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An USA based online pharmacy that I will be reviewing today is and as much you can see, I said that this is a USA based pharmacy by its name, however I am going to try to find out if that’s true. Accessing their main page I have seen a user friendly interface of the website which is very good. the site is well arranged, well done and with information that it is easy to access and navigate through site. Generally, the aspect of the site looks good and that’s very good, especially after I checked and it seems to be fully functional. Then, as I promised, I tried to find out information confirming that this is a USA based pharmacy, however I couldn’t find such information as the pharmacy has not offered information suggesting where they are based. I just found out their claim suggesting that their online store takes the start in 2000 in the specialization of the sale of generics with this being said they seem to be online for nearly 2 decades and if true – that’s amazing. There’s a list of things that are being offered by this pharmacy which makes it be so good and I can mention here: top quality medications, bargain prices, secure ordering, worldwide shipping, 24/7/365 customer support and lastly – 100% satisfaction guarantee. Or at least, these are all the promises made by the pharmacy which I really hope to be true. They have the Facebook, YouTube and Twitter seals on their website but they are not being clicked so I am not sure if this pharmacy has pages on those social medias. So far, the pharmacy looks pretty good to my opinion but we can’t straight away start purchasing medications here without checking other things firstly. Selection of medications and prices

When I was searching for information about what’s the selection of medications I have realized that this online pharmacy is only oriented in selling a single type of medications: Erectile Dysfunction. It seems that people won’t find any other medications treating other conditions than ED so if you’re a person who searches for other medications then you should start searching for other pharmacies. The selection of ED medications seems to be very wide here as there are lots of different drugs treating this condition. Their medications are being categorized in: brand name drugs and generic drugs so you can search for whatever drug that you need here. I’ve been analyzing the prices for these medications and to be honest I would say that there are fairly good prices for both generic and branded names drugs either. For example: lowest price for generic Viagra is 0.81 USD per pill, for generic Cialis is 0.94 USD per pill and for generic Levitra is 1.57 USD per pill. Although I’ve seen slightly better prices, these are good prices as well. ED medications require a valid prescription to obtain and therefore, this online pharmacy requires customers to show one before ordering from them. Shipping and payment methods

There is a lot of information about shipping details on the FAQ page, however I can give some details mentioning that this online pharmacy is offering world wide shipping to all countries only except for some certain countries in Asia. There are 2 shipping options available offered by the pharmacy and they include: express international mail (but only countries that have this option available can use it) with shipping rate of 30 USD, delivery of 5 to 9 days and does have tracking online. The second option is standard international airmail with a rate of 10 USD, delivery of 10 to 21 days and does not have tracking online. There’s information on the site suggesting that they are only accepting payments via credit cards. Customer Support Service

There are several ways of getting in touch with this online pharmacy and they include: by calling them at either of the 3 phone numbers (UK phone, toll free for USA only and a simple phone number). Except for calling you can either use the email or their contact function which is pretty much the same. No other forms of getting in touch with them seem to be available on the site.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

There are several ways of saving money while purchasing medications at this online pharmacy, as much as it seems they are offering free bonus pills with every order, they are also offering discounts by ordering more pills and the more pills you order, the better the price per pills gets. Coupon codes also seem to be available but they are not listed anywhere on the site so I can assume that only people who previously ordered here gets them. lastly, the pharmacy offers ED Trial Packs which saves you money as well. Reviews

The customer reviews are extremely important in order to determine if a pharmacy is reliable or not and unfortunately, there are no review on foreign websites (not even on its own website, but I do not really pay attention to these review) and that’s quite a problem to be honest. Customer reviews help determine the fact that the pharmacy is reliable and worth using and there are no reviews to suggest this I have doubts in the authenticity and trustworthiness of the pharmacy. can help us find out more details about the pharmacy and there I found out that the site is considered ROGUE by by not meeting all the regulations for an legitimate internet pharmacy. plus to that, a malware report has been detected for this website and therefore it has a low trust rate of 38 % which means that ordering here is risky.


In the end, does not seem to be an online pharmacy that I personally would have trust in and try to get my medications from and this is due to the reasons I mentioned earlier. It might have good prices and good offers, but they are worthless if the pharmacy is not trustworthy and that’s why I will rate the pharmacy with only 2 stars.

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