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The online pharmacy that I will review today is, an online pharmacy which, as soon as I have accessed it I have seen an user friendly interface of the website and that’s very important for me as I could access all the pages easily without having any problems in searching and finding them. with this being said the pharmacy gives me a sense of reliability because when an online pharmacy is good looking it indeed gives a sense of reliability unlike those cheaply made sites. On the website there is information sharing the names of the key people of the pharmacy: director, manager, billing department and seller. Plus to this, the pharmacy has also shared their exact address which seems to be located in New York, NY and that’s very good. Plus to this, the pharmacy claims that it can be having some social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others where you can follow them. you can also subscribe to their newsletter if you’re interested. The customers of this pharmacy can register on the website and login to their accounts. Later I will find out whether is this mandatory to do for ordering here or not. The pharmacy claims to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives. They also claim to provide only safe and good quality medications. The pharmacy claims to offer their customers free shipping options, 100% money back guarantee and also online support 24/7. All of this sounds very good and the website itself with their claims etc. looks very good (you can also change to EUR currency if you need), however there are many other things to take in consideration before ordering. selection of medications and prices

For ordering medications here you can search them by search box function available on the website or you could also shop by category as their medications found in their drugstores are categorized in 6 different categories by health condition and they include: pain relief; anti anxiety; ADHD; men’s health; weight loss and sleep aid. But each of these categories do not have lots of medications, like for example, weight loss, ADHD and sleep aid have only one med. Men’s health 2 of them, anti anxiety has 4 different meds and pain relief 5 different meds. With this being said, the pharmacy does not offer a very wide selection of medications so people can buy here only those drugs listed here which seems to be a total of 14 different drugs in all these 6 categories. But what’s more important to my opinion is their prices and there is just Viagra 100 mg which costs from 130 USD to 300 USD depending on the quantity from 30 to 120 accordingly. With this being said, I can say that the prices are quite high here, unless that’s brand Viagra (but still I found pharmacies with cheaper price). Problem is that I couldn’t find whether is that generic or brand Viagra. Due to the fact that there’s not a single mention about prescription requirement I can assume this pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show one. Shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy seems to be offering shipping world wide to all countries around the globe. The pharmacy is offering 3 different delivery methods: FedEx/ UPS and USPS. They have a flat shipping cost of 60 USD for outside orders of USA. Seemingly each of these methods are offered online tracking. Delivery times greatly depend on where you are ordering and which method you’re choosing. It can be as fast as 1 business day to as long as 7 business days. This online pharmacy is accepting Bitcoin and a multitude of other cryptocurrencies, western union, money gram, money pack, gift card, itune gift card and lastly: visa and master card. customer support service

Something very good to mention here is the fact that as soon as I have accessed the site, their consultant has reached me through the online live chat function and that’s very good as they seem to contact everyone who might need help. Except for chat function, as I said, they have shared the address which can be used for mailing, there’s phone number listed and lastly there’s also an email as well. Coupon Codes

As I said in the beginning of my review, you can subscribe to their newsletter and this gives you a bonus, the pharmacy claims that by doing this you would get 25% off. Plus to that, the more pills you’re ordering, it seems that the less you would pay for a single pill. Lastly, the pharmacy asks if you are having a coupon code which you can use for getting some privileges, what are those privileges or where to get the coupon code isn’t shared anywhere, unfortunately. Reviews

As much as I could see, there are testimonials on their website, but to be honest I do not have trust in them due to the fact that usually, testimonials on the pharmacy’s own website are not reliable since there’s a high chance of them being fake/ written just to manipulate with people’s opinions into making them believe that the pharmacy is reliable and it is worth using it while it might not be so. The reviews on other websites is another thing, however I failed to find any. There are simply no customer reviews anywhere and that’s quite a problem for me. I searched for information on and it said that the site looks safe to use. But I found an interesting thing: the pharmacy claims to be in NYC while said that the site is operated from UK. Plus to that, I checked it on legit script but they do not have any info about this site in their database.


In the end, this online pharmacy seems to provide medications world wide but they seem to have only a total of 14 medications and that’s not a good thing exactly as it is the fact that they do not have any customer reviews anywhere online. has trust in the pharmacy, but that’s just not enough when there aren’t enough medications and prices are quite high and more importantly – no customer reviews on external sources, that’s why I rate it with 3 out of 5.

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