/ Pharm Bay Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy that claims to be based in Canada and it is mostly focused in selling generic medications at discounted prices. On *who we are* page they claim to be much more than simply a regular health store as they are providing secure transactions between patients and medical providers and they claim to work only with fully licensed pharmacies that are dispensing medications to customers who are placing orders via their online services. So they function is to be a broker between the customers and medical providers. I have tried to find information about where they are located and how much time do they have in the pharmaceutical business, however they didn’t shared any information of this type. I could only find that they are based in Canada thanks to their logo which states: Canada Drugs Online. As about the website itself – it looks pretty familiar, with user friendly design and pretty understandable which makes it is to navigate through it.

Pharm Bay Selection of medications with prices

If you don’t know what medication exactly you’re searching for and you can’t use the search box function then they offer an alternative way to search for the needed medications: by health condition categories. They claim to have drugs which are treating some conditions like: asthma, diabetes, heart disease, pain relief, anti anxiety, blood pressure and the list goes on with many more health condition categories. Their erectile dysfunction medications are categorized under the name of Man’s Health and there I found a total number of 7 medications that can treat ED: Cialis, Levitra, Malegra DXT, Malegra FXT, Tadalis SX, Tadapox and Viagra. From the first impression, as I said, they seem to work with generic medications, but according to the medications I found in their man’s health they don’t have brand medications but only generics. Not sure if they have brand medications in other health condition categories. As for the prices: Cialis is priced between 3.57 USD and 0.86 USD per pill depending on the quantity and on the dosage. Viagra is priced between 3.57 USD and 0.91 USD per pill again depending on the quantity and on the dosage of the pill. Levitra goes for: 1.27 USD and 7.40 USD depending on quantity and on the dosage of the pill. This pharmacy claims that all of the medications are of the highest quality and nobody is asked to show a prescription for receiving the medications needed. So either you have a prescription or not, that’s at your own discreet.

Pharm Bay Customer Support

When I’ve entered the website I’ve been popped a window where it was written: Hello! We are ready to help in case you have any questions. It is a chat form where they are offering to help you via live chat function and I’ve used it myself to ask some questions. The person seemed to be polite, they seemed to answer all my questions promptly and in knowledgeable manner. But due to the fact that I never ordered from them I can’t say if they would answer the questions in the same polite and knowledgeable manner in case there would be some problems. Besides online consultant via chat, they also have 2 phone number listed in there US phone number +1 800 865 70 45 and UK phone number +0 800 088 52 49. Going on their contact us page you can also see a contact form where you can write a message indicating your email and they claim to come back answering all your questions by email indicated or maybe by phone if you would indicate one.

Shipping and payment details on

This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to ship internationally, or at least on the checkout page, by choosing the country where you want to order, I was only shown 3 countries: United States, United Kingdom and Australia. No other countries were available, not even Canada although the logo on the website implies that the website is Canadian. I guess this is the reason why they don’t have the traditional shipping: unregistered airmail. The only shipping option is EMS shipping (express) which usually has a delivery time of 7 to 10 business days but you’re able to get a reship or refund in case the order didn’t arrived in 30 days! The shipping costs 35 USD however the pharmacy offers it for free in case you place an order of 90 items and more! As for the payment methods there seem to be a lot of them unlike shipping options. You can pay via credit card by master card or visa and for whatever the reason by offers 10% discount for orders that are paid via master card. But besides these 2 credit cards as payment options they have 4 other payment options: Bitcoin, Western Union, Wire Transfer as well as Money Gram. With such a multitude of payment options, nobody should find it too hard to make their payments in case they decide it is worth ordering from this online pharmacy.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

As I mentioned a bit earlier, orders with 90 or more pills are getting free shipping and in addition the customer is going to get 10% discount if they decide to pay via Master Card. Other payment methods don’t seem to get any discounts. As I said earlier, the prices for pill can vary a lot and that depending on dosage but mostly on the quantity of pills you buy. Therefore they offer discounts for larger amounts of items ordered. Sadly but I didn’t found any coupon codes anywhere online or on the website and generally I wasn’t able to find anything else but 10% discount for Master Card and free shipping.

Customer reviews about

Unfortunately I tried to find for customer reviews all over the internet on the independent websites but I couldn’t find any except for just one which was written September 28th by Elroy and he said that so far he can’t say anything with the medications that he has ordered being *so-so* as he said and they are not as he expected. I failed to find any other reviews about the online pharmacy unless you believe the testimonials on the pharmacy’s website. Obviously the testimonials there are all good and positive, but I don’t believe them due to high probability that they are fake testimonials. So the only credible customer review is written by Elroy who confirmed that he has got the medications ordered (which is very important) but the quality is not as good as expected. offered a trust index of 61% which is still low, but of course better than 0% plus scam adviser suggests that this is * A New Site Involving A High Risk Country*: Ukraine.


The pharmacy’s website design looks pretty good but the prices aren’t actually the best with by far not the best deals and that’s not a good thing for the pharmacy. Plus to that the pharmacy is recommended against by scam warning sites and there aren’t customer reviews to prove its authenticity. Nevertheless, there is a customer review written not so long ago who confirmed that has got the medications from this website but the quality of those medications were *so so*. Plus to that, scam adviser suggests that the website is involved in a high risk country. There definitely seem to be much more minuses than pluses in regards to this pharmacy and this is the reason why I rate it with 2 out of 5. Moderate prices with few deals and no customer reviews with no trust from scam warning websites definitely isn’t a good combination.

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