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The online pharmacy that I am going to review is, an online pharmacy which, from its name, we can easily conclude that this is an online pharmacy which sells pet medications and supplies and as much as I can guess, we won’t find here human medications, but we’re going to check this later. As for now, I can say that when I’ve accessed main page of this pharmacy I have seen a very well done website, user friendly interface, everything seems to be clear and easily accessible. Customers of this online pharmacy are able to sign up and then to login to their accounts. This might be mandatory to do if you want to order here, this will get checked later as well. As much as it seems from checking the main page a few minutes, this online pharmacy is only selling medications for cats and dogs. According to the information on their main page, this pharmacy can be followed (for reading news and articles) at facebook, twitter, youtube and some other social media platforms. Plus to that, this pharmacy is claiming to be a BBB accredited business, I’ve checked this on and it seems to be true. According to the BBB information, PetCareRx, Inc. is 19 years in business and it is located in Lynbrook, NY. Also the site, claimable, is Comodo secured so it is good to know that the pharmacy has some security. In addition to all of that, the pharmacy claims to have iOS and Android application, which you can access from your smartphone in order to easier order medications for your little friend. So far, this all seems good but there are many other things to check before actually ordering from this vendor. Selection of medications and prices for them

Searching for medications can be done through the search function that’s available on the website but you can also shop by pet and there are medications for cats and dogs only, as I have said earlier. So this pharmacy doesn’t have medications for humans or for other pets than dogs and cats. For both cats and dogs there are such medications as: arthritis and pain, vitamins and supplements, prescription food, flea and tick, heartworm and deworming and others. There are even toys, training and behavior items and others. This pharmacy claim to save up to 50% on trusted, EPA and FDA approved pet medications. As much as it seems, this pharmacy has a wide selection of drugs for both dogs and cats, for different needs and health conditions for these pets. This pharmacy won’t send prescription medications without sending them a valid prescription first. As in terms of prices I am not an expert so I can’t comment on them, I will just give an example and say that an antibiotic for dogs name Leukeran 2 mg tablets, 50 tablets, would cost you 40 USD but it can be obtained at 32 USD with an code. Again, whether is this a good price or not, I am not sure. Shipping and payment methods

This pharmacy claims to only ship to USA only and only to 48 states in USA. They claim to ship medications next business days and they ship only Monday through Friday. There’s not a shipping fee listed as it depends on package weight while the delivery time is expected to be 5 to 7 business days. Generally they claim that most packages are delivered within 3 days of shipping and frozen items will be shipped with next day air. As in terms of payment methods this pharmacy claims to accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and now PayPal plus they accept personal checks and money orders via mail. Customer Support Department

This online pharmacy has shared their exact address, as I said earlier, which you can use to contact them by mail. Except for that, you can also call them by a phone number or write them a fax, but I can assume the fax is mostly used for sending prescriptions. Except for calling and writing a mail, you can use their email address or even to use the live chat function because, as much as it seems, it is available on their website.

Is PetCareRx a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is PetCareRx a scam or legit online pharmacy?

PetCareRx Inc. Coupon Codes

As I have mentioned this earlier, this pharmacy is offering a coupon code which is going to give you an extra discount for medications by using the coupon code EXTRA20. The pharmacy claims that if you’re going to become their PetPlus Member you will receive 8 USD. They claim that all items which are in their PetPlus program will get a free shipping. The coupon code can be used to get 20% off all other products on the site. These seems to be all the discounts/ promotions that I was able to find on their website. Reviews

So far, this pharmacy seemed to be reliable to me, but I knew that customer reviews will confirm whether is this true or not and even if this pharmacy is indeed reliable, it is not always worth ordering here. and so I checked customer reviews. I knew that the pharmacy is BBB accredited so I checked the reviews there. Sad news is: 34 negative reviews, 3 positive and 2 neutral reviews. This isn’t a good thing at all. On viewpoints, the average rate of 16 reviews is 2.9. According to there are 27 reviews and the average rate is 1.5 out of 5. Even more sad news is the pharmacy is on pissed consumer with 135 total reviews and 0 issues resolved. Unfortunately, as much as it seems from so many reviews on so many sites, the pharmacy isn’t actually having so great services as they claim. I have read through the reviews and they are quite disappointing. On there are most positive reviews but there are still lots of negatives.


As much as it seems, the pharmacy indeed is reliable according to the number of customer reviews and the content of those reviews. Nevertheless, there are lots of positive reviews and there are lots of negative reviews suggesting the pharmacy isn’t worth using because of a number of reasons. Since there are so many negative reviews I cannot rate this pharmacy with more than 3 out of 5.

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