| Peak Nutrition Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy’s domain address name of the online pharmacy that I am going to review today and try to make a conclusion as if it is worth ordering here or not. According to the domain address ending .uk I can conclude that this is, an UK based online pharmacy and when I checked the website I have noticed they are offering free shipping within UK and all the prices are in GBP and therefore it does seem like this is a UK based pharmacy. The pharmacy claims that they are offering *health and wellbeing through innovation* and according to the information that I found there they are having a lot of different products as they claim. Also, on the about us section on their website, I have seen information suggesting that Now2 Ltd (distribution) is the distribution arm for Procerin. They claim to be based in north-west England and so they are able to supply though Europe. I have also seen that they are offering the option to register on their website and to login to your account which facilitates the future ordering for loyal customers. Their website is user friendly and with information well arranged on the site. However it seems they are having some technical problems as I have tried to access a page on the site and I was shown the error 404 when the page was not found so the site is not fully functional. Anyway, from as much as I could see, they claim to be based in Cheshire, United Kingdom and they claim to help people all around the world get their products since 2004 and they also claim to have a lot of different products on their website and by checking their main page I could see that they are offering a very wide ranging sort of products including some like Water Pitcher Jug and others. Selection of products and price for those products

While I was searching for information on the site I have found out that there are indeed a lot of different products as I earlier mentioned. Except for finding medical products you can also find lots of different products as well, including food, shampoos and many other things like Clothing, Books etc. problem is that I am not sure if they are offering any prescription products, or at least when I was searching for viagra I couldn’t find anything. All their products are being categories in different categories like: wellbeing, hair, specialist food and drink, body mind, skincare, men, women etc. and each have their subcategories. In men there’s sexual well being and a single product named Pharma Nord Prelox which you would need to pay 30 GBP for 60 tablets. It seems to be a food supplement. So I am not sure if they are offering any prescription products and as much as it seems there’s nothing they could require a prescription for. As in terms of prices, I am not sure if that’s a good price or not as this is the first time I see such a product. Shipping and payment methods

As I earlier mentioned, there’s information on their website suggesting that they are offering free shipping to everyone living in UK and spending more than 50 GBP on this site, otherwise people are going to need to pay 3 GBP for shipping for addresses in UK. Delivery time is 3 to 5 working days. However as I earlier mentioned, they also offer world wide shipping but there’s no information about shipping details for addresses outside the UK. I can assume that’s because the shipping timeframe and shipping fee greatly depends on each location. I found information suggesting that they are accepting credit cards like Master Card, VISA, Maestro and American Express and they also accept payments via PayPal. Customer Support Service

It is very important to my opinion that the pharmacy has a good customer support service and trying to determine what are the methods to get in touch with this pharmacy I can mention that people are able to call them by the phone number listed on their website or the second method is by *leaving them a message* on the website. Unfortunately, it seems that except for these 2 methods there are no others. Coupon Codes

As much as it seems from the information that I could find on their website, Peak Nutrition is not offering a discounted rate for the products that they are selling. The only thing that I have noticed is that this pharmacy is offering several products which are having discounted offers for a week, then they change. Except for this, what I can say is that they are offering free shipping within UK and these seem to be all the offers by this pharmacy. Reviews

I was searching for the legitimacy of this pharmacy in order to see how safe it is according to the scam warning engines and it seems that many websites have trust in this pharmacy. or at very least, says that the site looks safe to use while doesn’t have any information about the site on their database. I have also checked few other sites to see how secure it is to purchase anything from the site when introducing your credit card data and it seems that they do have high safety standards. I have then checked the reviews for this pharmacy and it does seems that that it has a big number of reviews online where it seems that most people are positive in using the pharmacy’s services. Although there are fewer negative reviews, that’s still something we cannot exclude and not take in consideration.


I wouldn’t say that this pharmacy is all that perfect, first off they do not seem to offer prescription medications, secondly they seem to have lack of accreditations and there are some negative reviews as well and these are some points that, as I earlier mentioned, cannot be excluded. Plus to that, according to the website could be either from UK, USA, Netherlands or Germany and that’s not such a good thing. In the end, this pharmacy gets a rate of 3 stars!

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