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An online pharmacy which is mainly focused on selling Viagra, Cialis and Levitra is and that’s the first impression I’ve got by entering this site because that’s what their logo suggests. This online pharmacy claims to have international clients from all over the world and their main objective it is to save money of their customers by selling branded  or generic medications (prescription and over the counter) by providing all those medications at some very cheap prices. They claim to be among reputed online pharmacy store which have opened their doors back in the beginning of 2015 making it a pharmacy with a bit less than 3 years of experience. The pharmacy claims that all of their products are approved by the following authorities and organizations: WHO, FDA (USA), TGA (Australia) and MCA, (UK). They seem to be based in US (and more specifically, from the information they posted on their facebook page – in NYC). The website is user friendly but it seems to have some technical issues as their search box isn’t working.

Pharma Global RX Customer Support Service

You can get in touch with their customer support service by the 2 emails listed on their website, by submitting a form which is basically the same and that’s it. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to call them or get in touch via live chat function. They claim to reply to emails 24/7 but besides email function there is no phone number or anything. On about us page they say that you can call them on toll free number but there isn’t any given numbers, or at least I couldn’t find one.

Pharma Global RX prescription requirements

This pharmacy does require a prescription for those medications that needs one. They acknowledge only English prescriptions that are given by an authorized physician. Without a prescription you can only buy OTC medications from

Drug Selection of

As I said earlier, it is easily seen that they are mostly focused on ED medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and they do not have any other medications than ED treating meds (men’s health) and they have a big list of drugs there treating ED. The customer may choose which medication wants to purchase but obviously the most famous are generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. On their products list I wasn’t able to find branded versions of these drugs and their search box, as mentioned earlier, doesn’t work. Not sure if this means that they don’t have branded versions for them.

Prices for medications on

The fewest quantity of generic Viagra that you can purchase is 20 pills and it is prices 39 USD that means 2 USD per pill. If you purchase 600 pills, the highest quantity then you would pay 360 USD and that means 0.60 USD per pill. That’s considerably a lower price. They only have generic Viagra 100 mg. For generic Cialis you would firstly need to choose the dosage: 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg or 60 mg per pill of Cialis. The usual dosage of 20 mg comes: fewest quantity 20 pills and that would cost 40 USD which means 2 USD per pill and largest quantity – 400 pills and it would cost 325 USD which means 0.81 USD per pill. Not the lowest prices on the market, but they are fairly good.

Pharma Global RX Payment methods

On their site there seem to be showed a big list of payment methods and they go as following (mostly credit cards): Master Card, Maestro, VISA, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Discover, American Express as well as Money Gram and Western Union. These are all the payment methods showed on this pharmacy’s webpage.

Pharma Global RX Shipping details

They seem to offer a world wide shipping to all countries or at least I could find a very big list of countries when choose the country where to ship. They have 2 shipping options as usual: standard airmail service and express mail service (EMS) with standard delivery times for each and usually standard doesn’t have tracking while EMS does have tracking. I couldn’t find what are the fees for these options, however I did have found that orders above 90 USD are having free standard shipment while orders above 250 USD have free EMS shipment. They do offer refund policy for those customers that are not satisfied with the products they have got.

Is Pharma Global RX a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Pharma Global RX coupon codes or discounts

There’s a special page *offers* where they have listed all their special offers. As said earlier, they offer free standard and free EMS shipping for orders above 90 USD and 250 USD respectively. They also have 10% free pills on re orders that are above 100 pills. They are having another special offer in which all western union or money gram order payments are getting 20% free pills as a complimentary. They also have 10 % extra free pills for order payment made with PayPal. They don’t seem to have discounts, only bonus extra pills, but the discounts are when you purchase larger quantities of medications. All these offers are very good when it comes to making new customers and keeping the old ones. There are no discount coupon codes unfortunately. This all means that all the prices that you see listed on their website are actual prices that you would need to pay, however depending on the method that you want to pay and on which order number is this you can get free pills . Reviews

I have found some good reviews about this online pharmacy, people were saying that they didn’t had absolutely any issues with the prices, with the delivery times or with the medication quality. they said that they are going to come back ordering from here and a person named Martin from Georgia, USA, said that he is going to re order in bulk because this way he would get extra pills and obviously because he loved his first experience with this ED online pharmacy. On other independent websites I found other people who recommended because they ordered pills (Viagra) and he has received order in 7 days and the quality of medications were amazing. He recommends everyone to search for use this only pharmacy if you want great deals. However there are also other people which said that they have got scammed by this ED online pharmacy. Timothy said that he has got scammed and recommended NOT TO ORDER because you will lose your money. He tried to get in touch with them but haven’t got any feedback. Another reviewer named Drew also said that this is a scam site and that’s because he has lost his money by using this pharmacy. He hasn’t got his money back and no shipment either and that’s after the pharmacy dragged out the whole process for 2 months. He shared his story in his review and ended up saying that he has lost his all money. On trustpilot this website has a rate of 2 out of 5 with 60% of people rating it bad and only 40% rating it great. On scamadviser it has a trust of 67% which is fine, but it is by far not as good as it could have been. Plus scamadviser says that the real location of this pharmacy is being hidden and why would a legit pharmacy hide its location?


Good prices and good offers even though there are no coupon codes which is sad as well as a number of positive reviews is very good. However it seems to me that there are MORE people writing negative reviews who have got their money stolen. The real location is hidden and trustpilot rating score seem to be just perfect for such an online pharmacy as I totally agree with it and I also think that it is a 2 out of 5. It is not the lowest rate of 1 only because there are some people who seemed to be happy with this website. However those good reviews were written back in 2016 while bad reviews in 2017, this means that there’s a good chance that the online pharmacy used to be reliable, but not its not, so beware!

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