated. As usual - 2 shipping options express international mail and standard international airmail. The faster mail (express) has a delivery time of 5 to 9 days which comes with a tracking and costs 29.95 USD. The slower mail (standard) has a delivery time of 10 between 21 days and doesn’t have a tracking, however is considerably cheaper – 9.95 USD. They are processing all orders and shipping from India only, but they are shipping world wide (with some exception of some countries in Asia). You can ensure your parcel by adding a 10% to the cost of your medications and you get insurance.

1stPharm Prescription requirements

1stpharm.net won’t send absolutely all medications to everyone without proving that you actually need some medications. Depending on what drugs you’re looking for and depending on your country’s laws – 1stpharm.net requires their customers to send a valid prescription in order to accept and send the ordered medications. Prescriptions are sent by email or fax. Orders are cancelled in case the prescription isn’t provided in a period of 3 days after the order has been placed.

Are there some 1stPharm discounts, coupon codes or special offers?

Yes there are. Besides the fact that they are offering discounts if customers are ordering in large quantities, you are also able to get free sample pills. They give you 4 viagra soft pills or 2 cialis soft pills for all orders that are 60 or more pills of generic Priligy, Propecia or some other ED medications (only except for the brands Viagra, Cialis and Levitra). There’s a discount table as well. On your second order you get 5% discount from your total sum and it increases with 1 % until you reach your 5th order and from that moment on you have 8% discount on all your orders. And lately there is the coupon codes policy which I really love because this way I am able to save extra money besides of everything’s that already offered.

1stPharm Reviews

Everything that is offered by the site, so far, seem to be amazing, but all of this is equal to 0 in case the pharmacy is not trustworthy and not reliable. Since I haven’t had any experience myself with this pharmacy, I think that the best way I can decide whether is this a good online pharmacy or not is to see what do other people think about it. they have testimonials on the website but as I’m usually saying they are not actually worth listening because they can be fake. But on the other hand we have customer reviews written on other external sites and by reading them I do think that 1stpharm.net is worth our trust. There is a person saying that he has used the site for more than 2 years with more than 13 orders. He said he ordered lots of people and everything was absolutely fine, each time. Another person said that he saved some money by using this online pharmacy. Generally there seem to be mostly good reviews and this makes me write the verdict!

The verdict

As long as people write positive feedback and as long as the online pharmacy keeps their promises there’s no reason for me to say that this is a bad online pharmacy. But on the other hand I have plenty of reasons to say that this is a good online pharmacy that people can have trust and purchase drugs from and with all of that being said 5 stars is what 1stpharm.net very well deserves!

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