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Another claimable to be trusted pharmacy is and according to information I could find on the website, this is a world famous pharmacy, really hoping that’s true because a world famous pharmacy is a pharmacy with big popularity and a pharmacy that has a big popularity has less chances to be a scam pharmacy (all online pharmacies, in my opinion, have a small chances to be scams because they can be reliable today and scammers tomorrow). So according to the copyright information this is a Canadian pharmacy which has been established back in 2001. According to the information I could find there, they have a number of accreditations like: CIPA, MIPA, top rated by, they are offering only FDA approved medications and they are VeriSign Secured website and also verified by VISA. They claim to provide best quality generic medications all over the world at the best prices you can find. Everything is really good so let’s go further. Selection of Drugs with Prices

You can find the drugs by their first letter name, by typing the name of it in the search box or by searching the drugs that you need in their catalog of drugs which seems to be a really big catalog of drugs meaning they have lots of different drugs such as: hair loss, diabetes, blood pressure, birth control, heart disease, depression and a lot of other medications treating various diseases and illness. Erectile dysfunction is, obviously, also there with the following meds: both generics and brands and a lot of other meds besides generics and brands of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, such drugs as: kamagra, caverta, avana, Viagra soft, and so on and so forth. The prices, as promised were indeed really good and that’s because generic Viagra 50 mg would cost 229.82 USD for 90 pills. Cialis 20 mg generic would cost 183.40 USD for 90 pills. These are really good prices for medications. You can get them either cheaper or more expensive it depends a lot on the dosage that you want to get and on the quantity of pills. The prices can get as low as 0.27 USD and as high as 4 USD per pill for these. Prices for brands are also really good. There’s no need for you to show a valid prescription to get medications on this online pharmacy.

Customer Support

Getting in touch with this pharmacy can be done via 2 methods: calling by one of the 2 phone numbers listed one of which is US and another is UK phone number or also by filling a form and wait for a response in your email. They mentioned that their customer care department is speaking only English so make sure you will contact them in English for getting a response. No mention about their working hours or either they work 24/7 or not. Shipping methods and Payment methods

Shipping methods as usual are 2 of them available: EMS option that has a delivery time of 5 to 10 business days, it costs 25 USD and does have tracking but it is not available in all countries (not sure if it’s only USA or other countries as well who can choose it) and there’s the second option: regular that has shipping time of 2 to 4 weeks, it is available world wide to all countries, it costs 10 USD and doesn’t have tracking. As for payment methods there’s just one: credit cards and only VISA and Master Card available. Regular airmail is given for free to people whose orders are above 200 USD. Shipping insurance costs 5 USD more.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Except for the fact that this online pharmacy does have coupon codes which you can validate upon checking out and this way you get a discount, as I said, they are also offering free airmail shipping for 200 USD orders or above. Except for these 2 bonuses they also have 2 ED pills bonuses (either Viagra, Cialis or Levitra generics). And as I said earlier, the more quantity of pills you get – the more the discount. So you have free shipping, bonus pills, discounts for larger quantities of pills orders and coupon codes to save money! Reviews

This online pharmacy has their testimonials page which seems to have plagiarized reviews. Generally I do not believe in testimonials on the pharmacy’s website and for this reason I check only for customer reviews on foreign websites. The big problem is that when I’ve done it I failed to find any customer reviews on foreign websites. The only reviews you can find are on the testimonials page on the website which I don’t believe and therefore they are not worth anything for me. No customer reviews means that scam warning websites would tell me more and that’s what I checked further and yet, the pharmacy doesn’t seem to be really trusted. said that this is an ROGUE internet pharmacy with and having 0% of trust in No trust from scam analyzing websites and no customer reviews – there’s anything that can make me have trust in this website and that’s why I don’t. But there is also nothing to mention that they are actually scammers and that’s still better, but not too much.


The prices and the offers alongside with the selection of medications that you can find in this online pharmacy are indeed amazing so that’s a very good thing because people looking for online pharmacies, usually, are looking for low prices. I am one of those people and I know that this is a general rule of thumb. Nevertheless, using an online pharmacy, even with low prices and good deals, would be a bad idea if the pharmacy is not reliable. And since there’s nothing that can make us believe that is reliable I do not recommend shopping here. But there’s nothing to call them scammers either so I can’t say anything with certitude, all I can say is the risk of losing money here is pretty high and that’s why – 2 from a scale on 1 to 5.

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