/ Pharma Trust Reviews & Coupons is another online pharmacy which seems to be reliable by analyzing its front page, the problem is that there are a lot of online pharmacies which seem to be reliable simply by analyzing their front page and this is why these pharmacy reviews where I’m trying to analyze the most important factors about an online pharmacy are so important. As soon as you enter you can see their claim that they are caring about every client and in addition to that they claim to offer a wide spectre of quality medicine for all age groups and one more claim is that their professional staff is going to help you out with any questions. These are all good claims but we’ve often come along online pharmacies that are not keeping their promises so I hope this online pharmacy is among those who do. Checking the site of this pharmacy I would say that it is user friendly and it features good options as lots of other pharmacies do such as changing the language of the website and the currency in which the price list is going to be listed. As I usually say, these are extremely helpful options for foreign customers. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy doesn’t offer any information about their own pharmacy like where it is located or for how long it has been in the business, therefore I can’t share such information. However, I just noticed that there’s a single UK phone number listed and therefore I can guess that this pharmacy is located there, not sure if true though.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

Exactly as a lot of other online pharmacies out there which are offering 3 methods of searching the medications that you need, is not an exception among them. You can search for what you need by the name (first letter of the medication), by using the search box, as usual, or by categories. Talking about selection of medications I would say that it is really really wide and that’s the conclusion I could make by checking their categories of medications where I found a lot of them, medications treated different and lots conditions like: erectile dysfunction (and there are a lot of different medications here), weight loss, stop smoking, arthritis women’s health and many other conditions. All of this means that this online pharmacy has a lot of medications so the selection of drugs is very wide with a high chance for a lot of people to find their medications of need. In terms of prices for these medications I checked the erectile dysfunction drugs and I analyzed their prices more carefully. As an example I can say that normal dosage of 50 mg of generic Viagra and normal quantity of 90 pills would cost you 72 USD which means they have a price of 0.80 USD per pill. Honestly talking these are pretty good prices in my opinion. I’ve tried to find out information if this pharmacy requires prescription or not but there’s not a single word about prescriptions and therefore I can assume that they do not require one.

Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy accepts international orders therefore I can assume they ship word wide. There are 2 shipping options available with fees as 15 USD and 30 USD for registered airmail and for express courier, accordingly. The delivery times are up to 7 days for register airmail and up to 3 days for express courier, as this pharmacy claims. Both are coming with a tracking number online. In terms of payment methods this pharmacy is only accepting credit cards and only the major credit cards, no other payment methods.

Customer Support Department

There is only a single phone number listed which you can dial and get in touch with this pharmacy and the contact form on the contact page that you need to fill up. These are the only methods available for their customers to talk with them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

Although this online pharmacy doesn’t offer coupon codes which can make you save some money, they are still offering some different things which are capable to make you save some money. Like for example, the more pills you purchase the more the discount they are offering. In addition to that, they are offering free pills Viagra pills generic 100 mg and the more pills you order, the more bonus pills you would get. Plus to that, larger quantities of pills (higher order sum) are getting free shipping by this pharmacy. No coupon codes isn’t a good thing, but there are some good offers whatever the case. Reviews

It is extremely important to check the reviews of any pharmacy so that’s what I have done myself. I did managed to find some customer reviews on their own website supposedly written by different people with different ages and sexes but they were all positive with people saying that they sell the highest quality medications. The problem here is that most of the reviews on the pharmacy’s own website are fake, made to manipulate with people. Customer reviews on third party websites are much more trustworthy, however I have failed to find any customer reviews anywhere online, that is why I went to see what has to say. Here I found a very big problem (at least for me): the real location is being hidden. Unfortunately having trust in online pharmacy with no customer reviews and hides their location that’s a problem, a big problem for me. Wasn’t a surprise to see that called it an Rogue internet pharmacy.


The fact that this online pharmacy has good offers and good prices is very good, but logically thinking, that’s what scam pharmacies would offer: good prices and good offers, obviously. This is the reason why customer reviews are so important and when there are no customer reviews that’s already something alarming, but when the pharmacy hides their identity this makes me say that this pharmacy is scam, therefore I am not able to rate it with anything higher than 1 out of 5!

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